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  1. Note - I checked, and the sensor is set to pre-flash. Also tried the other option. It's not the cause of the problem.
  2. Jamesw - the switch is set to pre-flash. I also tried the other option. I forgot to write it in my original message.
  3. I had the same "problem",soi bought a DS-50 from Ikelite a few days ago. Instead of a fiber optic cable, it has a nice wireless sensor. I bought this flash after asking around, and reading articles about it. The problem is that i bought a TTL sensor, and for some reason it doesn't work well with my Olympus 4000 :angryfire: . I even put a question regarding this problem in this forum a few minutes before you put this question... For now, what i found out is that for our line of cameras (olympus 3000-4040, not including 5000,5050,5060) the TTL sensor won't work well. If u are planning on buying an Ikelite flash, i suggest you buy the manual sensor, not the TTL. I hope to get one myself. If anyone has an olympus camera (not including the 5050) that work well with the TTL sesnor please let me know...
  4. Hi, I've recently bought a DS-50 stobe and a TTL wireless sensor. I have failed to make it work with my Olympus C4000 (in a PT-010). When i try to use it the picture dont get enough light (although the strobe shoots). When i tried to cover the internal flash (just the front) the picture is almost black. I also tried to put the DS-50 in front of my camera with the sensor pointing at the internal flash - Although the DS50 shoots, i cant see any light coming out of it in the picture. I tried to connect the DS50 to my friend's sensor (he also has a wireless TTL sensor) and to my surprise it works. At this point i dont know if the problem is in my sensor, or it's a problem with this line of sensors. My friend's sensor was purchased a few months ago, and i heard that ikelite have made some changes in this type of sensor a couple of times, so maybe this problems appear only in the new sensors ? Any ideas anyone ? Thanks.
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