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  1. I am definitely interested in your DS-51, awesome. However, I really need to sell the DS-50 first to fund the purchase. So if you could hold off on selling until I get my strobe sale finalised, that would be great. Folks, I think there was some serious interest in this great, classic strobe when I originally started this thread. Sadly, Deco with his 'Hey, is that mold?' comment back in '12 has really made this sale much harder than it needed to be. For the last time, THERE IS NO 'MOLD'! As you can see in the picture, there is a small to moderate amount of (mostly) cosmetic rust affecting the front element. Basically, this will just change the colour temperature of your strobe light, similar to adding a Lee 628 3/4 CTO lighting gel. I think the small amount of sea water may also be on some people's minds. Firstly, it's mostly dried up now. And secondly, as you'll note from a previous post above, there's a young diver by the name of Giles who is confident that he can fix any remaining intra-strobal saline by the use of a multi-purpose impact device. Drop by the Caymans and he'll be happy to sort this out. If you're interested in this strobe, now is the time to act. Jolly has just wrecked his DS-125, so I suspect he may be quite interested in purchasing my DS-50 (I'm awaiting confirmation). No favouritism here, though - if you get in first, this quality piece of gear will be accompanying you on your next diving adventure.
  2. Jolly! I just logged in for the first time in a while cos I was thinking about what you said to me about MY flooded strobe - that I'm trying to sell still - and what Ike said to us about people who flood/damage his gear. And here you are, first post in the forum, and mistreating an Ikelite strobe to boot. I hope you are well, sir. Is the Ikelite eTTL out yet? I shall be dropping the price of my DS-50 by another 10%, look for the post in this forum. It would make an excellent replacement for the DS-125 that you have so poorly treated. Oh, another thought. Do you want to buy my EwaMarine bag, you can use the DS-125 in that, so you won't have to worry about the front seal being damaged. Let me know, I'll,give you a good price.
  3. OK, here's mine: The main one was with a very early model Ikelite 10D housing, probably on about it's sixth dive. I was at 45 feet and lying on the sandy floor to try to shoot some subursts - and then noticed water trickling over the viewfinder from the inside. Made a pretty (very) quick ascent and swam back to the boat with the housing above my head. Camera was definitely wet but - somewhat suprisingly - survived to shoot another day. Back then I was very fond of my shiny new 10D so I always made sure there was no sand etc on the rear o-ring (was pretty obsessive about this). But we'd had humpback whlaes swim under the boat on the way out so I'd grabbed my camera out of the housing to try and get some shots. I think the most likely scenario is that my hastier-than-usual reassembly once we reached the dive site left some dirt/sand/etc on the o-ring. I spoke to Ike about it and - as always - he was great with the customer support. I had a new housing shipped to me immediately whilst he pressure-tested the flooded one and was back shooting in no time. Back in the day - before upgarding to the Ikelite housing - I was doing my underwater photography (with my precious, new DSLR and 'L' lens) using a EWA-Marine bag, It survived lots of free-diving and some SCUBA to pretty decent depths with no problems whatsoever.
  4. Seven years? That is kind of slow. I think my choice of thread title was poor, should have gone with 'Ds-50 in Excellent Condition FS (Note: slight orange tint to glass)'. I think the main problem is that I've been a bit tardy on following up with potential buyers in this thread. Look at Johan_Paz - a total of one post on Wetpixel and it was here! But he deleted it. I presume it was an offer to buy. And Deco - a Tasmanian! You're virtually down the road from me in Oz, kind of. Drop in and take a look if you're interested. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I can assure you that THERE IS NO 'MOLD'. I will give you my personal guarantee on that. Damn it, if I'd been a bit quicker to reassure you I'd have the money in the bank by now. OK, I said the 10% price reduction was final so I don't think I should go lower just because it's been 7 (actually..now 9 and a bit) years on the market. I am, after all, a man of my word. I'll tell you what though, I'll throw in the batteries (mildly corroded but will probably be fine with a bit of a charge) as a sweetener. Happy for anyone to pick up in person to save on shipping. I won't hold it though, first one to come up with the cash is the lucky new owner. Be quick! P.S. Giles is a moderator now? Has the world gone mad???
  5. Background: back in the day I used to annoy nikon/Kodak DSLR owners around here by telling them Canon was better. I recently bought a 5DMk3, and I still hate all things Nikon. My advice - go the D800. It looks like a brilliant sensor from every test i've seen. I think the 5dmk3 will give you better video and better high iso, but personally think the new sony-built sensor trumps this. Despite a recent serious investment in Canon glass, I'm seriously thinking of turning to the dark side and getting a D800E. P.s. i've shot about 6000 frames so far with my 5dmk3 and i do love it...it's a good, well rounded package. it's just that if you want pixels and dynamic range it's not the best camera for the job right now.
  6. I looked in the lens bag and it was all Canon. So the 5dmk3 is in the mail, along with the kit lens and some other random glass that seemed like it would look nice on the front of the new camera. So Jolly...about that eTTL we were discussing...
  7. Just ordered a 5D Mk3 and some new L glass from B&H yesterday. i really need to sell this strobe to help pay for the new gear. Plus I can't work out how to attach it to the Ewa-Marine anyway (gaffer tape works fine on the boat, but once in the water it's just not cool). So lets make it a 10% discount off the original price. Sale has been slower than I hoped...but that's my final offer.
  8. OK, thanks for the advice. Thought I better give you an update, as I'm sure you were all really worried about how my DS-50 was getting on. I did what Giles suggested and belted the strobe with a hammer a bit, but it didn't really seem to help. I've given it a bit of time to dry out by itself, and it seems to have worked pretty well. Admittedly there's a tiny bit of rust inside, but I think it's mainly cosmetic. This strobe has been listed as 'for sale' in my signature since I made the original post, but it's not selling as quickly as I hoped it would. So I'm going to discount it by a further 5%. Hope to hear from any of you prospective buyers soon, Kind regards, Whitey
  9. Thanks guys, It's all relatively good here in Karratha, there won't be the damage or flooding we were expecting earlier today I reckon. It was all sort of exciting being evacuated by the fire brigade - haven't done that before! Looks to me like Clare won't turn out to be as strong as expected (260kph winds haven't eventuated), and the eye wall will miss us unless the cyclone does a fairly radical left turn. Despite being weaker than predicted, it's still a direct hit on the local diving area - the Dampier Archipelago. That and the freshwater runoff won't do the reef any favours, and viz is likely to be poor for a while. Eye wall is said by the Bureau of Meteorology to be hitting the town of Dampier right now, so it'll be interesting to see in the morning how that's turned out.
  10. Well I'm all happily evacuated to a different house and back on line now with my laptop. Latest track forecast suggests it's going to miss us to the west. That first forecast certainly got my attention - a direct hit on Karratha with a category 4 cyclone would make a hell of a mess I think. It's also going to make landfall at high tide around 6-8pm, and the resulting risk of storm surge is why the authorities were performing evacuations in my street. Not a good diving day... And we just lost the power as I've been typing this! I've just been told I've got to conserve the battery on the laptop, so no more wetpixel surfing for a while. Cheers, Rob
  11. G'day folks, Just thought I'd post this picture. Yep, that's right, Karratha is where I live. Just thought I'd fire off a post and wish all Wetpixeler a happy New Year. Now I'm off to evacuate to higher ground (living near the ocean is fun, except when you're about to be run over by a Category 4 cylone!) Cheers, Whitey
  12. Was just reading Reichmann's 5D review, here's a quote pertinent to our recent discussions... Full Frame Good. Full Frame Bad. Now, I know that the on-line forum natterers and nay-sayers are going to have a field-day debating the pros and cons of full-frame vs reduced frame. Well, all I can say is – walk a mile in the 5D's shoes and we'll see what you really think. Anyone that shot film with an SLR prior to digital knows how frustrating looking though the smaller and dimmer viewfinders of most 1.5X and 1.6x digital cameras can be. Looking through the viewfinder of a full-frame camera like the 5D, by comparison, is like taking a whiff of pure oxygen. The image will be big, and bright, and yes, did I mention that it's full frame? Which of course will be the topic de-jour online. Lots of folks will posture about how reduced frame cameras are better because they crop out the soft corners of some lenses. They'll also carry on about how 1.5X and 1.6X cameras give you greater reach with telephoto lenses (ya, right). But, the reality is that with the exception of a handful of special lenses released over the past year or two that are designed for reduced frame cameras, the millions of lenses out there project a bigger image circle, and being able to use that image circle is a wonderful thing for a great many reasons. True, a high resolution full-frame camera like a 1Ds MKII, or now 5D, will mercilessly expose the true qualities of poorer lenses, but such is life. I don't know a single professional photographer who uses a reduced frame DSLR for any reason other than size and price, or because that's what's available in their preferred camera maker's lens mount. The 5D is going to alter that equation, and the industry is never going to be the same again. Here's the link: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/...-announce.shtml If anyone still objects to me calling the 5D full frame by the way, I note that as well as everyone else in the known universe using this term, Canon uses it liberally on their 5D page. http://consumer.usa.canon.com/ir/controlle...=11933&pageno=0
  13. I actually don't think Kasey is confused at all - I think he's got it exactly right. Now I don't have the EF-S lens, but I understand that it produces '1:1' image size on the APS-C sensor (as compared with the size of the subject), correct?. A lens that produces 1:1 (Canon 100mm, Tamron 90mm, not the Canon 50mm which is 1:2) on 35mm format will produce greater apparent magnification on a crop sensor camera. We all know of course that it's cropping rather than magnification that's happening here, the the fact remains that absolute size in mm of the image on the sensor will be different between the EF-S and the EF lens, ergo the degree of magnification is in fact different.
  14. No, Julian, he may not argue if he finds the term misleading. It's bloody well called full frame by everyone, so he'd better get used to it! FWIW, tropical, your pentax 6*7 is crop sensor also, given that I shoot MF at 6*9. Anyway, I've previously posted brick wall shots on Wetpixel of the 17-40L at full frame re: corner sharpness. Please don't make me do it again! Wetpixel briefly consisted of nothing but peoples' wall shots - personally I like looking at fish and reefs and stuff better. The point is this. A lens like the 17-40L on a full frame DSLR will peform very nicely, if you stop it down a little. If you pixel peep, the corners are still soft at f8 to f11, but not so you'd notice on an underwater shot (compared to the distortion and softness once a port is involved). It's not a problem of digital lens vs film lens - it's a problem of the sensors on the Canon 1Ds series (and now hopefully the 5D) producing files of medium format quality, through a lens designed for 35mm film use. In short, Canon's state of the art full frame sensors outressolve nearly all lenses. The three I mentioned above are some of the few (third party) lenses that are good enough to match the current generation of sensors. (They're not really suitable underwater as they're all manual focus/manual aperture - and I don't think the UW pics would be any sharper anyway). I use the 17-40L on the 1Ds for 80% of my topside shooting. It's not perfect (and I'm looking for a sharper wide lens as we speak), but it's pretty damn good IMHO.
  15. Do you mean topside or through a dome port, Julian? Pretty much all lenses, and all the practical underwater options, will be a bit soft in the corners on full frame when shot wide open in above water use. If you want really sharp corners on the 5D, you're pretty much talking Zeiss 21, Zuiko 21 and Leica Elmarit 19mm - but I don't think you want to take any of these diving. In reality, the corner performance of something like the 17-40L would be fine for underwater use from the point of view of the lenses' optics. I do wonder whether the softish corners (from the dome port, not the lens) that I see when shooting underwater on the 10D would be significnatly worse if shooting full frame. Even if Ikelite for example decides to house the 5D, I'm figuring that there's no experience available in using a port system like this for full frame. I guess I'm thinking that all the issues like nodal point etc would be magnified if we're using the full lens and not just the centre crop.
  16. 5D - it's all about resolution and FULL FRAME. Full frame, in particular, is a Very Good Thing. Many non-Canon shooters seem to have forgotten this point, but it's actually sort of nice to shoot your 17mm lens at 17mm again etc. And I believe that a bigger sensor is a better thing - I'd like a 6*9 sensor rather than a 35mm size sensor if possible! So anyway, that's what your paying for with your 5D. It's certainly not cheap considering the build quality - you're getting a 'consumer' body and autofocus. But there's been a lot of demand on the forums for full frame at an 'affordable' price, and this is Canon's response. I still think it's a pretty good underwater camera, as long as it can be made to fit inside existing housing moldings (unlike the 1 -series, which are substantially bigger and thus seem deprived of sensibly priced housing solutions). Topside I'm not entirely convinced that it's better value than a 1Ds, but that's probably just because I'm bitter that my 1Ds is now devalued to the point where's it's worth about the same as my Yashica Electro (that's not very much, BTW). Another point to consider - with some of the cheaper housing systems, there have been concerns re: corner sharpness on crop sensor cameras. Full frame potentially makes corner sharpness much more of an issue. I will resist the temptation to add more bird pictures to this thread. I still reserve the right to post brick wall photos, however. <_<
  17. I'm not trying to compare it to the 1Ds Mk2 - quite a different price point, the 1Ds Mk 2 is undoubtably a better camera. But a used 1Ds ('Mk1', if you like) is about the same price. You get a pro body for your money, a weak AA filter (which is good for what most of us here use are cameras for, but not so great for fashion photogs) - and in return have to put up with outdated technology. The 1Ds doesn't even autorotate pictures taken in vertical. I'm sure Ansel Adams used to have to autorotate his JPEGs in the olden days, but it's pretty lame having to do so in 2005. But I digress... The 5D pretty much looks like my 10D, with a more prominent pentaprism. Ugh, consumer camera. People will think you're shooting with a D30 or something. As for the EWA-marine option - Jolly, I thought you were knowledable about such things. You should know that my U-AX won't fit a 1Ds, but would fit a 5D nicely. So if you buy one, give me a call and we'll do a deal. <edit> just came across this thread on LL about 20D and EWA-bag. http://www.luminous-landscape.com/cgi-bin/...=0;r=1;entry4 Second comment down from 'benjammer' - LOL
  18. So what is the advantage of this camera for underwater use over a 1Ds? Main thing I can think of is the possibility of housing it a bit cheaper eg it might fit in a 20D housing without too much modification. Sadly no-one has developed a 'cheap' 1-series housing yet. Other than that - I'm sure high ISO usability will be better (I miss that on the 1Ds, which is crap in this regard). It's got an extra megapixel. That's about it. So I'm not convinced about trading the 1Ds for a 5D, although I'm willing to be convinced. The new lens looks sweet. I don't know that I'd actually buy it, unless the optical performance at the wide end is better than the current 24mm offerings, which aren't really great. I don't think I'd use IS alot in this focal length.
  19. O.K., I've got a 24 TS/E on the shopping list. When/if I get it, I'll see if it fits in the EWA-marine bag and take it for a dive. Just because I can, and to keep you happy. But I'm still not sure of the purpose??? Because diving with a manual focus 24mm lens is fun?
  20. 3D release was rumored around the time I bought my 10D, I remember... That camera in the photo is consumer build quality, it would be a big ask to charge 3-4000 USD for that. Second hand 1dS can be brought in good condition in that price range. Canon is committed to full frame, unlike Nikon. The flagship Canon will always be full frame (the 1.3 crop may disappear in time , though). I'm sure you'll be able to buy a 1.6 crop camera for your EF-S lenses for a long time yet, though. My guess is that this is a fake. Anyone want to bet a new 1DsMk3 on it?
  21. Thanks for the advice - I'll see if my 17-40L will work on the 1Ds. Hadn't thought of that...I thought you could only use Zeiss glass on the 1-series Canons. (Come to think of it - you live in the land of Zeiss. Let me know if you see a Contax RTS mount Zeiss 21mm in your local Aldi-mart.) Good luck with the 10-20. I think we'll all be interested to hear how it performs. Perhaps some brick wall photos? I haven't been posting around here much lately, and I'm sure wetpixel has been the poorer for the lack of wall photography. If there's no suitable walls, 10mm should be sweet for humpbacks or whalesharks (both present in NW Oz at the moment if you're passing through). P.S. Got an interesting phone call this morning from a wetpixeller re: that other wonder of German photographic engineering, the EWA-marine plastic bag. Seems the 1DsMk2 (!) doesn't allow proper function of a macro lens due to insufficient clearance between camera and the optical port up front. If my Queensland colleague's reading this, she may wish to post her problem online as I have full faith in Jolly and James' ability to engineer a solution.
  22. G'day Anthp. I tried to buy an Epson p-2000 when we met up in Melbourne recently, but noone seemed to have heard of them. I see that they're advertised here now for AU$899 (read that in the QANTAS magazine yesterday). The p-2000 seems to be the device of choice for this application at present - but I agree that the X drive brand you listed is a lot cheaper. Damn p-2000 doesn't recognise 1ds RAW files anyway. I think you should buy one of those vp2260 things and tell us how it works out (?are they available locally - not sure if that was one of the brands I looked at in Ted's or not).
  23. G'day Yolly, EF-s lenses are, as James says, not very attractive to those who have a non-EF-s camera. Particularly on the 1.3 crop 1dMk2 the tokina might be interesting - at least you have the option of mounting it to the camera without having to saw off various bits of plastic first Sigma 12-24 is currently the only ultrawide (weitwinkel) zoom that will do full frame, but unfortunately as mentioned above it doesn't fit the Ike housing - although from Ike's interest perhaps he has a plan? Perhaps you could send me your 12-24? As Ike is aware, I'm very good at flooding things I can then send him the slightly salty Sigma, as he has requested.
  24. Just read the mini-review of the new Tamron ultrawide (weitwinkel) here: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/...2011-18mm.shtml Thought it would be a good choice of lens for UW - particularly for those of us shooting older Canon EOS eg 10D/D60/D30 where we can't use a ef-s. Plus you can actually attach it to a 1Ds, unlike Canon's offering. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this as an underwater lens?
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