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  1. Would Photoshop not have the ability to do any of this? I am not sure what the stacker software is actually doing but it seems to me someone who knows Photoshop well enough may be able to come up with an 'action' that accomplishes the same if not better effect. Just curious to see if anyone knows. Houston
  2. James, I appreciate all of your advice. Looks like I am off to make the purchase. One last question before I hit the "Complete Purchse" button, is this as automated as the stobe can get given my current equipment? (C-3040,PT-010) Thanks again Cheers
  3. OK, after doing some quick research, and it has to be quick because I only have a few days to find the strobe I want, purchase it, and get it here before I leave. I am going to jump in and get the YS-90DX with the fiber optic sync cord. My confusion lies in the TTL setting. My PT-010 case for the C-3040 does not accommodate a TTL sync cord so I am assuming that the fiber optic cable performs the same function but with a bit less accuracy. So I need a slave strobe or a TTL slave sensor. Question: a. YS-90dxb. Fiber Optic Sync Cord c. Multi Stay Base d. Sea Arm Bracket Shoe e. Flexible arm. Where can I get the best deal on all of this?
  4. Jim, I am looking at a YS-90DX kit from Scubatoys. The kit includes: The strobe of course, Fiber Optic Sync Cord, Multi Stay base, Sea Arm Bracket Shoe, and Flexible Arm. $700 Is this all I will need and I am ready to start shooting underwater? Does this sound right or can I get a better deal. Houston getting started
  5. Jamesw, I am new at all of this and I am curious as to how the strobe knows when to fire if it is using a Manual sensor? I am not really sure what that is. All in all I am looking for an entry level flash that I will be happy with that will work with my camera. I do not want to buy some equipment and find out what lederman did with his equipment. I am very new at all of this so I guess I need to investigate the products that you have recommended. I am a little confused about the Manual Sensor and the Optic sensor and how they are affected by preflahs. I was not aware my camera even did a preflash. (and you are not talking about the "red eye" preflash right?) Houston
  6. I was on a trip in Hawaii when I noticed another diver that had the same camera and housing that I had but he had a flash. I talked to him for quite some time about it and decided I would not go underwater again with out a flash. Since there is no connection to the camera for the strobe, the strobe had a fiber optic cable that was to be placed in front of the cameras flash thereby telling it when to flash. If I remember correctly this set up seemed reasonably priced but I could be wrong and I do not remember the name or the model number. The question I would like to ask here is what UW strobe would this group recommend that I get for my C3040/P-010 set up. Thanks All. Houston (its my name, not where I am from)
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