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    Pattaya, Thailand/Bodu Hithi, Maldives
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    (Feb 2008) Presently in Pattaya, Thailand. Just came back from working in the Maldives as a full-time U/W Video-grapher and Instructor. Films daily underwater videos of divers and teaches PADI courses form DSDs to Open Water courses to Divemaster level. Daily subjects in Maldives include reef sharks, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, schools of snappers, sweetlips, groupers, fulsiliers; also slugs, blennies and hawksbill turtles. See my Maldives underwater films at youtube.com/maldivesphilip.

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    Sony PC-120 & Sony PC-330
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    Ikelite 6037.84 & Foto Leone housing
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    Foto Leone HIDs
  1. Hi Rob, I just sent you an email as well as Alexx. Enjoy the humpbacks. Philip Habacon Pattaya, Thailand http://diversthailand.com/
  2. Wow that was a great video! I especially likes the stability of the shots and the framing of the subjects, as well as usage of natural light. Keep up the great work! This is your neighbor in Pattaya. Hope to meet you someday and have a slow capuccino! Or a singha maybe! Philip Habacon
  3. Hi Roger, Thanks so much for your input. Yes, you are correct about the PC330PAL about the performance in low light. I use the same filming dailies in Maldives and was really happy about it paired with an electronic Foto Leone housing. The fact that the S&S VX PC could be a carry-on luggage at the plane is a real plus. Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Best regards, Philip www.youtube.com/maldivesphilip
  4. Dear distinguished colleagues, Has anybody here actually used the Sea & Sea VX PC and the Sony PC350 for dailies? How is it compared to the PC330 in terms of low light performance? All the best to all and have fun bringing the beauty of the underwater world to land-dwellers! Philip
  5. Hi Eric, If you are still in need of a moderator, I can devote time for this. Please let me know. Philip Habacon PADI MSDT 479226 Thailand, Maldives & Philippines My website with loads of photos: http://diversthailand.com/ Some videos: http://youtube.com/maldivesphilip
  6. Hi to all, If anybody in the forum has actually used a top dawg housing please give some feedback. Thank you. Philip
  7. Hi there Phil. My name is also Phil and I also happen to be an MSDT based in Thailand and Philippines. I just came back from Bodu Hithi island in North Male, Maldives where I worked full-time as an UW Videographer & Instructor filming daily divers at Dive Ocean. In a span of 10 weeks I filmed on about 70 dives and burned a total of 90 DVDs . I used a Sony PC330 miniDV HACD with a FotoLeone electronic housing custom-bulit in Italy. As an advise, I recommend you start with a mini-DV (same with Scuba SI's suggestion) because it's easier for post-production for daily divers. What are the advantages of using a mini-DV? Firstly, for a 20 minute AVI footage, it's only about 4 gigabytes of file which means you don't need a monster of a laptop or a PC for importing, editing, compressing and burning, whereas Hi-Def (HC7) would yield you 5 times of that size. But for sure, HC-7's native 1080 frame size is more quality-oriented but since it's just daily divers that you plan of shooting, the miniDV would be fine. Secondly, it's more cost-effective. Also, learn to walk before you can run. I'm sure that as an MSDT, you have a great buoyancy control already but in filming we use a different approach especially when there's bad vis and a strong ocean current. Unless you want to films big projects then the HC7 is the one. Anyway, enough said. I hope this helps in some way. To see some of my videos, please visit my site www.diversthailand.com and please let me know what you think. Good luck to you and by the way, go for an electronic housing (amphibico or light and motion). For the manual housing, I would put a good bet on a Gates. Ikelite really is for short-termers as I've experienced a flooding once with it- fortunately it was only to pressure test a second-hand rig that somebody wants to sell me while in the Maldives. Don't forget a good wide angle lens and a red-correction filter. The best thing to do is to dive, dive and dive with your rig. That's the best teacher. Eduardo "Philip" Habacon PADI MSDT 479226 philip@diversthailand.com
  8. first of all- allow me to greet everybody here all the best for 2008. kindly click the link below to see short movies i've filmed here at the maldives. thanks and more power to wetpixel moderators and members. http://diversthailand.com/maldives.htm http://youtube.com/maldivesphilip Philip Habacon PADI MSDT 479226 diversthailand.com
  9. Dear colleages, Please enlighten me on the subject of the NLE computer. Here in Maldives, I am using the dive center's NLE PC to edit the daily DVDs I shoot and I was just plain wondering what is the principle behind it and what is the best specification for it. I will soon go back to Thailand and would need to configure one for myself in lieu of my standard rigs. Thanks and more power to all wetpixel colleagues. To see my site with a sample Maldives daily video, please click HERE. Philip Habacon PADI MSDT 479226 Maldives
  10. Hi, What poroblems are most likely to happen if I purchase NTSC videocameras in PAL regions such as here in Thailand and Maldives? Thank you all and any input would be greatly appreciated. Philip www.diversthailand.com/ Pattaya, Thailand & Bodu Hithi, Maldives
  11. Scott, Thanks so much for your input. Oh yes, I've heard a lot of great reviews with the HV20, one of them saying the big companies underestimated it and were left by its bandwagon. I've seen the JVC-HD7 personally last month on an expo here in Pattaya and I liked it but the cost was a staggering 78,000 baht (around 2,400 USD) which is a far cry from the listed MSRP 1,500 online. For that price I would rather go for the bigger professional rigs. For several years doing u/w vids I've been accustomed to the ease of using memory stick on the boat. I shoot the first dive, go to the wheelhouse to edit on my celeron (using primitive win movie maker) while everybody's having lunch; do the second dive, edit the second dive mpeg clips then burn on SVCD format using nero 7 while everybody's sleeping on the way back to the harbor. On the way back to the shop or their hotel I'll let them watch the disc on a mini dvd player on my truck and that's it. This is why the UX1 is also a candidate. I was just wondering if it's easy to edit them and with what software. I guess I can't do this anymore with AVCHD or HDV with the bigger file. What I don't like basically with my present set-up is the 640x480 frame. When the viz is good this is OK but when the tide is moving it really sucks. To make up for the bad viz in the Gulf of Thailand, I just insert happy and sunny JPEGs so the divers would be happy that it's their personal video, unlike other videos I've seen where there are a dozen other divers you can't distinguish whose video it is for. With tapes I didn't like editing them on real time, i.e., if the clip is 90 mins, I wait 90 mins. That was my experience with my Sony TRV-825 (hi-8) and DCR-HC40e (mini-dv). The hi-8's qulaity is better than the mini-dv- unbelivable! But anyway, like you said- sr1 is the best option among the three I've mentioned. With Canon I was shown a demo in Singapore last April 07 and I liked it because I can see the real small details on a 3-ccd rig. But I guess I cannot deviate from Sony. I had good experiences with it and has already acquired sony accessories. In the next two weeks I'll be heading to Maldives after I get my work permit from the company based on Bodu Hithi to work as Videogrpaher/Instructor. They have a sony PC-130 there which they plug on to a sony vrd-vc20 for direct burning without editing so I'll be quite busy with it doing subtitles, music and credits. I would need the hi-def set-up for this job. Thanks Scott and more power to you in Hawaii. I've checked your website and there was a good music clip on one of your sections. Sawadee kap, Philip www.diversthailand.com
  12. Hi to all, Is there anyone there who doing underwater video with the SR1, UX1 or the CX7? I'm ugrading to a Hi-def and is choosing between the SR1 and the UX1 and probably the CX7. I work full time in a resort setting doing videos of recreational divers and letting them watch as soon as they're back in the resort that's why UX1 is also a choice. Will the DVD head stand up to the rigors? As with SR1, will the HDD also do the same? For the housing, I've my eyes on an Equinox-6. Any suggestions? Thanks and any information would be greaty appreciated. Philip diversthailand.com
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