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    Panasonic HMC151EU
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    Modified Equinox DVX ProPak8
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    MBSub Light Station LiMn
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    ULCS arms
  1. The 37th world festival of underwater film and photography Le Festival Mondial de l´image sous-marine was held in Marseille in France between 27th and 31st of October 2010. The Festival, which moved from Antibes to Marseille (France) two years ago, is without doubt the major meeting place for all enthusiasts of underwater images and the marine environment. The honorary president of the 37th World Festival of Underwater Pictures was Jean-Michel Cousteau. Festival celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of his father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in presence of those who took part in the Calypso odyssey. In the competition there were also three films from the Adriatic region, including my short documentary film, "If I Can Drive, I Can Dive". It is the short film about basic training day of SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) recreational divers, made in a swimming pool Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia. The film won a prize “PRIX EXPRESSION LIBRE". WINNERS 2010 (PALMARES 2010) of 37th Festival of Underwater Images Marseille in France are: Official website: http://www.underwater-festival.com/ (only French at the moment) LONG AND MEDIUM (Films Group A) PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC PRIZE PLANETE THALASSA PRIZE GOLD PRIZE to Christian PETRON, Boris RAIM, Sound&Vision, Cinemarine, Arte Germany, ZDF Enterprise [France-Germany] for Great White Sharks of Guadalupe (Adventure Ocean Quest Part. I) SILVER PRIZE To Bertrand LOYER, Saint Thomas Productions [France] for Naissance d'une île Bertrand LOYER, Saint Thomas Productions [France] BRONZE PRIZE to Jérôme ESPLA, Poisson-Lune Productions [France] for Dans les yeux des requins SPECIAL JURY PRIZE to Didier NOIROT, NHU Africa [France-Great Britain] for Into the Dragon's Lair SPECIAL PUBLIC PRIZE to Jacques PERRIN, Jacques CLUZAUD, Galatée films [France] for Océansv NAUSICAA PRIZE (1,500 €) to René HEUZEY, Label Bleu production [France] for Le Mystère des requins baleines ALBERT 1st - MONACO OCEANOGRAPHIC FOUNDATION (1,500 €) to Ante ZULJEVIC, Blue World [Croatie] for Open Sea - Le Large INFORMATION & NEWS PRIZE to Mathieu PRADINAUD, BPDM [France] for Arles, l'histoire engloutie PRIZE FOR ANIMAL DOCUMENTARY to René HEUZEY, Yukimi YAMAMOTO, Pedro ALEDO, Label Bleu Vidéo, WhalesWhisperers [France] for La nuit des Mantas PRIZE FOR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY à Savas KARAKAS, M. Sibel GOLOGLU, IZ TV [Turkey] for Hitler's Lost U-Boat U20 FICTION PRIZE to Lee TOSHIO, Leeriders co. ltd. [Japan]v for Sunshine Ahead PRIZE FOR THE UNUSUAL to Guillaume ALLAIRE, Mad executive, Victorimage [France] for Le monde de Ramette PRIZE FOR THE BEST MUSICAL ADAPTATION to Didier NOIROT, NHU Africa [France-Great Britain] for Into the Dragon's Lair SHORTS and CLIPS (Films Group B) GOLD PRIZE SMY Ondina Prize (Cruise for a value of approx. 4000 €) to Daniele IOP [italy] for L'aimant SILVER PRIZE to José LACHAT [switzerland] for Ma forteresse BRONZE PRIZE to Gino ROSIERS [belgique] for Le cycle de la vie SPECIAL JURY PRIZE to Alexis DEMENKOFF [France] for Les sentinelles du bleu PRIZE OF THE F.F.C.V. (Fédération Française of Cinéma and Vidéo) to José Maria ESTEBAN-INFANTES, Laura EGUILUZ ALEBICTO [spain] for A sea of sharks PAUL RICARD OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE PRIZE to Michel METERY, Albert FALCO, Direction régionale de l'environnement Martinique [France] for La mer en héritage PRIX DIMITRI REBIKOFF to Ricardo CASTILLO MIGUEZ, Luis SANCHEZ CHAVEZ, Lourdes DEL OLMO, Bernardo GONZALEZ, Marcela SOLARES, Fundación Rango Extendido A.C. [Mexique] for 20'12'' BRIGITTE CRUICKSHANK PRIZE (750 €) to Pierre LABOUTE, Thomas DOUCHY [France] for Se Nourrir, Vivre et Mourir PRIZE FOR NEWS DOCUMENTARY to Florent CADE, L'oeil de la Mer [France] for Vers le Parc national des calanques PRIZE FOR ANIMAL DOCUMENTARY to Leonardo SERGIANI [italy] for Interaction PRIZE FOR FREE EXPRESSION to Peter LOMBAR [slovenia] for If I can drive, I can dive HUMOUR PRIZE to Nicolas GILBERT, Charlotte BLAN, Géom [France] for L'addition, clip de la série Ecoplongée PRIZE FOR THE UNUSUAL to Guillaume NERY, Julie GAUTIER, BlueNery [France] for Free Fall PRIZE FOR THE BEST MUSICAL ADAPTATION to Antoine GANNE, SCHMIDT Florian [France] for Souffle YOUNG JURY PRIZE to Elodie TURPIN [Canada] for Poèmes au clair de lune /peter
  2. Hi, if you ask from a technical standpoint, was recorded with Panasonic HMC151EU in a modified Equinox Pro8 housing (electronic commands). For lights I still use the HLX Tungsten 3400°K, driven by LiMn accu.
  3. Hi, in fact, there was not a shark feeding. I work with a group of biologists on the project of Shark aproaching and there is some kind of scientific experiment without real food in the water. When we end up with results than will be something more clear. /peter Edit: I was forget mentioned, we was on Andromeda boat.
  4. Hi everyone, here is a brief video of diving in Sudan in May this year... /peter
  5. Hi, here is short update from June 2009 Red Sea islands diving (BDE). Invited to visit video (click on play button on upper photo june/july 2009). /peter
  6. The good news is that the Equinox have already an underwater housing for Panasonic HMC-150. It is a proven housing Pro8 (similar to the DVX100), named HD8. Panasonic HMC150/151 is only 4 mm higher than Panasonic DVX100 and of course longer and wider, but still HD8 housing meets. Since this equipment I use mainly on the trips I wish as easily and as low as possible. Available will be two versions: HD8 standard controls HD8x (includes all the standard controls of the HD8, plus a rear mounted lcd, EO video out bulkhead and 2 special gears for manual focus and iris) Most other manufacturers did not confirm the production of underwater housings for the HMC150. On the diving Boot Fair 2009 (Düsseldorf), the only Sealux confirmed that think in this direction. Gates is not decided. /peter
  7. Hi, there is December update from Red Sea Deep South diving. Invited to visit video. /peter
  8. Hi, I use Equinox housing for the third year, during time I passed over 300 dives and I am very pleased with the product. I have Pro8 DVX version with all controls (iris, focus, zoom, WB, ND, etc.). I love simple design and simple solutions on housing which worth its money. I don't have major problems with housing, when I needed some spare parts, the TJ Mansfield sent me for free of charge, which I was pleasantly surprised. Although I am from Europe and producer from USA, customers support working very well. So far, I have only good experiences with the Equinox products. A few short underwater shoots can be viewed at www.potapljanje.si. /peter
  9. Hi Steve, hammerheads in the Red Sea are quite unpredictable and rare compared to the Cocos Islands. The scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) seems to prefer cooler water and is usualy encountered at depth, below the thermocline in summer months. Schooling hammerheads are usually seen in the early morning and tend to be out in the current off a promontory on the reef. About hammerheads habits is little known, but there is some ways how to come closer. After few attempts, we found their way around, the appropriate season are end of June or July, the initial observation depth is 30 meters. We had a lucky that we can observe in a row of three mornings at the same location, once also over 17 hammerheads lewini together. They are very frightened and complete divers standstill is a must. Apparently they do not interfere with divers bubbles, because they come very close to us. On the video clip there is a large group of divers in the water which reduces the possibility of meetings. The biggest problem there was very strong current, who can easily move divers from the reef, which is in open sea extremely dangerous. Rescuing lost divers in rough open sea is mission impossible. /peter
  10. Hi, here's a short shot of 14-day dive adventure from Red Sea. Just click on play button on upper photo. We divide our trip in two weeks, first "shark week" on El Akhawein, Abu Kizan and Abu Hamra, second week "coral week" on Habili Ali, Zabargad, Rocky, Abu Fendera, Elba reef. Video page /peter
  11. Hi, here's a short shot of december adventure from Red Sea. Just click on play button on upper photo. Video page I would appreciate any comments and critics, thanks... /peter
  12. Wagsy, thanks for checking it out! Glad you enjoyed it! /peter
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