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  1. Haha, yeah those guys sucks. I've tried to contact a couple of times regarding not posting how many votes the "rating" is based on. First grade scumbags. On a positive note Eric, you beat Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch - that's not too shabby! Good luck!
  2. It looks like a small sculptured slipper lobster (Parribacus antarcticus) to me.
  3. I wasn't serious about the pictures being about the camera... just wanted to make that clear. That shot of the mating fish in front the diver is really cool.
  4. Amazing images... must be the camera. I absolutely love the picture of the two peacock flounders mating... what a shot! For those interested in more info about the freediving record attempts tune into http://www.performancefreediving.com Those guys (and girl) are amazing.
  5. What do you mean with no manual settings for the D-180? Mine have 4: Full, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8. I'd prefer 4 to 13... Haven't used the D-2000 but the D-180 is excellent in manual mode (don't much care for the auto mode).
  6. Definitely appears to be a Nemertean worm. Those are cool animals, here is an excerpt from Invertebrate Zoology by Rupert, Fox, & Barnes: I can't help you with the species...
  7. If weight is your main issue I would go with the Inon strobes as they are very small but still powerful. Otherwise I would go with the Ikelite DS125 (still small compared to my SS200s) as you will have TTL and I also prefer the warmer color temp for macro. One strobe will be plenty for most shots but if "extreme" wide-angle is your thing you'd be better of with two. From what I can tell from your post one strobe is probably the way to begin.
  8. Wow, great shot. Especially love the great hammerhead shot! Must have been some trip... [drool]
  9. Thank you Anthony for bumping it up! :-) I would also love to hear what people think of these two strobes now a year later.
  10. Hi James, Love drysuit diving. Actually had my drysuit shipped to Hawaii from Sweden because I missed it so much I sounds to me that you might have too much lead. I also use only backplate with 3mm wetsuit. The backplate is 6lbs negative I think and I could do with just 4. When I dive drysuit I use a normal (not too thick) underwear and if it's really cold add long-johns. I use about 14lbs with a shell drysuit. Weight makes a huge difference!
  11. I asked Duane at Ikelite if it was possible to use the 5503.15 or 5503.50 instead of 5503 for the Sigma 15FE on a Nikon D70... the answer was no, the 5503 is required.
  12. Definitely something wrong. I didn't notice any significant wait when shooting D100 RAW with a Lexar 80x card.
  13. I am in the same situation as you Luiz (exept I have the F80 :-) ). I have decided to go with the Nikon D70 since I can get it for $787, which seems hard to beat. Spending that much less money than the 20D I feel it is going to be easier to upgrade later on.
  14. I've used the clear molded housing for the D100 on several occasions. It's simply great. Paid just over $1000 for the housing and about $140 for each port (adorama.com). Little bulkier than the aluminum housings but you can't beat the price if looking for quality.
  15. David, I would definietly house the D100, it takes some great pictures. I wouldn't be too concerned about the slower flash sync speed (I think that's what you meant), rarely would you feel that 1/250 isn't enough. Better wait for next generation as the differences between D100 and D70 aren't big enough to warrant the expense (and in some regards the D100 is better).
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