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  1. Housing and Wide Conversion Lens were sold! The Nauticam CMC-1 100mm is still available.
  2. FOR SALE: Nauticam CMC-1 100mm - M67 thread (Near Mint Condition) $249 USD - Shipping in the USA included This is in Near Mint Condition (Only one dive!) This is the Gen 1 CMC-1 (Very Similar to the high-end optics of the Full SMC-1, but with the M67 Threads). This is a great Wet Macro Lens for a wide range of current Compact Cameras.
  3. FOR SALE: Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Wide Conversion Lens with Inon Dome Lens Unit (Near Mint) $529 USD - Shipping in the USA included This is in Near Mint Condition (Only one dive!) This is for an Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Version 1 with the Inon dome unit The Inon UWL-H100 is a flat wide-angle lens that increases the cameras field of view to 100 degrees. When combined with the optional dome unit it increases to 144 degrees. This is a great pick when other lenses may not be compatible with your particular camera. Lens mount is highly versatile screw type M67 Mount
  4. For Sale: Nauticam NA-G7X Housing $599 USD - Shipping in the USA included This is in Near Mint Condition (Only one dive!) Everything in the pictures are included. Key features include: Deluxe Camera Tray with Dual Handles and Ball Mounts for Strobes Nauticam Vacuum System Ready (Just add an Airlock or Nauticam Bulkhead) This is a great system for the starting/intermediate UW shooter Ask me about other compatible accessory add-ons that are for sale: Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Wide Conversion Lens with Dome Lens Unit (Near Mint: Only one dive: $529) Nauticam CMC-1 100mm (Near Mint: Only one dive: $249)
  5. Items are now up on an Ebay Auction if anyone is interested. They will sell there in the next 5 days: 100 mm Macro 2.8 Lens http://www.ebay.com/itm/121310463680?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 15mm Fisheye Lens http://www.ebay.com/itm/121310462490?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Canon 5D mark 1 http://www.ebay.com/itm/121310463227?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Items are in very good condition. Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens ($650) Canon 100mm Macro Lens ($400) I can take credit cards over the phone or you can pay via PayPal. Free Shipping in the USA. On receipt of payment I will carefully pack the item and ship FedEx insured on our company account to your destination. Regards, Joel Penner Newmediasoup, LLC
  7. Hey WetPixel peeps! Getting ready to sell the lenses and camera body, and other items individually on EBay but wanted to check here first. Anyone interested in any of the following items? I'VE REDUCED THE PRICING OF THE ITEMS FOR SALE! SUBAL CD5 HOUSING ITEMS Subal CD5 = Housing for the Canon 5D with GS180 VIEWFINDER ($1800) DP-FE2 = 8 inch Optical Glass Dome Port [Type III] ($750) FP-FC 100/3 = Glass Flat Macro Port [Type III] ($175) EXR-33/3 = 33mm Extension Ring [Type III] ($75) CANON 5D CAMERA BODY, LENSES, AND ACCESSORIES Canon 5D = Canon 5D Body 12.8 MP, with Charger and 2 batteries, memory card ($500) Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens ($650) Canon 100mm Macro Lens ($400) Canon 5D Battery Grip = enables the use of 2 batteries and better portrait style photography (for surface photography) ($50) All items are used but are in excellent condition.
  8. I was actually on the boat the same day he was experiencing the sticky button on his housing. I won't get into which housing it was but I will tell you that in my assessment, the button that toggles between video and photo mode was getting stuck in the down position, causing the camera to be locked up. I experienced the same issue before with the same brand of housing last summer where I had pressed the "video/photo" button a little too hard and it would stay stuck in the down position. (In my situation last summer, we repaired this issue in the field by opening the hole in the delrin bracket of the button for the metal part of the button to have more breathing room. I didn't have any issues with the button for the rest of the trip.) Regarding the guy at the Shootout who had a stuck button and thought it was related to the airlock, I told him to talk with the housing rep (who was on-site) at the Shootout to get the button swapped/repaired. In my opinion the issue was not with the airlock but with the button on the housing itself.
  9. For Sale: SUBAL CD5MII HOUSING FOR THE CANON 5D Mark II This housing is in excellent condition. Just recently had the full service done at Backscatter. All O-rings replaced. Have dove with it once since then and worked flawlessly. Subal CD5MII = Housing for the Canon 5D Mark II - Comes with GS 180 Viewfinder • DP-FE4 = 8 inch Optical Glass Dome Port (Type IV) • FP-120/4 Flat port - Type (IV) = Glass Flat Macro Port • Subal EXR-33/4 Extension Ring, 33mm - (Type IV) • Subal EXR-60/4 Extension Ring, 60mm - (Type IV) • Subal Extension Ring EXR75/4, 75mm for Canon 16-35 L2 lens $3800 for the Subal Housing, Wide Angle Port, Macro Port and Extensions. PayPal accepted. Free Shipping in the United States. On receipt of payment I will carefully pack the complete system and ship FedEx insured on our company account to your destination. Actual photos of everything are included below. Regards, Joel Penner Newmediasoup, LLC
  10. New Complete Package Price: $3500.00 Includes free shipping in the Unites States!
  11. Here are some more photos of the items that are For Sale: Cheers! Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  12. COMPLETE SUBAL CD5 SYSTEM FOR THE CANON 5D This is an excellent full frame Canon Underwater Camera system for the still shooter! *All Equipment is in Very Good - Like New Condition, pampered, and taken very well care of. - see photos.* Items for sale with prices: Subal CD5 = Housing for the Canon 5D with GS180 viewfinder ($1995) DP-FE2 = 8 inch Optical Glass Dome Port [Type III] ($950) FP-FC 100/3 = Glass Flat Macro Port [Type III] ($200) EXR-33/3 = 33mm Extension Ring [Type III] ($125) CANON 5D CAMERA BODY, LENSES, AND ACCESSORIES Canon 5D = Canon 5D Body 12.8 MP, with Charger and 2 batteries, memory card ($500) Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens ($650) Canon 100mm Macro Lens ($400) Canon 5D Battery Grip = enables the use of 2 batteries and better portrait style photography (for surface photography) ($50) *** More Images of Items for Sale in Next Post *** All Items Available for Sale Individually, or get the Complete Package for $4495! (Indiviually adds up to $4870) PayPal accepted. Shipping not included. On receipt of payment I will carefully pack the complete system and ship FedEx insured on our company account to your destination. Regards, Joel Penner Newmediasoup, LLC
  13. Dustin, Sorry. I own and use my magic filters! I've found that the magic filters work well between 20-30 feet but beyond that or less than that, they can be have a mind of their own with getting a good qualiy white balance. Shots come out too orange or too green-blue. Because of this, I don't use them near as much. It can take a lot of work to fix this is post and can be very frustrating. In a normal dive profile, they are challenging to get consistent results. Alex Mustard makes a good point about this in another thread, that on a wreck dive, you can really get amazing results but not on all dives. I agree with him. I think if you have a profile that's at the same depth in the 20-30 foot range, or are on a wreck where you could stay at the same level and work on a really good white balance initially, you can get good results. I have also found that without the sun, (or early morning dives) it's also very difficult with the Magic filter. My take on this is to get the video skills down without introducing another layer of complexity that can and will mess with the footage, especially when you're first learning to shoot DSLR video. Cheers! Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  14. Dustin, You're going to love the 5d mkII. It's great for video underwater! Here are some answers to your questions based on my experience using the same camera underwater. 1. How often should I be changing my WB? I white balance off of my fin if/when I change depth by more than 10 feet. 2. do I set anything to auto? Or should everything be manual? Full Manual 3. If it is manual (which I expect it to be) What should my settings be set at? ISO, Shutter Speed, Aprature, etc.... Shutter speed 1/60th or 1/30 (if in low light with not too fast a motion) ISO adjustable -200 up to 640 can still be acceptable F8-F11 will help with the corner distortion and sharpness. 4. In Anilao most of it is marco. So I am planning on using the 17-40mm.(my wife Tyra will be using the 100mm for her stills) Will this be difficult to capture small stuff with? I figured would be the best without a tri-pod. Thoughts? This lens will be difficult for shooting macro video. Honestly, macro video is best with on a full frame camera (like the 5dmkII) with a 100mm on a tripod. Is it possible to capture some fish or a stationary subject getting in close? Maybe. Results will vary. 5. How do I lock in focus? How close should I do this, when most will be macro stuff? So I need to lock focus again for more of a wide angle shot? Here's where it's tricky with the Canon DSLRs. Macro will be incredibly difficult to lock in focus without a tripod and a manual focus gear. That said, you might get lucky by doing the following: Before you start recording video, zoom in 10x, try and get critical focus, and then make sure your F stop is high enough to allow for some forgiveness if you're floating in and out of the sweet spot of focus. 6. With visibility being limited to 20 to a max of 60 feet, shooting macro subject with a wide angle lens, and no lights or a tripod, Are my results going to be any good? Hard to say. What I would focus on is the following: Don't worry about the magic filter for now. Remember the following and you'll get some pretty great video: 1) Expose 1-2 ticks under proper exposure (this will help the water to not wash out and be overexposed 2) Always, and I mean always make sure the sun is behind you, lighting over your shoulder towards your subject. 3) Don't shoot down through the water column. The white balance will be off 4) Don't forget to white balance every 10 feet or so. 5) Don't shoot up the water column (especially hard with the 15fisheye) with the fisheye, shoot slightly downward, maybe 50-60 degrees. 6) Don't forget to whitebalance again. 7) Try to think of your camera as an extension of your body and try and keep it as steady as possible. 8) Focus first, then record stationary clips. Stop recording, reset your position, and repeat. Good luck and have a great trip and before you go, maybe try and practice in the pool. Getting to the video settings and getting comfortable ahead of time will help you out immensly when the "big shot opportunity" comes up, you'll be ready! Cheers! Joel Penner Newmediasoup, LLC
  15. Hey Drew, What did you mean by the above? Maybe I'm missing something. It appears possible to import from folders on your hard drive, but are you referring to something else with metadata that doesn't come in if you don't import directly from the CF Card? Thanks, Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  16. Seems pretty fast to me so far! This is gonna be great, as my previous workflow was to transcode to PRORES using Compressor. Looks like you can choose a fair amount of different transcode options in the preferences. I'm not sure about the .dmg requirement. It appears that the workflow works just like my P2 cards on another camera. I'm using this plugin with Firmware 2.0.4 (the second update from the last couple days!) If I want to copy the complete contents of the 5DmkII Compact Flash to a Firewire drive, I simply copy both folders from the CF card (keeping the .thm files and everything). I name a folder on my drive "MyFOOTAGE_TheDate_ETC" and then copy everything from the card into my folder. In the new Importer Window from Log and Capture, I simply click the first button at the top left of the importer that says "Add Folder", browse to my Firewire drive/MyFolder and bamm! ...good-to-go. Works just like if the compact flash card was mounted to the computer. On first glance, I think this plugin is going to really help my workflow! I'm super excited to see this! If you copy the complete contents off the card, then you know you'll have all of your clips, vs. editing directly from the mounted CF card. (There are pros and cons to this, like if you want to make sure you've got all of your footage and can back it up. Or on the flipside, if you just want to do a quick couple of hacked together clips, it's going to be much faster to edit directly from the CF Card, and make a few in and outs, get your money shots, and cut the video for Youtube, facebook, etc. and be done with your quick movie.) Cheers, Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  17. Steve, This is the first trip we haven't been able to sneak on 50lbs each in a discreet "carry-on" suitcase. For Domestic travel, we'll still carry on both rigs in plain suitcases and check in at the counter one at a time to avoid getting them weighed. Because of the International nature of this flight and Singapore's strict guidelines, we knew we were going to have to check both rigs. Oh... I failed to mention that with the ScotteVest apparel, I was able to offload approximately 15-20 lbs of camera and electronics gear. Even with this additional carry-on technique, there was no way I would be able to get a housing in the carry-on. On advisement of friends, we separated our underwater rigs into two cases. Mine went into a Pelican 1620 and Jen's went into the PorterCase that I usually use as a carryon. We used ZipTies and not TSA locks. All Checked luggage was inspected on the way out of the USA! ZipTies were cut but the additional ties left inside the cases, were used to close the cases back up securely again. (to my surprise) FYI: The Portcase doesn't have a way to be locked with TSA or ZipTies, but I modded the case using some steel wire and crimps to make two nice lockable loops. They're simply theft deterrents, but did the job really well on this last trip! (see image) I put this on each side of the case next to the latches drilling through the metal. Both cases proved to be durable enough to be checked and there was no damage on either portion of the flights. We were also very thankful/grateful that no cases were grabbed by luggage monkeys. (-no San Juan connector!) The weight issue on each bag is tricky. I actually couldn't have my YS250 batteries in my strobes, as the weight was too much with my housing/ports etc. I decided that if my case made it and not Jen's I would just shoot available light or try and borrow batteries from Berkley or whoever else was on the trip with spare YS batteries. Both of our Scuba Regs. BCDs and Wetsuits were fit into a Medium Duffle. We used one standard Travel Pro Suitcase for all of our clothing and misc. Dive Equipment like lights, travel hangers, Safety sausage, multitools, etc. Hope that helps! Cheers! Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  18. Jen, Great write up! It was such a great trip and it was great to have all of the logistics go so smoothly. Just a quick write up addition to this about ScotteVest. After hearing on WetPixel about the increased issues with the 15 LBS carry-on limitation and the luggage fee opportunists working the check-in counters, I had to come up with a plan to get the fragile "can't live without technology items" in my carry-on/person. We were flying Economy on Singapore, and that left us with a "by the books limit of one carry on piece of 15lbs per person". Jen carried a small backpack with most of the overnight items and other important items. (~2 days travel to get over to Bali) I used a Lowepro Computrecker, and the ScotteVest Travel Vest and the ScotteVest Cargo Pants. I packed all the Camera equipment, Lenses, Hard drives, memory, Computer stuff, etc. in the Computrecker. The plan was if they asked they asked to weigh our carry ons, I would unload everything into my ScotteVest apparel. Thank God I had this configuration, because at SFO, sure thing, they asked to weigh our carry-ons. We asked for a few minutes to pull out our computers, cameras, etc. and then got our bags weighed. On Singapore you're allowed a computer in a sleeve outside of the Bag. (sneak your additional laptop battery or power supply/charger in the neoprene) You are also allowed a "small camera". We outfitted each of our SLR's with a small Lens and had the Carry straps on them. The photos attached are what I was able to comfortably unload out of my bag for the weigh-in without looking like the Unibomber. (Photos attached were of a trial run a week before the trip) When we approached the counter to get the weigh-in, we both had computers in one hand, Camera over the right shoulder and I had pretty much everything you see in the photos inside my cargo pants and vest. The remaining items in my Computrecker weighed in at 15 LBS. We had the Balanza in Jen's bag, so we did a quick weigh-in before returning to the counter. In summary, I'm so glad we planned for the worst, because it seems that most ticket counters are now going after the additional income, and it's sad but a fact of life as underwater photographers that we have to live with it. Thanks again to UnderExposures and the Wakatobi staff for making it such a painless and awesome trip! Cheers! Joel Newmediasoup, LLC
  19. Great news! I was so happy to read this. I knew they wouldn't leave the early adopters behind. Cheers, Joel
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