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  1. Hi, does anyone have any links to footage shot with the C300mk2 underwater. Just curious to how well it does but I'm not find anything on youtube. It's a great topside camera so how well does it do especially now it can pump out 4K Raw..... Cheers Richard
  2. I have an immaculate Super Wide Port from Fathom Imaging for sale. SWP44B #0190. $2000 plus shipping. o.n.o I can provide photos of glass elements etc if anyone is interested. Many Thanks Richard Brooks
  3. Thanks Adam, Having shot Raw for some time now, I don't want to go back to anything less. Richard
  4. Hi all, This is a recent show reel from the 5D3/Magic Lantern Hybrid and whilst it doesn't afford the fastest turn around the results are worth the wait. Enjoy Feedback or discussion on what workflow people find to be the best would be welcomed. Richard Brooks Media Producer-Palau
  5. If anyone has a suggestion for another forum or website to post this to I'd also like to know. Likewise if people have had good experiences with particular resellers it would also be appreciated. Many thanks Richard
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to acquire a used F55 for 4K underwater work. I would prefer a Gates housing for it. If anyone out there hears of one or both becoming available, please PM me. Many thanks Richard Brooks richardwbrooks66@gmail.com
  7. Dome Port, Extension, Shade, Cover and Cap are SOLD Thank you all those interested Housing for D200 is still available.
  8. RWBrooks


    I used a Gates tripod for the time-lapse and static shots in this film. Big problem was stopping the rig sinking into the incredibly soft sediment of the lake. https://vimeo.com/69592467 I've since started to use the base plate attached to a Nauticam 5D3 for static shots in Mangroves with some success. Richard
  9. Yes these are still for sale. Part #'s are: 18405 port 18456 extension ring 18480 Dome Shade 18790 Rear cap and D200 housing
  10. Hi, I have an Aquatica 8" dome for sale in good condition. It comes with the extension used for the Tokina 10-17 and Nikon 12-24 included. Also included are the neoprene cover and plastic base cap. $300 Also available if anyone is interested is my D200 Aquatica housing. Dual Nikonos bulkheads. $300 Buyer to pay shipping Photos upon request
  11. I was trying the mlv as well as the raw but it was taking over a second delay to start recording with the mlv. Not really a plus in my book.
  12. Using the Lexar 16GB 1066x SD to run the latest build for the 5D3 and recording to a Lexar 128 GB 1066x CF card I was shooting at 29.97 fps for over a minute averaging 87 MB/s with no problems. Intervalometer is also a dream! On testing it today I'm now not having so much success. Not sure what has changed......
  13. Good to see someone has got this underwater. How did you find the focusing? Where you using an external monitor? How much post did you do on especially the wide shot? Can't wait for a write up! Cheers Richard
  14. Thanks for all the feedback, I'll be experimenting with the various workflows soon Cheers Richard
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm wondering how the number crunching method would work? The frames treated individually then exported as whatever you want in FCP? Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm wondering if just treating every frame individually then exporting to FCP would work? Testing Testing 123
  16. Hello fellow Wetpixellers, I am interested in learning more about shooting and editing with the RAW footage available from ML hacked 5Diii's What are people using out there and what seems to be the best solution? I am currently using FCP 7 and PP CS4 so a solution using either of these would be best. I've heard about the RAW2DNG plugin that's available. How does that work? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Richard
  17. Thanks for the feedback. The lights charge no problem after a quick pulse across the contacts but have problems switching on, sometimes they do sometimes not, sometimes they will turn on but not off. No good for me. I've sent a mail to the address you gave in your PM Liquid Guru. Let's hope this more direct approach works. Cheers Richard
  18. Hello fellow Wetpixellers, Over the last few years I have purchased 3 Sola 2000 lights. Over the course of these 2 years, they have all failed for the same reason, the switch. Now the third one has died and I'm unable to get them repaired here. After getting no help from the L&M support online I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what was done about it. I would like them repaired. After all they are $700+ each and should have lasted more than 50 dives or so. Is there a way to bypass the switch. I was assuming it was magnetically activated but I might be wrong. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Cheers Richard
  19. Hi, thank you for the feedback David and Drew. Great to be able to tap into some external brains through this forum. Palau has NOTHING like a good camera shop to be able to check out the latest and once again I won't be able to make it to ADEX as I am busy through the next 3 weeks, but it's good stuff! Work conspiring against work holiday! So I won't be able to see your footage David, which would be my preference. Any possibility you could send me a comparison data disk somehow? Internet is abysmal here as you know. I have a further question regarding ML David: It certainly opens up a Canon but how stable is it? The idea of an intervalometer in a Canon is a massive draw and of course the RAW footage. Will PP CS4 be able to handle the Ginger output? What computer are you doing this in? Thanks also Drew, so, the 16-35 is best behind a large dome but still needs a diopter? Anybody else out there using any other combinations that work? Still choosing for topside lenses.. I realise this is steering away from purely stills. I'll try the sharing side of the forum too. Many Thanks. Richard
  20. Hello fellow Wetpixellers, I am considering investing in the 5DMk 3 and Nauticam system to cover low level stills and footage both above and below. I am wondering iof anyone out there has any recommendations for WA zoom lenses together with dome optics/extensions/diopters/TCs. I'm leaning at the moment towards the 16-35 canon for this. Additionally what do people use for editing the footage produced, (I'm currently using FCP7)Will Express be necessary? Also MWB methods. Red filter/White Slate/Sun/fins? What works best for people? All feedback would be much appreciated. All the best Richard
  21. Hello fellow Wetpixelers, During the effort to fully catalog over 5 years of underwater filming on an almost daily basis I have been finding some "Hidden Gems" that I had forgotten about due to the pressure to turn things around for the next day. I am only half way through the phenomenal number of tapes but to break up the monotony of viewing, extraction, key-wording etc I have put together a short show reel which uses a minute fraction of what I have found so far. Clips chosen mainly for how they flow into each other. So I thought I would share it with you. Footage shot between Jan 2008 and Jan 2010. Cheers Richard
  22. Thanks for posting Drew. That's gotta be a gem to prep..... Richard
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