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  1. Let me know if you have one for sale. Cheers Tim
  2. Hi Simon, you should definitely make the move to Canon. When you do, can I have first dibs on your housing? Tim
  3. I thought there was a conversion kit needed to put the D80 into the D70 housing? But, if a D80 fits into the D70 housing, will the D90? Hmmmm.....
  4. Well, rereading this thread has taught me two things: 1. to read the posts properly and click on the links posted. 2. Reading threads after a jolly nice bottle of red makes 1. somewhat difficult! So, I read the links and performed open heart surgery on my D70 and Voila! the camera is up and running. Lovely. Oh, and there is a thing I learnt - never say never. Cheers, Tim
  5. Bloody Nice photos - lovely! I do envy you chaps that get to dive with acres of viz - I only wish we had the same in the UK. Tim
  6. Whilst a reset or 'on and off' can fix the CHA error now, don't expect this to last - eventually your camera will not be able to reset no matter what you do - except send back to Nikon. This is a common problem but not recognised as such by Nikon. I have a D70 that has suffered this slow death and it's now consigned to it's box never to be used again.
  7. I've resisted the temptation for so long but I've decided to cave in. Does anybody have a Nexus Housing for the D200 that they want to sell (or give away ). I currently have a Nexus D70 housing so don't need any other bits. I'm based on the UK but can provide a shipping address in the US if required. Cheers, Tim
  8. I think somebody must be trying to tell me something, I logged on this morning to find a facebook friend request from James at Odyssea Divers. That triggered me into downloading the details at Cocotinos and then I log on here and see this post. Anywat, very nice photos. What did you think of the actual resort? I stayed at the hotel before Cocotinos was built and that was very pleasant. Tim
  9. That'll be the Scorpio in me then. I'm more than happy to meet up and drive down - you get to, say, Stoney or somewhere down the M40 and it would be my pleasure. Right now I'm easy on dates so Sat or Sun would be ok. Tim
  10. Dean, which day are you going down? Alex, If you're desperate I can let you have something - maybe even one of those green water magic filter shots - the one of my buddy below the pub? Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi Espen, That's great, thats for you help. Tim
  12. Thanks All, Looks like a replacement is on the cards. Espen, I'd appreciate a few photos and guide on the pins. I'm using Inon strobes so as a couple of people have now suggested that the diodes are superfluous then repairing the old one shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks Tim
  13. In fact, this is all that inside of the box: You can see where the corrosion has done its thing - doesn't take a lot does it?
  14. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like a replacement for me then. As for what is actually in the hotshoe box, well, it really is a few wires, a resistor and, as Sam says, three diodes. When you consider the cost of the part - it really does seem fanastically excessive for what you get even for the standards of UW photography. As well as buying a replacement, I'm going to see if I can find a good enough electrical engineer to try a repair job. I'd give it a myself but I haven't wielded a soldering iron for over 20 years. As for the optical port suggestion, is this really possible with the D70? I see that the D80 and D200 Housings have the ports but not the D70. Of course, now I also have a D200, maybe I should consider upgrading the housing. Anybody have one going cheap? Cheers All, Tim
  15. I flooded my housing recently, losing my D70 in the process (luckily the 10.5FE was spared a watery demise) and I thought I'd managed to clean out the housing. The strobes still worked so I considered myself relatively lucky. Until today. I'm just preparing my gear for a trip in a couple of weeks time and found that the strobes didn't fire. I opened the hotshoe box on the cable to find that a little water must have crept in as the resistors showed signs of corrosion. So, options - a replacement hotshoe connector costs way too much so the option is repair or try and find a 2nd hand one (although I think I need the luck of the whole Irish population for that). Does anybody have experience in reparing these things - I guess it's just a matter of replacing the resistors(?) - everything else look absolutely fine. Does anybody know the specification of the resistors? Any other suggestions? Cheers, Tim
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