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  1. Sell that 350 on E-Bay as fast as you can and get a real camera like the Canon G9. I had a 350, battery life was 20 min max on a dive! Sent it back 3x and they could not fix it. Last time I sent it back to Oly, they stole my 1 Gig memory card and refused to return it. I sold the 350 on E-Bay, took a big loss, would NEVER buy a Oly product again. The G9 is an awsome camera and there is no comparison to the 350! Get a real camera with some real battery life Fl Irishman
  2. If it's an SP-350 sell it as fast as you can and go get a Canon G9. I had a 350 for a year, the max battery life during a dive was 15 min. And it's hard to change and keep the battery dry. I sent it back and when I got it back, Oly Service kept my High Speed 1 G card and refused to replace it. I sold the Oly SP-350 on e-bay and got a real camera. I'd never never never buy an Olympus Product Again!! Florida Diver
  3. I also would like to hear more about any shutter lag and BATTERY LIFE for underwater use on the 5100. Sold the Oly and now am looking for it's replacement. The FlIrishman Orlando, Fl
  4. I also am considering he 5100. But looking over the Fuji F30 specs - Long-life battery (up to 580 shots) I'm really interested in something that has a long life battery. My Olympus SP350 lasted 20 min on time when diving - it's now on E-Bay! I'd like something where I can leave the viewer on for an entire 1 hour dive - minimum! Any other suggestions? How long will the 5100 stay turned on?
  5. I'd be interested in knowing how long the battery would last with the monitor on all the time. Or is there an optional battery available - sounds like the 1100 mAh Nikon battery is small. Or is there another underwater camera [ TTL ] and case that would have bigger battery. I had a lot of problems with Olympus - they screwed up my camera and in the end refused to fix it. I'll NEVER deal with OLYMPUS again!! Irishman
  6. I am looking to replace my Oly SP-350 with something that has a longer battery life. The Oly with two 2500 mAh AA's last about 20 min underwater. I'm considering the Nikon 5100 as it has TTL, but the battey is rated only at 1100 mAh. Anyone have any experience with this? Are the other cameras TTL? The Irishman Orlando, Fl
  7. What kind of battery life are you getting with it underwater? I'm getting rid of my Oly SP-350 as it only has about 20 min of on time underwater and am considering the Nikon 5100.
  8. I have had an SP-350 and SP case for a year. I HATE IT AND HATE THE INCOMPETANCE OF OLY REPAIR! The camera chews up batteries [ even after the S/W update ]. Oly had it in to fix the battery problem, didnot return my high speed memory card. I purchase a new high speed memory card, it was bad, after months of disucssing it with Oly, the replace it with a low speed card. Again after a few months of go around with Oly, they refused to replace it with my original high speed 1 Gig card. The camera is pretty much useless with a low speed memory card for underwater photography. Time to sell the 350 and It's back to Nikon Time Geo / The Irishman
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