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    Traveling, UW-Photo, Freediving, Bubble Diving, sailing and above Water Photography...

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    Sony RX100 mk ll
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    Recsea rx100ll housing
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    2x Ikelite DS50 w/2x EV-Controlers, 2x Fantasea Nano Strobs in DIY Ringflash + Fantasea 360 Focus light
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    INON AD Macro, Wideangel & Fisheye conv. lenses
  1. Bump! Still haven’t found one currently I’m using a homemade contraption, but would like a more stable solution thanks for your time
  2. Hi fellow WetPixel users Id love to buy a 67mm adapter for my RecSea RX100 mk2 housing & if possible an INON ad adapter + A tray for one strobe Let me hear what you got - thanks upfrontfor your time 😊
  3. Hi ClownFish After some research I found there is a RecSea Rx100 mk2 housing Witch will be the one I’d like to find as I have the RX100 mk2 Hope you find a good buyer for your nice gear And thanks for your time Kind regards NeopreneNinja
  4. Hi Saga7 Thanks for the fine offer, but I’m only looking for and backup Fantasea 360 My 360 is still working great and I love this torch I have made e few modifications to it to better match my needs and that’s partly why I’d like an extra, as it fulfills my needs just fine Again thanks for your time /NeopreneNinja
  5. Hi fellow WetPixel users Id love to buy your used Fantasea 360 focus light torches So feel free to contact me with what you have Thanks for your time
  6. Hi ClownFish Is your RecSea housing still available? I have the Sony RX100 mk2, as far as I can read/see this housing fits my camera too I’m interested in your underwater housing, but I live in Denmark, so shipping is a must Thanks for your time Jesper Rosendahl
  7. Thanks again Jim! Great shoots! And good advice....Still think I'll give the +10 subsee a go on my P&S rig. Cheers, Jesper
  8. Hi Jim! Solid advise! Thanks!!! I'll deff be trying your "lock & wriggle" technique +I will back of a bit to move the softness away from the subject and then crop...I originally moved this close to use all of my 6.3 mil.pixel's and to max my pixel's one the subject...guess I got too close with the limitations of my kit But your right the limitations of P&S are many: Aperture/DOF control, focus point selection, real eTTL, solid shutter lack...you often have to guess where the fish will likely be buy the time the camera fires...etc Plus it seem's/sounds like that the INON also have an issue reg. edge sharpness....nice to know other's exp. The maximum aperture is f8 one my little Fuji! I stepped one down in the hope of less corner softness as I exp. with DSLR's max aperture also softens up the edges of an image....esp. tele/macro. Like my Canon 100mm and up(one a 5D mkII and 20D) This raises a whole new level of gear lust! ;-) Is the Subsee any better?? as I was originally going for an extra INON for smaller ceitter's
  9. Hi fellow Wetpixl's! 1 post...be Gentle!...he he! Here is a Photo that I took a while back. Pink Leaf fish-Malaysia-Borneo-Mabul isl. Juli 2009 Gear: Fuji F31fd, Inon AD macro wet lens, DIY Ring flash-Dual Fantasea Nano strobs & Fantasea 360 focus light. Setting's: "A" mode, 100 iso, f 7.1, 1/60, -1/3 Exp, app. 1/3 zoom & Forced flash. Photoshop: color balance, sharpness and contrast. Only very small adjustments as this is a Jepg. Distance to subjekt: app. 15-25cm As is clearly visible the pic. is soft/un sharp towards the edges a problem I've encountered before and after! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.. So is it too tight? Framing vice (framing as shot) General comments
  10. Hi a question: First and for most I think Dr.Mustard's idear is great! But doe's this incl. all?? Gear, shot's, pepole, tread's...
  11. HI Wetpixel masters! I went to the consumer part of the forum and it seems amputated all old stuff is gone...I'm a keen Fuji f31 user and it seems to me like all the old stuff is wiped clean of!? If that's the case it seems hardly fair as there is a new model out every 4-6 month so all "old" consumer camera fix's and tips are soon of your forum?? I know my camera is just about as old as they get but I bet there are still a few us left still using old cam's like the great Oly 5060/8080 etc... My question is WHERE do we go now?? if you have decided to let us down...!? Hope I'm wrong as I love this bundle of info/inspiration and great guy's & girl's always up for a newbie question etc (Fuji f31,Dual Fantasea Nano's in DIY Ringflash+ Inon Macro)
  12. Hi fellow Wetpixel'ers! Was lucky enough to get this shot of a little fishy...Quick little devil esp. with P&S Camera-lack... It's not in any of my book's and the local guy's wern't much help either....So can any one Help me?? Thank you
  13. Hi Scubastu! Thanks for sharing! nice job. I too wantede a strap for a loong time...this is just a perfect idear!! Happy hunting
  14. Woops! Forgot to ad that I hold my outside diffuser in plase with a moded neoprene beer cooler! If everythine else fails Duck tape....
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