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  1. Yeah ... the incremental back-ups would be trickier, but that would work.
  2. I use Acronis Home. Very fast ... and I've successfully restored from backup several times - usually to increase the capacity of my system drive. (Hey Jeff! ... been SUPER busy building a new business ... )
  3. Jeff ... I agree with Phil ... I think the safari shots work a bit better than the U/W ... although I love the humpback ... and on that one I might be tempted to clone out the two small fish and what looks like a few dust bunnies. These will look amazing on the right fine-art matte paper with the right framing and presentation.
  4. Hey! ;-) My current dream kit would be: - Canon s90 (or s95) - Fisheye Fix Housing - 2 X Inon S2000s - Fisheye Fix Super Wide Fisheye Port - Stacked Macro Adapters like the UCL 165s BTW ... I have been underwater since I saw you in St. Croix ... :-(
  5. I think strobe positioning could be your problem.
  6. Sorry ... bad advice. Why are you advising NOT to go past 1/250?
  7. I don't think it will ... why do you need faster sync underwater?
  8. Canon S90 would be about the smallest of which I am aware.
  9. I wasn't suggesting that you should have. My point was this: Lightroom 3 is equal to or better than Lightroom 2 If you were compare LR2 to LR3 in the same manner as your example, many would pick LR2 Therefore, the method has issues, IMO Jeff ... you aren't reading my posts ...
  10. RAW has no real defined color space ... some might argue that each camera has its own color space ... but that's a silly semantic argument ... Here is some good info: http://www.ppmag.com/reviews/200509_rodneycm.pdf http://www.ppmag.com/reviews/200510_rodneycm.pdf
  11. yup ... very knowledgeable and helpful.
  12. I had a YS-27dx and a YS-110. I had no trouble lighting macro at those settings ... This was shot with that exact setup at f/8 and 1/2500th and I think each strobe was at about 1/2 power - note the very dark water ... Here's a macro shot using my w/a settings - which I did because I wanted bright blue water ... ... and here's a w/a at the w/a setup ... strobes on full I think.
  13. After quite a bit of experimentation ... and some guidance from Cathy Church's staff, my starting points with the G9 were: MACRO - f/8 and 1/1000th (or even 1/2500th) for 'black' water W/A - f/5.6 and 1/125th always gave me nice blue water on sunny days
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