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  1. Reducing price to $2500 Would like to sell eh???
  2. 4-Sale Sea & Sea for Nikon D-300 w/ 2 SB105, Focus light & 3 ports, 12-24 WA lens Asking $3000 And Ready to Dive… Sadly, I’m downsizing this complete system for a smaller one, Gawd, getting too old (Sucks) to lug it around Overseas, thus the reason for selling. Sea & Sea Housing just returned (last week) for a complete “BackScatter” Annual Inspection, all O-Rings replaced and more, like new. Obviously everything D-300 related is included so you’re able to put together, jump in the water, and send those pics to National Geographic’s for their cover. The 8” WA dome does have scratch or two, but doesn’t affect UW photos. I’m told there is a rub Micro-Mesh NC-78-1 ACRYLIC RESTORAL KIT (Micro-Mesh) you can use to remove them if you want to make it look pretty, but otherwise is fine. I’ve used it without any problems or I would have applied it. Ports and focus rings included for 60mm and 105mm, lens are NOT included. 12-24 “is” included along, of course, with the D300 camera, rings and plates. More Photos here: - D300 Nikon w/12-24 WA lens - Sea & Sea housing, just serviced at Backscatter, all O-rings and more replaced, Like new - 2 SB-105 strobes w/synch cords - 4 Ultralight arms with clamps as shown - Hartenberger Nano Compact Focus light with recharger and Clamp - 1 60mm port w/focus ring – lens not included - 1 105mm port w/focus ring – lens not included - 1 D300 batter & charger - Various other misc items, O-rings, AV plugs etc.. whatever I have that is for the system. Asking $3000 for the complete system Please send email to fbpoole@gmail.com for question or clarifications. Thanks, I’m sad to let it go, but just getting too much to work with for moi. It does take good photos… it’s not about the photographer as everyone says.. heheh.. fun… Frank Poole
  3. Hmm... I'm on my way in November... to Fort Young... Thank you for the heads up..
  4. Heheh... I"m just catching up here.. Was there back in '97 Castle Comfort, before a pool... going back this Nov to the Fort.. Did the boiling lake, will try again this time, but probably not going to make it.. last time was pre-camera days so not much help, but outdated info and especially now.. LOL... on your return trip... Look forward to the review and any info on staying at the Fort Young, staying there in Nov... thanks...
  5. Yep, I got one too, so following the settings with interest. Shooting Nootka Sound, BC this weekend and hopefully will have some better settings to use to share.. heheh... never stops.. always something new eh???
  6. I was there several years ago, before AKR put in a pool.. Have photos of both AKR and Fantasy Island, AKR being the better of the two. I stayed on the island at the end, non AC bungalow and was perfect. Biggest irritant was the No-seems (see above) and DEET or the Johnson stuff worked better than non.. Some have gone there and asked "What bugs?" so could be a timing thing.. Anyway, more pics than you wanted above and below water are here Both Fantasy Island and AKR. Hope that helps.. AKR had better diving sites in my opinion, but was surprised that the whole area was as colorful as I thought it might be. I liken it to diving the Mojave desert (california) sage brush and all browish in colors... You'll have a good time, and stay away from the "Monkey Drinks"... LOL... makes diving the next day a little harder... Hope that helps..
  7. Heheh... Looks like PNW Diving, same soup, same dive eh??? Nice shots with the 10.5
  8. FYI: Just to add to the Housing shortage. I've been informed that Light & Motion will NOT be doing the D300 housing... I was planning on ordering that, but.... alas, not to be (going with Sea & Sea - end Jan 08) They will apparently be focusing on the Video side and then a possible review if and when a D400 comes out... as we all know it will sometime in the future. HTH...
  9. I've been shooting an older oly 4040 w/L&M Tetra for years and always pre-load.. before happy hour if on a trip or dive campout .. never any problems. I mention this as I mentioned this to one of the UW Camera stores and they seemed shocked that I would let it sit overnight.. I was more surprised and if I hadn't been doing it for so long, might have panicked. I look at it along the lines of the O-rings that I can't get access too are in there for a year (or more if I forget the annual maintenance) and they seem fine, so figure 24 hours won't hurt them.. I also jump in off of boats with the camera held up in hand instead of having it handed down in the water... Bent arms and fins act as a shock absorber and probably gets shaken more on the road in the back of the truck getting to the dive site... than a controlled Giant Stride drop in the water (but small housing w/2 SB105s PNW Diver... currents etc...
  10. The Darth Vadar Reg. Been diving with SP since '86, D300, 350, 400, now the 650 (skipped the 600 as the 400 was doing so well) 650 bought when it first came out, mann what a reg. like forced breathing, loved it. Then recalled, mgf issues, offered a 600 replacement declined got the 650 back not as easy to work with, still better any any other one I tried Atomic B2? There was a recall on the 650, but my batch wasn't included, had a free flow icing problem, solved by hot water and last trip, jumped in and diving down to 100' kept hearing bubbles slowly flowing.. thought it was a bc? kept looking for them, stopped breathing to listen, still hearing them... aborted and came back up to 20 for safety stop and to feel like it was a dive, the bubbling stopped... hung around a bit then came up. My thought was, while on the bottom, that's it, done with the 650, trade for a 600... heheh... turned out I had the sensitivity too high (yes did try to adjust at depth, but gloves and cold hands etc..) Anyway, short story long, love the 650, but if it acts up again will start to wonder... buying again??? choice between 600 or 650??? Safer more neutral path = 600... So I would get the 650... again.. mann, the breathing is sweet.. Hope that helps..
  11. Yah, I just say one over on NW divers, Jon... so we'll try this one?? mo'reddish? I had thought the Yolks were smaller ones.. but I'm finding that they are not.. so this might be a yolker too..jeeez, now i don't know... heheh...
  12. Yah, looked like a lions mane... But, as noted, without tenacles... had me wondering there too.. strange... Here's some lions mane, they're all over Puget Sound and up at Sunshine Coast >Porpoise Bay etc... (apologies, out of focus)
  13. (apologies if this is a duplicate post, searched couldn't find it, nothing showing I did post it in profile or search. Posted around the time of the Web Site issues - delete if this is a duplicate eh?) I've been looking at the L & M Titan for my D200 and various e-mails back and forth with Jim Decker brought out these items I felt are interesting. This was a meeting between Jim at Backscatter and the Light & Motion Crew. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jim Decker, Backscatter Light & Motion Aug 8, 2006 ~~~ Had the meeting at Light and Motion today. The mount ball for the focus light at the top looks like it will be included with the housing, no need to purchase an Ultralight mount. The housing will have the ROC system just like the D100 did. Doesn’t look like you need to worry about the buttons; they are spaced far enough apart. The handles have a very good adjustment system so you can adjust in or out and forward and back for your own comfort. The electronic controls are really cool. Most of the camera functions will be handled through a USB interface rather than mechanically through the housing. There will be a new display screen on the back of the housing below the camera’s LCD screen that will display your mode, ROC information, quality, white balance, iso, exposure comp., and shutter speed and aperture settings when in shutter, aperture, or manual mode. It’s really cool because you don’t have to tilt the camera to look through the window on the top of the housing to read this info, and you don’t need to take your hands of the handles to make the changes. Everything is right at your fingers. You do not have to worry about the electronic boards inside being exposed to water as they are all sealed in compartments with o-rings. Their goal is that if you have a flood, you should be able to clean out the inside of the housing, throw another camera in and be good to go. Unfortunately, they are pushing back the launch even further now, into next year. It looks like they still have a lot of work left to do, so I don’t think I can give you an exact date on when it will be ready. The good thing is that the new cameras that are coming out now, and in the future, will have USB controls also. The R&D they put into the D200 will be able to be ported over to new cameras. This should reduce the development time to about 6 months from when a new camera is released. They are supposed to have a pre-production model at DEMA and production is supposed to be next year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Hope that helps...
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