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  1. I try to no forget this matter... Regards, Escalar.
  2. Those are really good news for me!!. My email is: formigal@telefonica.net Looking foward to your emails!! Regards, Escalar.
  3. Dear collegues, I am looking for a second hand housing for my S2. i had had a look to classifieds but there is nothing. Do you know where am i able to found this housing? not in ebay... Regards, Escalar.
  4. thank you for your information At the end i am going to Phuket, because i have broke my ankle ligaments, and i am not sure if i will be able to dive. So in case of been able to dive, we will do daytrips to these areas, in the other case i will be resting in the hotel. Thank you once more. Ah! the interest is to dive 2 times per day, not 4. My wife is not so keen on diving!! Escalar.
  5. I am planning to go to the Phe Phe islands, i think that diving there is pretty good. Do you have any experience in this area? Regards, Escalar.
  6. Dear friends, I am used to dive in dirty water, so mainly i will be focused in macro photo. Wich lense is better for this porpouse, the 50 or the 70-180Micro? Wich one is sharper? Any advice will be very welcome!! Regards, Escalar.
  7. Really beautiful shots. Are they at 12 or at 24? Or just in the middle? I think after looking at these photos that this lense is very useful at topside.... it makes my decision much easier...!!! Thanks Escalar.
  8. Could be possible to see photos of the topside? Regards, Escalar. Thank in advanced
  9. Thank you for your information, I have take off the batteries and tried the camera with the SB800 speedligth, without these batteries the speedlight only works in TTL mode, it is not possible to work on manual mode. So, I do not have yet a housing so i am not able to test with a flash conectected to the shoe....For instance, with a Ikelite DS125 will it work in manual mode? Regards, Escalar.
  10. Dear Friends, When i forgot to switch off the camera it consumes all the CR132A batteries, I have autoswitch off on, but it seems that it does not work. Do you have the same problem? Regards from Spain, Escalar.
  11. What lenses did you used for this really GREATS photos? Congrtulatons!! Escalar.
  12. I am looking for a speedlight for my S2 (not underwater porpouse). The manual of the camera indicates the SB 28 DX. It is possible to use the SB 80DX? What are the differences? Thanks Escalar.
  13. If i shoot in raw mode it goes upto 240 pixels/inch.... Escalar.
  14. Dear friends, Thank you for your help, I have realized that if i shoot in JPEG mode, the resolution is allways 72 pixels/inch. Is that normal? Is it enough for printing? I have a consumer camera and the resolution is 300 pixels/inch. Wich one is better? Thank you Escalar.
  15. Thank you, Now with your answer is much clear, also the features, (that was a section that i never used before) has been of help. Yes, is not exactly out of focus, is sof the way that it describes my problem. I will use PS to sharp a little bit!! Thank you, Escalar.
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