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  1. Camera bodies SOLD. Housing reduced to the ridiculously low price of $1300! C'mon folks, that's 65% off retail! Where else can you get a fine, Austrian engineered, machined aluminum housing for that kind of deal? And yes, even at this low, low price, I'll STILL cover shipping and insurance in the continental US. Operators are standing by...
  2. Housing alone now $1500. Or take the BLOW OUT Bundle deal - Housing and a 5D3 body for $2800!
  3. Now $1600 for the housing and $1600 each body. Bundle a great housing and camera for $3000!
  4. I'm selling my Subal CD5M3 housing (I upgraded to the 5D4). Excellent condition, approx 100 dives, stock viewfinder, Type 3 bayonet opening, fitted for Backscatter Air Lock system. $1800. I also have two Canon 5D Mark III bodies, both just serviced and cleaned by Canon to go with the housing. $1700 ea. Will bundle the housing with one body for $3200, housing with both bodies for ??? :-) I'll even cover shipping and insurance in the continental US Phil
  5. Hi folks, I haven't been on for a while and have been running around this spring and summer. Migrating my old Aperture files to Lightroom has been on my list for a couple months now. Anyone done it yet? Any updates appreciated before I ake the plunge! Phil
  6. "I don't come on here for a very long time...and then I do and see this question." LOL! And ditto much of what Allison said (we talk about this a lot). While I've had my share of success with various compettions, I'm clear that 1) there are many, many far superior photographers out there that don't even enter and 2) it's totally a subjective crapshoot. I enter mostly to guage myself against my peers (that do choose to enter), but I can't deny there's a decent chunk of ego boost that goes along with any publication or recognition :-) I always weigh the cost and PITA factor vs. the prizes and prestige of the particular contest. The cost (both $$ and time) to enter is definitely a big factor. While prizes like an Indonesian liveaboard on a class boat is great and worth a nice wad of cash, that's usually the one top prize. Even if you are the one, top winner, you still got to shell out for the air and be able to arrange the time to take advantage of it. I like the contests that let me "rank" my preferences in prizes - I'd much rather have a dive light that I'll actually use than time at some resort that I wouldn't ordinarily choose, I have to rework my schedule around their window and availability, AND that's going to cost me $1000's just to get there. The rules are just the rules. They vary from contest to contest and year to year, so it pays to read them and play by them. I also pay attention to the rights I'm giving away. While I don't sell many images, I know there are others who do rely on their images for a big chunk of income and they deserve our support. I'm not going to give some contest promoter "irrevocable, global rights in any and all media existing now or any time in the future" - some try and grab this just for entering (I'm talking to you Conde Nast! ), so it pays to read the fine print. Phil
  7. Awesome Damien. Ditto what Andy said - the lionfish is the one for me :-) Best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Phil
  8. I told myself I was going to hold off housing my 5D3, but a pressing oppotunity has "forced" me to look at options. I've been a Subal guy, but Nauticam is now at the top of the list. Thought I'd give this thread a bump and see if anyone's got more input? Thanks! Phil
  9. I have two, a LowePro and the ThinkTank Accelerator. The ThinkTank is super roomy: I can fit two bodies, a 500mm, a 70-200mm, a couple other lenses as well as several other bits. Sleek lines make it appear nor so big, but I haven't tried to get it on an Asian carrier yet. A bit pricey, buy I really like it. Phil
  10. Awesome Jenny! Guess the end of the line was the place to be. Or maybe they just liked you more :-P XXOOXX, Phil
  11. When I was there a couple years ago, I shot the 10-17 on my 40D and it was too wide for 90% of the shots. If I were going back today, I'd bring my Sigma 17-70 for the extra reach, so I think your 17-40 should be perfect. Have a great trip! Phil
  12. Resurrecting this thread. Anyone been in Feb/Mar? I know Bonnie Pelnar likes early April... Thanks, Phil
  13. Congrats Pam! I remember when you were struggling with processing that image. Well done! See you at the reception on May 5? Phil
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