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  1. Hi I like the original pic. And of course to be really picky one could say a pic of the rays coming towards the camera instead of away would work even better. But I would love to be takeing pics like that right now instead of working!!
  2. Hi everyone. I have enjoyed reading everyone's ideas about, well everything. I just returned from a great photo course in Key Largo given by Tom & Theresa Stack. I would love to go back and pick there brains for about a month! I met a great diver/photographer there ( yeah you Don) who suggested that a domed port was better than a flat port. I have not tried this yet for my 60mm lens but I will (lord knows I need something to make my pics better !) Any feed back ? thanks Dan
  3. Wow what a great problem to have! I would suggest going to the Galapagos. There is macro there in the central islands. Plus lots of turtles, eels, and of course sharks and whale sharks in the northern islands if you go in late June. Good luck
  4. I think your pics turned out pretty good!! Looks like the vis was pretty good for the shots you posted. I am doing the cocos rebreather trip in 2006 with fathoms group. how did you enjoy the trip overall? thanks Dan
  5. I dont know about the mangroves but make sure you dive the salt peir I love that place.
  6. I had a ds50 and found it hard to control exposures but when i got 2 ds125 i found i couls change the intensity of light much better ie less for close up more for wide angle
  7. what lens did you use to get the nudi head? great shots
  8. Hi I have an Ikelite housing for the CP 5000 that i would like to sell let me know Dan
  9. My Nexus housing flooded in May during a dive trip with my trusted dive buddy and side kick Ross. I did not see that the external gasket on the under side of the case hd partially peeled off and folded into the case. Of course my dive buddy and mentor Mike Starbuck was quick to point out that if i had an Ikelite case i would have seen this. In any case when i entered the water massive amounts of air bubbles exited the case. And I thought that is unusual. Needless to say the camera and lens were toast. I got a nice ins check from H20 though. So all is well in the end.
  10. I flooded my D100 in may 2004 and was very bummed out that i could not shoot more pics that trip. I am thinking of getting another body to bring along so i won't be out of luck on a trip again. the expense of missing some great pics far out ways the cost of a new body. I kinda think that technology evolves so fast that our digital cameras, computers etc are almost a disposable item that needs to be upgraded eery 2-4 years. Happy Diving
  11. i have had ikelite housings for two previous camersa and liked em just fine but when i got my D100 i called and talked with Tom & Lee at Marine camera and they convinced me to go with a nexus and i have loved it. I went to DEMA last year and looked at housings and the nexus seems like the most compact too also 4" dome glass port for the sigma 15mm lens is great cause it is easy to pack and works well. i tlaked to one guy that had the L&M and he had gone through 5 of the ROC control cards!! a buddy of mine has the ikelite case for his digital rebel and it is way bigger than my nexus id buy a nexus again i just wish they had more zoom lens porst ie for the new nikon 17mm-80mm lens that auto focuses so fasr
  12. hey any shot of a whale shot is a good shot. of course we all want to have better this that and the other but its a pretty cool shot
  13. Hi I need help with my Wide angle technique I am using a D100 in a Nexus Housing with a 4" domeport and 15mm sigma lens dueal ikeltie 125 strobes but i get this even though i angeled the strobes away from lens any help would be great thanks Dan
  14. I love the colors and the war bonnet is a great subject cant wait to get back to BC we did Nanimo last sept but vis was bad is there a good land based dive operator out of port hardy?
  15. Hi has anyone been diving in Chile? I have found some spanish websites and am planning to go there this december. any in put would be great thanks Dan
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