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  1. Hi Brian I am using the Canon underwater housing and no strobes. These pictures were taken using the built-in flash at a depth of between 30-32m. They were taken in Jervis Bay Australia. The G9 is an amazing camera. Cheers
  2. Hi all I have just bought a G9 with the Canon housing. This is my first underwater camera and I need to just say that I know absolutely nothing about underwater photography yet, but I took it out on a dive trip over the weekend and had some fun with it. These pics were taken using the built-in flash at a depth of around 30-32m. Please don't laugh as these were my first ever underwater pics. I have not even set up the camera correctly as I have no idea what I am doing yet. Cheers Brett
  3. Hi Is anyone using a G9 with the standard Canon housing? I am seriously looking at buying a G9 and housing. I am sure somewhere down the line I will buy an Ikelite housing but for now the G9 and housing are in my budget. If you are using the same setup, please post some underwater pics as I would love to see what is possible with this camera in the Canon housing. Thanks Brett
  4. Hi all I am a passionate scuba diver and a fairly experienced photographer on land but not under water. I have decided to buy a digital camera to use while diving and I really need some advice. I have been looking at the Canon G9 with the Canon housing to start. I know that there is no option for additional lenses with the Canon housing only with the Ikelite housing. I don't want to spend a fortune now as I don't know where my photography is going to take me. I am quite set on the G9 due to the capability of shooting in RAW and just the fact that it is not a compact digital so to speak. I would like to use the camera for some quite serious photography on land as well. My questions are this: 1. Will the G9 with the Canon housing give me decent pictures out of the box? 2. Will the built in flash be okay for a while considering my level and experience with underwater photography? If I really get into underwater photography I could always upgrade to the Ikelite housing and sell off the Canon housing. Thank in advance. Brett
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