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    Canon 20D (EFS 60mm, EFS 10-22mm, EFS 17-85mm)
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    2 x Ikelite DS-125
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    UK Light Cannon, Ultralite arms,
  1. Hi, So apparently I need a +4 diopter to use my EFS 17-85 behind Ikelite's custom zoom port for it. I've never bought/used a diopter before, so can anyone advise me on a decent brand and whether I really need +4? Cheers
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could mount on one of my arms that would serve as a decent modelling light, but is powerful enough to function as my primary dive light aswell? I just don't have enough hands... I've heard that a UK Light Cannon is pretty average as a modelling light... Thanks
  3. Hi all, I am planning on housing my Canon 20D in an Ike housing. I am a little stuck on what to do about strobes though. If I use 2 DS-125's for wide angle are they suitable for macro work aswell? Will 2 125's positioned close together be too powerful or can they throttle down sufficiently to use them for macro? Alternatively, will 2 DS-50's be strong enough for wide angle work? (I think not) Cheers.
  4. Starbuck, Which model Tamrac bag are you using? Anthony
  5. This shot was kinda ruined by lots of fish in the background that spoiled the shot. I got rid of them with the healing patch (I know I'm cheating ) but the water in the top left corner looks a bit blotchy. Anyone got any ideas on how I can maybe smooth it out a bit? Thanks
  6. Do the clowns faces look overexposed, and if so, is there anything I can do to correct them? Thanks
  7. Hi all, Anyone got any tips on how to get around the stupid design that stops you using the diffuser if you are using the fibre optic trigger? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm looking at the 8700 but was a little didmayed to read that the Ike housing precludes the use of additional lenses. Is this for real? Any advice? Thanks Anthony
  9. I've been playing around with my camera a bit and I've found that in M mode, I can only control the strobe output by adjusting the flash power in the camera's menu, and this gives me 3 power levels only. If this is the case I may as well shoot manual with my fibre optic trigger kit and not bother with the TTL? You were spot on when you said the camera would always select the lowest F-stop in shutter mode, but why does this result in lower quality photos if the strobe output automatically compensates via the TTL controller?
  10. Hi all, I'm using a YS90-DX on a Sea arm 4 and I currently have a light arm with a mini Q-40 on the other side which I am using as a target/focus light. Only thing is on a night dive the Q-40 doesn't really cut it as a dive light. I was thinking of mounting the Q-40 onto my strobe as a target light and putting something bigger on the light arm which would double as my primary dive light. I noticed that the LX 25 or even 55 would mount nicely. Any comments on whether this would be a good idea, or any other light recommendations? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your advice (and yes I'm using Matthias' controller) I think I follow you, but... 1) In A mode, I have no guarantee that I will catch a fast moving subject and 2) I can't really controll the amount of ambient light in the shot. Correct me if I'm wrong.. So I guess M is the best option. I'm kinda new to this and I'm still getting my head around the whole TTL thing, so could you give me some advice on how I would approach taking a shot in M mode? I know in M the camera doesn't fire a pre-flash. So how does the TTL sensor put out the right amount of light? And finally when I semi depress the shutter in M, I get an exposure reading on the screen. What should I be aiming for? Sorry for all the q's but I'm a bit confused. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I am using a Canon S45 with a YS90-DX. I have just bought a digital TTL sensor which seems to work great (on land). I was wondering, now that I have TTL capability, what is the best mode to shoot in? I realise that manual will give me the most control, but with TTL is there any upside to shooting in aperature or shutter priority modes? Any advice would be most appreciated Anthony
  13. Hi all, Does anyone have any tips on which is the best light metering mode (or which is the best for certain conditions) when using a Canon S45 with a YS90- DX? Thanks
  14. Hi, I have a Canon S45 and I'm using a YS90DX attached with a flexible light arm and DX stay. I just bought a 16mm W/A and 2T Macro. I'm wondering how to best carry these lenses around on my rig. I know S&S make a lens caddy that hold two lenses at once (but it is designed for use with the sea arms.) Does anyone have an tips on how to best rig something up? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. Think I'll go with your suggestion...
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