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  1. Sorry mate, Just saw your post! You'll have a PM in a few if your still interested.
  2. I am selling my Ikelite #6870.40 housing for Canon EOS 40D Looking for $700, ex shipping from Bulgaria.
  3. I got a complete Ike 40D housing for sale. I'll send you a PM
  4. Sorry to hear about your problems Derek. You can try some of these phones if you're in the US: 1176 Jensen Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 p.757 428 4744 f. 757 428 4155, Toll Free 800 853 1911 Ask for Mark Labocetta - he's the US OMER representative and a very nice guy from my experience. He participates in the DeeperBlue.net forums too so you can PM him there. I hope this helps to settle the issue. It's hard to believe a company of this scale would steal a photo, but hey - another spearfishing company kind of never paid for mine...
  5. You don't know!? Really!? Google shallow water blackout.
  6. Stunningly beautiful images! It sure has been a great year! I'd have to break the rule too and post three, sorry guys, but all of them a favorite from different points of view: 1st one is my favorite from a technical point of view: Carybdea marsupialis 2nd one is a favorite from 'artistic' point of view: Cotylorhiza tuberculata And the 3rd is the one I personally love the most for sentimental reasons. The guy on the photo is my best dive buddy Filip and he deserved a good shot for wasting so much of his precious dive time just to guard me on the surface while I freedive deep with my camera: Alex, I'd let you decide and pick the one that should stay in the thread...
  7. Freediving photographer here diving in temperate waters with high difference in the summer /20-26C/ and winter /6-10C/ This requires me to use 3, 5 and 7 mm wetsuits. 3mm - the thin wetsuits tear quite easily during freediving, so I don't use expensive or glide suits. Currently I use APNEA Legend spearfishing suit wich is quite cheap and I can buy a new one each season. 5mm - Esclapez Diving Olive - super stretch nylon covered. 7mm - Esclapez Diving Camo - however I may switch back to APNEA since the Esclapez is quite hard. It uses sandwich technology that increases durability but reduces comfort. I prefer stretchy neoprene for easier hyperventilation. Cheers, Ivan
  8. There's one from September... I planned my vacation really carefully this time, so when I end up in the Northern Aegean it would be great sunny weather a bit cooler water and lots of feeding creatures even in the shallows to take photos of. The "baby/wife" factor sent us to an impossibly expensive place for the end of the season. To make the long story short - out of two weeks we had a total of 2 sunny days combined. I had to dive almost only at night when the wind dropped. The rest of the time I spent with a crosseyed Greek bartender with a nasty habit to sneak personal supplies of Bacardi and share them. One of those nights I prepared for general macro of steady subjects with a 60mm on autofocus. An hour after I got in the water I noticed something like a plastic band floating in midwater. I dove past by it when I realized it's a creature I have never seen before in my life. A 2m or more long jelly-like creature composed of many separate segments, each pumping water. In the lower part of each of the segment there was an orange blob. I went completely nuts and spent more than an hour trying to take a decent photo of it. I never cursed so much during a dive that I didn't set up for WA. Being a freediver it was impossible to keep my depth in midwater (some 8-10m) in the darkness without any steady object for reference - I was either sinking or floating up. The creature was also constantly moving... The lens was on autofocus.... It took some 40 dives with dangerously short surface intervals to get ONE SINGLE goddamn shot before the creature went deep and I lost it. Not what I wanted, but here is just a tiny segment of its 2m length... Later with the help of a buddy at Flickr I identified the creature as freeswimming colonial salp tunicate (salpa maxima). I've been diving for some 15 years... What if I have to wait 15 more to see such thing again!? DARN MURPHY AND WA LENSES! Ivan
  9. It is huge... f3.5 compared to f2.8 of the 100mm Minimum focusing distance 49cm vs. 31cm of the 100mm So I am lusting for the new 100mm f2.8L...
  10. I got one at about 20 dives, but without the EV controller. I am not sure I if keep the original box though. I am in Bulgaria. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
  11. The canon uses TTL flash in every mode except manual I think. Put your G10 in manual mode and it will put the flash in manual mode. That I suppose would mean - no pre-flash.
  12. Wow, that was great reading! (Even though sometimes I felt I'm at a math frat party!) Just to say Thanks!
  13. Sorry if the question is stupid, but are you sure you didn't switch to manual focus accidentally when inserting the camera in the housing? I had a heartstopping moment once with the same lens in my Ike housing. When I got the camera out, the same thing happened and the autofocus was switched back on. Took me some time to figure out what's going on... Cheers!
  14. These are the best I've used so far by Esclapez Diving:
  15. I personally do not think this is necesarry.. I guess this user mixes defending your rights with extortion. But it's a completely legal issue now and I'd comment further when it's resolved. Oh, and yes.. I am hard on cash! Everone practicing digital underwater photography is always hard on cash. Cheers! Ivan
  16. Thanks a lot for the link Pakman! This dispute is very interresting indeed and I guess from a legal point of view you can find certain similarities... What's different though is that Slick Activwear in "my" case grabbed the photo for strictly commercial and not artistic purposes. I found also another photo the slick guys stole in similar way, but I'll post more about it after I see what's the outcome of the lawsuit. By the way here's what the ppl at CopyrightActuion think about it: http://copyrightaction.com/forum/is-this-c...an-infringement Cheers, Ivan
  17. I have to totally admit that you are right! Their new design is totally better! As long as the copyright goes - it is definitely a grey area for me too. Whether their work could be qualified as copyrightable derivative I cannot say - especially under the UK law. I am specialized in completely different legal field. Not to mention there are international conventions on that and EU regulations that recently made even the basic rules I was taught in law school completely obsolete... I do appreciate what they did too! Cheers! Ivan
  18. The company finaly replied to my mail and here's their response: And my response to that: I laughed a lot when comparing my photo to Mona Lisa and when offering them my other works! The have removed the design from their website and the new one is already there: http://www.slickactivewear.co.uk/shop/prod...products_id=285 I cannot believe they did that for two days which means they have started the work immediately after my first contact with them. I'll keep you guys posted! Ivan
  19. Alright, I guess I am facing a legal dispute... Since there was no reply to my mail, I called their phone. The guy angrily disputed my polite questions claiming that they never use photos and they are artists. I told him with all due respect that I do not belive this and their image is derived from my photograph with very few changes. he told me i am mistaken... So if anyone could help me find a legal assistance in the UK - success fee can be whatever they want. I am not doing it for the money - they just pissed me off... What else can I do to expose their business? Ivan
  20. Thanks a lot guys! I wrote them an e-mail saying that I would love to see the actual source and if they have used my image i am ready to discuss contracting proper use. I'd keep you posted on the developments! Cheers, Ivan
  21. I really hope so! I spoke with two graphic designers already they tell me it's my image but altered.
  22. Hi guys, A member of my local site has just alerted me that a UK based company is selling t-shirts with my photo on it... Do you think it's the same photo? It's obviously altered... Slick Activewear t-shirt http://www.slickactivewear.co.uk/shop/prod...products_id=298 My photo: Compared side by side: And if it is - is it a violation of my rights as author? Thanks, Ivan
  23. Hey Drew, Thanks for sharing the report - don't know really who wrote it but it was good and informational reading. Even though I can't help but smile reading the same names of well known spearos, who jumped on the pop wave once the eco craze started. They make quite a good living riding that wave actually. But that doesn't really mater... However I do agree in general with all of the recommendations. It's obvious that both USA and Australia are falling behind Europe in regulating the spearfishing. Those measures are widely accepted already where I am: 1.There is an urgent need for a massive expansion of permanent marine no-take areas - such network of protected habitats is already been established by the mentioned NATURA 2000. As matter of fact on Friday Bulgaria has joined the NATURA with 300+ marine and land areas - 2nd place in Europe. 2.Temporary no-take areas, of substantial size, should be established specifically for the purposes of re-building fish stocks - no temp zones are needed with natura. PS3.The FAO Code advocates the use of ‘interim’ measures while a fishery management plan is being developed and finalised. - Natura zones are established for protection of habitats of certain species... 4.Spearfishing on compressed air, and night spearfishing should be banned immediately in all Australian waters, including all of the Australian EEZ - those were restricted decades ago. 5.The sale of speared or damaged fish should be banned outright in all Australian jurisdictions - done. 6.According to the FAO Lysekil Statement: “an open access fishery is not precautionaryâ€. The sport of spearfishing should be permitted conditional on the participant holding a current recreational fishing licence issued by a State government fisheries agency - done in most of the Med countries... 7.There are obvious issues in enforcing compliance across fisheries generally. For this reason punishments for breaching regulations must have strong deterrent elements: punishments where the chance of apprehension is remote need to be severe. - how about even confiscating all your gear, boat and..... your car? Like in Greece... 8.Spearfishing competitions should be phased out over a 5-year period. Immediate bans should be placed, Australia-wide, on competitions which allow the catch of fish which are permanent or semi-permanent reef-dwellers - done in a better way - number of fish per species/person restriction, zones are quite wide and stretch in Bulgaria to 10+ km of coastline with 30-40 people participating... 9.A voluntary national code of responsible conduct for spearfishing - It's not voluntary.. It's mandatory - the law... I still hope that Natura would some day include actual commercial fishing areas too... And you obviously got me wrong - I do not mind restrictions as long as they are reasonable. I don't mind the parks - including no fishing ones - especially in the most vulnerable areas. I bet in Australia the spearos won't mind much either... However, it still bugs me how the spearos can do so much damage on 59 736 km. of coastline!? The other report you showed me once again talks about the impact on the Dusky grouper - an extremely territorial species. As I mentioned, that problem has been already solved in most of the Euro countries. Total ban in France, very restrictive bag limits in all other countries. We have a something similar about the turbot - spearos were blamed with scientific and para-scientific reports that they are responsible for the decline of turbot stocks. Drastic measures followed - a seasonal ban, a one species per day bag limit, minimum size, etc. However it didn't provide any positive results. The stocks continue to drop! Why? Cause we actually know where the big time commercial poachers keep their drag trawls. The bad thing is - the control bodies know about that too... Every time the guys come out of the water during the ban they are being checked! Nothing wrong about that, unless you actually see the commercial boat operating 300 meters away coming home with a hundreds of kilos of fish every day... Now you tell me how am I supposed to 'preach' to newbies and other spearos that they should obey the bag limits of one fish when the usual reply is: We're not more than 200 spearos crazy enough to go for turbot in freezing 6-10C of water. Why do we have those bans and the commercial fishos don't? All my preachings pop like a soap bubble! Cause I don't have an answer to that question besides "Well... Life sucks but you gotta live it the right way..." I really don't know how can we expect to change the thinking of the people when the actual problem is so obvious! We still do it though! And from what I read in the forums - it works. Last week Europe imposed some restrictions on the turbot fishing in the Black sea for Bulgaria and Romania. That's really great. It actually happened right after it became obvious that the new competitors on the turbot market in Europe will affect the interests of the traditional big European producers... Whatever the reason - I love it! As for the report I showed you - sorry man, but these ARE political issues. I can't help but noticing the tendency each time the recreational fishermen start talking about measures against commercial fishing, the polititians immediately start talking how bad it is to kill fish with a speargun, or how a ban on certain lures should be imposed now or the planet dies! It's like a domino! Every time someone says, hey let's reduce the quotas, and I know another ban on spearfishing on angling would be the result... That's exactly how we got the one turbot per day law! Another first hand example... Man, I've seen scientific reports how the rapana snail scuba hunt in the Black sea should be immediately banned since it damages the ecosystem. And the reason is that in Japan they like eating that snail... The rapana snail is an invader without any natural enemies in the Black sea. It devastated the sea wiping out the black mussel - the sea's natural filter. It's the worst thing that happened to the Black sea! I can only compare it to the invasion of the Mnemiopsis leidyi comb jelly that almost killed the whole sea for less than 15 years before another invader the Beroe ovata came to the rescue and started hunting the other comb. It may sound unbelievable, but the reports are a fact. The proposal didn't succeed by few votes! Now I can't really believe the guys who wrote them are not on someone's payroll... It's getting harder and harder for me to prove to anyone that I am not a camel - there are at least 2-3 reports saying that I am not only a camel, but I also am a 5-legged one. So, as I said - you gotta do what you gotta do. If a measure is justified - then it has to be introduced. In the areas where the problems are drastic - you apply drastic measures. Whatever the impact of spearfishing is on reefs - it could be easily solved with simple measures. But that won't solve the real problem - commercial overfishing. And it still doesn't change my simple calculation unfortunately... Best regards! Ivan P.S. It's not any fish - the report says that about the dusky grouper. There are some other med species at that depth that grow more than 4 kilos and almost all of them are not territorial 'reef' species.
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