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  1. I would agree with the folks who are a bit disappointed in this. Great behavior shots with the cleaner shrimps, eels, napoleon wrasse, etc., but the production lacks the quality I would expect from them. Lighting was pretty poor on a lot of the shots, and there was way too much camera shake. Having shot with Red several times, quality of footage from the Red is superb if it is handled right, but this video misses the mark in my opinion. Obviously I am holding them to high standards, but they should be held to high standards given they are considered by many folks to be among the best in the business. Very surprised with the poor lighting.
  2. Thanks Minsk. There is no color correction/sat/sharpness done on any of these shots. The only post done was on a few of the shots I had to crop the bottom left corner a few lines to get rid of a nasty reflection that showed up when the rays came real close and reflected light from the upper right. The look is all done in camera with the HVX's customization options through scene files. Aloha, Craig
  3. Thanks for the comments all, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, lighting was really tough. On camera I had a pair of Sunray 2000s. They do show hotspots and more diffusion is needed for sure. Was filming through a Fathom super wide port and the lights' beam is way too focused for full wide shooting with that port. The other problem was that the mantas were continually bouncing off my rig and banging the lights out of position - had to constantly try to reposition them. And also, in most of those shots where the hotspots are noticeable, the rays are just inches from the lens. No amount of diffusion could help in that situation - you really need a lighting assistant with the lights several feet away to hit those shots right. Re the slo-motion, yes there is some 60fps overcrank which I think works really well with these animals. I feel it adds to the sense of their size. Aloha, Craig
  4. Hey all, just posted a new video of a night dive in Kona with the manta rays. Hope you enjoy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a2aqK2EfJs Aloha, Craig
  5. Hey thanks for watching guys. I appreciate the feedback. I agree that it feels long, but I constantly get requests from clients for extended screeners so I have to keep it longer than it should go. I'm sure a lot of people don't watch it through till the end. As for the post processing comments - there is no post done on any of these shots. No stabilization, no slo-mo, and no color correction. When people buy stock footage they don't want processed images. All of those changes degrade the footage and every production has their own needs in terms of color grading etc. The slo-mo you mention on the anenomefishes was overcrank done in camera. The fluttering in the soft coral at 1:16 is terrible, I agree, but it is actually the camera autofocus stuttering and not a stabilization issue. That clip should be removed. Thanks again, Craig
  6. Hey all, just posted a new demo reel of corals of Yap. I would love to hear any feedback. http://www.HDunderH2O.com/demo.html Aloha, Craig
  7. Just updated this reel. Steve - I agree the blacks were crushed a bit. I have tried to improve that with this go around. My web compression settings seem to be the culprits. I'm still not totally satisfied with the compression, but at least the file size is manageable. Aloha, Craig
  8. Thanks for the praise, and thanks for the welcome. The shots were taken with a Panasonic AG-HVX200 and a Sony VX2000. As far as location... like my fine fishing friends would say - not too far from here. Nick - I am new to this forum, did I put this post in the wrong place? I apologize if so. Aloha, cmus
  9. Hi all, I am finishing up a new demo reel and would love to get feedback on it. Stream it here:: http://www.HDunderH2O.com/demo.html or you can save the following link to your hard drive and watch it there: http://www.HDunderH2O.com/2007_demo.mp4 Thanks for looking. Aloha, cmus
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