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  1. Synchiropus moyeri is my guess. Cheers Michael
  2. Thanks for the background information and your time. Best regards Michael
  3. As a name reference i use http://www.itis.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/Sing...ch_value=692122 , but may be they are not scientific enought. :-) Bye the way, if I use your Fishbase reference http://filaman.ifm-geomar.de/Summary/speci...amp;lang=German and hit the link ITIS (top-right) I am in ITIS with Sunagocia carbunculus as the valid name. So, if there can only be one, which one is right? Best regards Michael PS Leslie, please do not take this personal, you helped me a lot and I am impressed of your knowledge, but on the other hand I love to discuss my point of view until I am convinced.
  4. Gekauft und bedankt! LG Michael PS Sunagocia carbunculus is also a valid name for it, so i wasn't to far away with Sunagocia sp. :-)
  5. LOL, I know this problem. The "tree" above the eye is special, i think, but after a while i give up searching and call it Sunagocia sp.. 2006, Canon Ixus700 - First dives with a small cam when live was easy and i don't know strange things like DOF, apenture, ... Cheers Michael
  6. Looks like a feather-star, so it is a feather-star. :-) Cheers Michael
  7. Nudi: Phidiana militaris http://www.nudipixel.net/photo/00006672/ looks similar for me. Cheers Michael
  8. Taringa halgerda http://www.nudipixel.net/species/taringa_halgerda/ Cheers Michael
  9. For me it looks like Dendronotus regius http://www.nudipixel.net/photo/00008813/ Cheers Michael
  10. Maybe: Aplysia californica - http://www.nudipixel.net/species/aplysia_californica/ Cheers Michael
  11. I think it is a Inimicus didactylus. Cheers Michael
  12. Maybe Glossodoris sedna http://www.nudipixel.net/species/glossodoris_sedna/ Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Marli, thanks for the help. After searching I agree it is a triplefin and also E. mirabilis looks good. The problem is that there are not many references for it. So I will send the pictures to fishbase as a E. mirabilis and wait what they think. :-) Cheers, Michael
  14. I think this is a dragonet, but I am not able to ID the species. Thanks for your help. Cheers Michael
  15. Try "Neat Image" on the original to reduce the noise. Also I would cut it a little bit different. If you like, send me the RAW and I will look what I can do. Cheers Michael
  16. I think they use it for camouflage. Cheers Michael
  17. Sorry no idea, but WOW, this is a great shot! Cheers Michael
  18. Is this Uromunna sp.? The image was taken in Bali. Thanks Michael
  19. #1 Naxioides taurus, Bull crab #2 Achaeus spinosus? Cheers Michael
  20. Maybe try something like this. Cheers Michael
  21. Veined octopus - Octopus marginatus? Cheers Michael
  22. Fist I save all metadata to file in the old laptop catalog (right click on folder in LR) or select all and "Control + S". Exit LR and move/copy the files. Now import files files in the new desktop catalog. Be careful, you will lose the flag information (marked/rejected). If you want to keep this use a keyword for it. Cheers Michael
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