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  1. thanks for the input. if we consider video lights where the hot spot problem is basicly solved with the used difuse light and if we consider the bonica 1500 lumens with a light temperature of around 6000K, this would mean that it could be used, but... what are the "other" problems that may arrise?
  2. I have been seeing powerful video lights like the bonica 1500 lumen LED light. Wouldn´t this be better for photography underwater? I would really appreciatte all input
  3. It would be very interesting if you could put some sort of link to some examples taken with your camera... also video would be most inlightning Best regards and thank you for your input. Tiago
  4. I'm looking for the exp of owners... things like the worst points and the best. also examples of fotos and video thanks all for the input
  5. I see that everyone is taking this camera to be the best compact up to now but no post talking about it and discussing its use underwater. I want to buy one, can the already users help out? I would greatly appreciat it reagards
  6. I have already a HV20 camera and would like to take it to record my diving expiriences I would like to ask the help of the pro's and the people that already have this camera and use it underwater. - what housing and why? - how far down can we take it with out lighting? - sample videos? I really apreciate the help, Best regards, Tiago
  7. Yes I was the one who asked for this, pitty there are some little number of examples of this
  8. What was the problem with your NIMAR housing? which camera did you have? Best regards
  9. I am thinking of buy housing for the Canon 400D and am looking for examples of photos with this camera. Can anyone help me out? I would shorely appreciate it. best regards
  10. yes, that is what I thought, but... in this thread there are people using for exemple the UK Canon 100 HID dive torch for video and from the looks of it they are quite happy with it. There must be some DIY projects for torch conversion to video light.... I'm not saying pro or even semi pro quality but just the casual turist - record your dive - kind of video. Once again, any help would be most appreciated. Best regards, Tiago Borrego
  11. I have a question from a bigginers point of view... What are the main problems in using normal dive torches for underwater video? Hotspots? or are there any oother points that should be considered? For the hotspots, can't this problem be overcome by usig difusers or anyother equipment? I really would appreciate all the help I can get, because I am thinking of getting housing for my Canon HV20? (by the way - where can I see some examples of the videos that all the members are making^????? because there are galleries for photos but not for any videos) Best regards, Tiago Portugal
  12. Yes... some exemples of HV20 footage would be greatly appreciatted. does anyone know where we can find some underwater video footage, not just from the HV20 but also from some other cameras? Best regards, Tiago
  13. would you sell only the housing? how much? and where are your from? las question... why are you selling? best regards, Tiago
  14. I really like the foto... it has a very nice composition and overall look. I just asked about the under exposure because I would like to see the diference between stobes and no strobes
  15. Thanks for the sample pic... not trying to sounf negative but the pic looks somewhat underexposed. Was this intentional? It looks good, very good actually, but my questions is towards trying to find the Canon's potential and you having 2 stobes it looks a little out of light. What lens did you use? If you could provide some more pictures ( a much as possible llooll ) I would be most greatful. Do you have the EXIF data? Best regards, Tiago
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