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  1. Seeing that photo, and reading some of the descriptions of the photogs on the list, surely there is defamation going on. Its borderline, but the site is tasteless and well done all for trying to get the message out.....
  2. Like many who have responded, I am very sad to hear of Ike's passing. I've used a bit of Ike gear over the years, and I've enjoyed the great customer service that Ike is famous for. I trust his legacy will live on, and send my condolences to his family, friends and the people at Ikelite.
  3. Hi Eddy The Z220's that I have do NOT have modelling light or laser. This was the reason I was considering a swap. Was there more than one model of the Z220? I am using an Aquatica AD200 and Nikon D200. Cheers Des
  4. I use Ikelite DS125s and Inon Z220s with both an Oceanic VTPro and an Oceanic Atom2. No problem with either. Had problems sometime back with an old Oceanic Datatrans Plus and Sea & Sea strobes. But its not really an issue. It loses connectivity for a couple of seconds, then returns to normal. Go for it. The one less hose, and the computer on your wrist where you can see it is a great setup for a photog. BTW, free tip, I prefer the computer on my right wrist
  5. Thanks Mike. Appreciate the fast response! Great cover on Scuba Diver, btw.
  6. Hi All I currently have a couple of Inon Z220's and am considering get one or 2 Inon Z240's - mostly because of the aiming light. Do the Z240's use the same Sea & Sea sync cord as the Z220's? Cheers Des
  7. Hi Marcelo Nikon Imaging has a good series of tutorials at this website. I really like this application - the only thing I haven't found that I use regularly on CS2 is a Save for Web function. I know Save As can do it, but I like the resizing in the CS2 function...... Cheers Des
  8. Hi Alex Can't argue your logic there. I think a lightweight travel BC will be on my shopping list before my next holiday Cheers Des
  9. I recently went down the same path. I have a pair of DS125s, and have always loved them. They are a great strobe, but big and bulky, and heavy to pack. I got an opportunity to try out the Z220, and was instantly amazed at how such a small light strobe can produce such good results. Now I travel with 2 x Z220s as my main rig. Don't underestimate how much benefit the lighter strobes will have underwater as well. BTW, as others say, Ike's service is incredible. So far I've not needed to find out how it is with Inon. But I did with the Ike's. Cheers Des
  10. Hi I have a Nikon D100 and Aquatica AD100 setup. This is my first Aquatica housing, but for several reasons, I am pretty sure I'll be staying with Aquatica for future requirements. These reasons are 1. Quality of housing - very good. I do get some paint chipping around the port area, but am glad to hear that is fixed on new housings. Hasn't caused me any problems. 2. Quality of ports - excellent. 3. Ease of Use - very good. Sometimes mounting is a bit fiddly. 4. Bang for buck. Best of class. 5. Service from Aquatica. Simply put, Blake is the man. I've owned Sea and Sea and Ikelite housings in the past. Ike is also great, but I personally prefer the metal housings. Sea and Sea make an excellent product, but I think that their digital series was a serious step back. The F80 housing I had was wonderful - compact, light, well engineered, etc. But the D100 housing was all the opposite things. I know Nexus have a good product, but would highly recommend the Aquatica product. Best wishes Des -- Des Paroz Sydney, Australia www.BlueBeyond.com.au
  11. Hi AB I got a similar problem at one point, then I tried the old process of RTFM. Did you disable anti-virus, and remove other USB devices while doing the calibration? I switched over to a PS/2 keyboard and mouse so I could do this, with the added (actually much greater) benefit of freeing up 2 USB ports. After I did this, then my results have been bang on. SW based tools are notoriously unreliable - your perception of colour changes with fatigue, ambient light, the amount of caffeine/alcohol and anaesthetics you've been exposed to....... Cheers, Des
  12. I have to agree with most of the people who posted that the Ike DS125s have enough power settings, and the manual controller, while a nice product, may not be necessary in many scenarios. Don't forget that the use of the diffuser on the strobes gives you another full stop or so of light reductions, giving you Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and then with the diffuser, 1/16. More than enough for most purposes, I'd suggest
  13. I used Elements for years - version 1 and then version 2 before upgrading to CS. For most people, I think Elements offers a lot of power, and I am not sure if there is a need to go to CS. For me, the major reason for CS was to do with being able to have my images in a CMYK format, and also to deal with RAW files wihtin the program. If you don't need these things, then, perhaps Elements will be more than enough...
  14. Hi Marty Whew, I thought it was just me. Or more specifically, since I installed a new DVD Super Multi after installing Pro Show. I do exactly the same as you, and it works a treat Best Des
  15. Hi Ike Well when it is, I humbly offer to be a tester for a DTTL version of the DS125. Just let me know where to send the order! Thanks for the good news Best Des
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