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  1. When placing a camera inside a housing, would it matter if the typically used UV filter for lens protection is still mounted on the lens...? Or would it be better to remove the UV filter to avoid reflex problems inside a glass port/dome..? Would appreciate a view on this..? Cheers Torbjorn
  2. I am getting different opinions regarding use of an extension ring for the following arrangement; wide angle Nexus port FP 160-5 and 10-20 mm Sigma lens. The opinion is between use of a 20mm or a 40 mm extension ring, but surely only one of them (or a third option..?) would give the optimum result. Any recommendations and experience from anyone out there...? Mr T
  3. I am new to UW photography and was wondering if anyone could assist with the following basic questions: 1. How is the bare end of the Inon optical D cable connected to the Nexus housing..is a special connector required...? 2. What is the required camera setting (TTL) and is it required to tape over the camera flash using the Inon Z-240..? Torbjorn
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