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    WTB: FX-1 Setup

    I'm looking to upgrade and am looking for a used, but in good condition, FX-1 setup with either LMI or Amphibico housings with WAL. Please email me at paul@sdtechdiving.com if you have one you are considering selling. Thanks, Paul
  2. I'm interested in a Gates TRV900 housing but will look at other housings if available. Please email me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Paul EMAIL: paul@sdtechdiving.com
  3. I'll take you up on that offer if I'm ever in that area - I've always wanted to dive Tahoe, I hear the vis is much better than in the ocean If you ever get some video where ambient light is low I'd love to see how that super duper low lux CCD works out here. I've seen the footage on the Dive Xtras website and it looks impressive.
  4. Nice job - I actually saw that video over at TDS. Any chance you'll be in SoCal anytime? I'd like to see how the X-view does out here without video lights at depth. I'm thinking of upgrading my X but want to be sure it will give me the low lux I need at depth. This would be cheaper and more convenient then getting a camera/housing system and then the $600 camera mount for the X Paul
  5. James, How about posting some video clips from the X-view, especially if you have something with low ambient light to see just how well the low lux CCD works. I'm curious. Paul
  6. So has it been confirmed that Amphibico will not be making a back with a view finder? It does seem surprising that they won't make this an option. I prefer the monitor myself, but I do agree with the points made here about the additional complexity which is added to the rig.
  7. I would imagine its about as reliable as the LCD monitor on your camera. Batteries might die, the cable to your camera might go bad, or the LCD might crap out. But these are the same things on your camera LCD, no? Perhaps this raises the failure points by two? Besides, shouldn't you be able to frame your subjects without the viewfinder by now? BTW - I'm eagerly waiting for you to get the Endeavor and post some clips
  8. I've been using the Salvo 24W dual HID lamps with E/O connectors and like 'em. The canister is hip mounted so it doesn't contribute weight to the housing - or you can mount it to the housing if you want. Works either way. Burn time with a single 9 mAh NiMH battery pack is about 50 minutes for both lamps.
  9. Has anyone been using the HC3 in a Gates housing? I'm curious to see how you like it.
  10. This is a very interesting, and relevant, comment for me. The dives I do and the footage I like to collect is of wrecks in poor visibility conditions. Some are below 200 fsw so your post is right about where I would be interested. I've been contemplating the HC3, which is supposed be slightly better than the A1/HC1 in low light conditions, but it seems that all roads (in these discussions of low-light performance) leads to the FX1/Z1 for HDV. I'd love it if Sony came out with an alternative, but since they seem keen on going with CMOS, the FX1 seems like the best (but expensive) choice out there. I'd be curious to know about HC3 and how well IT compares against the PD170 - anyone up to the challenge?
  11. I have a used Ocean Images PC Housing which is designed to be used with any of the SONY DCR-PC video cameras. This housing allows the use the camera's LCD monitor so you don't have to guess what you're capturing, and there is no need for an expensive external video monitor. This housing comes with the following standard features: Weight - 7 lbs External Dimensions: 8.5" (L) x 7.25" (H) x 12" (W) Buoyancy - slightly negative with included ballast (removable if lights are being used) Internal flip color correction filter (Currently has the UR Pro GR Filter and Flip Assembly - perfect for the green waters of Southern California) Electronic controls on right handle grip RETAIL COST OF HOUSING: $1050.00 The upgrades to this housing are: Upgraded to PRO-Menu Control with FULL MENU functions of SONY camcorders with a LANC connection (see picture). RETAIL COST OF PRO-Menu Control Upgrade: $75.00. This upgrade allows access to: Power, Record Start/Stop, Zoom, ALT - focus, camera backlighting, Menu access Wide Angle Lens and Port Assembly (RETAIL COST: $125) UR Pro CY Filter and Flip assembly - Perfect for the Carribean! ((RETAIL COST: $79.00) Spare O-Ring Kit (RETAIL: $20.00) Loc-line connector/adapters for Video Light Arms installed (RETAIL: $75.00) Soft Carry bag for housing with Foam: (RETAIL: $99.00) Quick Release Coil Lanyard with Brass Clip and SS Split Ring (RETAIL: $25.00) TOTAL COST FOR ALL ITEMS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE IS: $1528.00 This housing is in 100% working condition and has never leaked or flooded. The reason for my selling this housing is due to my camera (Sony PC120) beginning to fail on me. If you have any of the cameras listed below, you can have a fully loaded housing ready to go. If you want to see some videos taken with this camera and housing, have a look at SDTechDiving.com Videos and also HERE. Cameras this housing can accomodate: Sony PC-5, 8, 9, 110, 115, 120, 105, 101, 109, 330, 350, 1000 (slight modifications may be required depending on the model - please check with Ocean Images to determine what modification may be needed; Ocean Images can provide that service for a nominal charge). It can also accomodate the Sony TRV17, TRV 22, and TRV33 with some minor modification. Ocean Images can setup the housing for your camera at a nominal charge. I am asking $750 for the whole package - this is more than 50% off what you would have to pay for a brand new housing with the exact same components and upgrades Although this package does NOT come with any lights, the picture below shows what the housing looks like with dual 24W HID lights on the installed light adapter. Contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested. Thanks, Paul H. Kim
  12. Can someone give me an idea of what the differences are between a 65-degree and an 80-degree wide angle lens? I'm contemplating the purchase of a Gates housing and was comparing the WP25 (80 degree) and the GP25A (65 degree). I like the idea of a field replaceable lens, but also like the idea of the 80 degree. What would be the advantages of each lens, and if you had to only chose one of these which would you choose and why? BTW - most of my shots will be wide angle shots, although I do plan on some macro, I will be using a flat port for that since Gates doesn't have a wide angle lens which offers full zoom (except the SWP25 super wide, which is not an option for me). Thanks, Paul
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