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  1. Thanks for the input's...! I too think that part of the probleme is the little Acrylic housing combinde with the extra use og flash! But mostly the higher humidity....I deliberetly didden't seak out the AC rooms for assembly as they tend to be a lot colder than the outside...as I thought that was a no-no!! but running a hairdry'er seems like a sound idear... I liked the story about the tea bags..he he! earl gray anyone...?? As always every one in here is just great...Thanks again for the quick respons and good advise!! However I do need to adress the fact that I do NOt assemble my gear outside..but early in the morning in my room. I'll read all the treads about fog...and deff. buy a bigger housing next time! Thanks
  2. OOH forgot to mention that I never leave my equipment in the sun and rearly stay in AC hotels.
  3. Hi Everyone! I've just gotten back from a great trip to Malaysian Borneo...truely a Great place both above and below water! Got some Great shoots...BUT I did however expirince a strange phenomena: I do most of my photografy while Freediving witch means that I tend to spend longer in the water to obtaine the same nice shoots as the bubble divers.. I have 2 Silica gel "bags" in my original Fuji UW-Housing..and I do change them every 5-6 dive.. I clean my gear after every trip and if need be +I always rins my gear, tjeck my O-ring status, grease up etc after every dive...Still when ever i spendt longer than 1 hour and a half in this tropical water my lins(UW-Housing) would slowly but shurly fog up..!??? This a new problem for me... I've spendt up to 2 hours+ in Egypt with NO problems... Only difference is the humittety on land...but surly thats not a factor UW??+ I take care of my Silicagel not exposing them to moist until I put them in the Housing and I only open it when needed..I have the Fuji f31 so that's after app. 3-400 shoots app. a full day of diving ore a seriously heavy session...like Mandarin fish mating... fast little buggers(P&S camera)..he he! What to do?? do I need to clean the inside like a mask..with soap and water ore what's the magic cure???(I do that after every trip!) Thanks up front
  4. Hi Devilgas! First and formost..I realy like your name..although it leeds one's mind of to a smelly place..he he! Nice DIY motermarine WA... I too had a good look arund your webpage nice stuff and thanks for sharing your expirences both one the builds and on your diving!! Great to see others using the Fuji f30/31 UW... I'd love this sight to have a feature where pepole with simmelar cameras could exchange pic's and exp. Keep up the good work and "Happy Hunting"
  5. Hi Marjo! Nice design...like your approach! simpel yet "elegant"... I'm pretty shure it´ll work...I've DIY'ed a diffuser for my Focus light...wery similar "Design" and it works just great.. Please post some Photos taken with this ring flash... Happy Hunting
  6. Hi Edmond320! Like your arm set-up.. I too have made some DIY AD's..1xINON AD, 1x46mm AD and a HAMA 37mm AD. All based one a 5cm Diameter plastic plumming part witch fits right over the F30 uw-housing port. I'd use the extra arm(3) for my focus light rather than the Subsee linse.(as I have two Ike 50) I'd recomende the pluming AD...all you have to do extra is make one that sits on your flex arm (like the INON) for when your not shooting macro... anyway that's my humble oppinion...how ever I can see the easy on/off use of you system..so I might consider some sort of swinging meckanisem in stead of the screw in solutions I've use so fare.. Love this sektion of the Forum...lots og great inspration for Home made solutions on allmost any thing!! Again Great artikel and nice pic's... Pleas poste some of your pic's using the Subsee macro!!! Happy shooting to all!
  7. Nice little toy! I love it... brings out the kid in any uw-geek...he he great stuff
  8. Great stuff Alex! Like the DIY pole arm..simpel is usualy the best..low-tec ruels! I too would love the pole job...but I also suffer from bad-bikini-look's. Amazing shark shoots...superb lighting! what's your set up ?? Keep up the good work!
  9. Hi All! Great stuff posted here... I've used my audio cabels for a Ike EV-controller "fix" (including duck tape). As I had some miss fireing problems while shooting at dusk...due to reflections activating my EV's. This set up is working Great! haven't had one miss fire since! blacked off the two EV's with Duck Tape and placed the Optical cable over the sensors then Duck Taped the other endes of the cabels over the flash!!! Have fun
  10. Hi All ! Fantasea 360...I've used mine during my latest Egypt trip and had NO problems... Fairly wide beam and good range(have never tried any af the priciere Focus lights) chose this model over the "Nano"(bad reviews/flooding issue+ only 9 LED's) & the "Deeper Blue" 1x5w(pricy/+must have narrowere beam than the 360..36xLED's vs: 1x5w LED..so better for night time wide shoots) I mostly shoot macro/to app. 1m at night...but I think it woluld do ok for more/deeper range. Made a neopren hood and difuser (DIY)...workes just great with my little Fuji f31, 2x 50 ike's with controllere's and Inon linse's Kit! I even used it as a normal Dive light...only little hick up was every so often some one would point a flashlight ore shoot of a Strobe and it would cut off...but only for a sec. I'm generally really pleast with it...I'm NOT going to pay close to my system/Kit prise for a Focus light...Year they look great and every thing...but I'm not Diving with a Canon 5d ore worse...he he! (I'm just envious of you Pro Guys...love your pic's) So as I see it: Pro's: Good batt. life-Nice beam-The price-Ok build-Fairly compact Con's: Beam coming true the side(Why? blind the Diver/buddy!??)-the swich is too small and fiddley-the flashing light mode(Why??safty Well...super batt. life in normal mode) Hope this will help other Gear heads(jup i'm one!) Have fun and send more pic's..I'm hooked!!
  11. Hi again Martin! Thanks for the quick response...Sweeden/Norway same same..old danish Colonies..he he! Never had a Ike UW house so diden't know that it wasen't a "molded-in" port like on the typical pvc/plastic housing for P&S's...! I like the way you hold the UWL-100 in place...I have coppied that mounting system just with finger screws..in order to adjust the distance to the port! Inon's AD system is great but I can see the benefit of the "missing" glass as I have had a couple of W shots(with the Inon AD 105) ruiend buy reflexions...might be the camera lince but most likely it's the port glass. When are you going to share you DIY arm's with us ?? Looking forvard to more on you different projekts...keep up the good work!! love this feature(the DIY forum) as most "real" gear is soooo pricy... nice to get some insperation from geek like you and others
  12. Hi there Martin! First and formost...really nice work!!! looks really prof. I have read your post both on your homepage and here...and as far as I can see there is no discription on how you mounted the new and improved port on the IKE housing!?? ...I too have made my own Inon-AD for my fuji f31 housing..also adjustable horizontally.. but still with the glass !! has the added benefit of making macro shoots even closer due to added distance/magnefing effect.. How did you come up with the (in my world..semi-crazy) idear of removing the glass?? the results are stunning and your currage is beonde me(and probertly many others)...I never thought of getting rid of the glass. but hey..you live to learne...he he! Nice job...can't wait too hear about your dive experince with the new port..and othe projekts you might come up with...(had a look at your norwigian home page)
  13. Hi there ! I'm also following this cam. with great int. (Panasonic DMC-LX3 & 10BAR housing...almost seems like a new version of my beloved Olympus 5060..with twice the pixel) Has anyone out there tried this little gem UW??? As I'm shure many of us would love to hear and see the results... I'm really int. in the macro preformance DOF and strobe sync. ...since us P&S UW only have a max of F8 ! As far as I have seen there is a nother OW-Housing costing 1000 Euro ,"UK/GERMANY" ore some thing... Dose Panasonic never make there own WU-Housing like most others ??? have fun in the sun regards from The angy rubber suit
  14. Hi Again! It's been a while reg. the Olympus cam.'s so I took a look around and I remembered wrong. The C5060 and C7070 dosent fit the same Housing... Sorry for the miss leading spec.
  15. HI Knifer! It sounds like your looking for a good allround P&S with a UW-Housing. here are two good options IMHO: Option nr.1: I have the Fuji F31fd(6 mil.pixels) & Fuji UW-Housing+INON Wide¯o linces..that is a nice little kit..I too freedive so I'm not willing to drag a massive kamera around UW. +I find taking photo's of pepole while traveling..they don't mind the little cameras as much as my great big old SLR..on top of that this little beauty takes great shoots indoor(where most fameily get-together occure) and it's now a "old" model so both the camera and UW-Housing shuld be up for grabs cheap!! Option nr.2: The Olympus C5060(5 mil.pixel) ore C7070(7 mil.pixel)..are really great UW cameras..old and slow but have RAW, 27mm wide angel, super macro in camera.. Some of the best P&S UW's I have seen come from those little baby's(sligtly bigger than new P&S's) they are app. 2-3 years old. Tip: there seems to be an issue reg. the "mode-dial" in some cases..They too shuld be cheaper than most brand new models..the UW-Housing for theise models were on the expensive side..but most UW and Photo geeks will shurly be looking to upgrade..it's a bug we all have on this Forum(IMHO)..he he! Have a good look at:www.dpreview.com (You can tjeck under Preview's there is a feature where you can view after rating alone regartless of timeline) Try to think of what you will be using the camera for most(indoor/landscape/pepole/portrait/UW/macro....) Happy Gear hunting... I know just how it feels(always on the look out for the ultimate cam...)..he he! -No bubbels NO trouble's-
  16. Hi There Charles! Great input on the whole DIY optical Cable issue.. I too used black duck tape to mount the cable at the P&S housing..I used the super slim cheapest version of the HiFi cable and just glued the small see trugh silicon(I suspect) "cap" (that comes with the cables to protect the end's) right on to my old Sea & Sea YS 50's sensor..kept the cabel in place with a rubber band(around the Strobe) and small pices of duck tape on the arm's.. Sold the kid to a friend and are now in the proces of a compact DIY "Tray & Arm" for my dual Ikelite DS 50 with EV-controller's kit. Thanks Again Charles... - -
  17. Hi guy's! I've don all the above test's and still no actionI tried diff. mode and swiching on and off to make shure there were contakt..swopping batt.'s(plus tjeking there over all apperince reg. conection etc.) Even cleand all the electical surfaces with WD40 on a ear cleaner incl. the batt. Did the little shorting trix too..so it's a trip to the local Ikelite shop I gues!! But Thanks for your time and effort!! Jesper -(not the friendly gost)-
  18. -Hi again Guy's!- And Thanks for all the good advise..Haven't had time to do any of the tests yet..But I have the day of tomorrow time to test the little gem again.. Can't Thank you all enough for your time...this forum/homepage is just GREAT!! Happy "Shooting" !!!!
  19. Thanks for the quick responses!! I'm using rechargebel's (2700mha)..had no problems with the other strobe.. My set-up: EV-Controller attached with the orignal cord to the DS50.. I have cross tested it..swooping EV's & both Ev's work just fine on the working Strobe! I'll try out this shorting test of yours Cerianthus...! Thanks for your time....
  20. Hi Every one! I've just reseved my two DS50's and one of them is not fireing... It flashes on when I turne the dial ON(man. ore TTL) then nothing else happens ..I'm useing brand new 2700mha re-Charge Batt.'s The other strobe come's on allmost straight away and fires just fine..so it's deff. the Strobe?? The only diff. is that the ON/OFF dial seems a little loose..but not that much..I've Cheked for any visible signs of flooding and there's non..(no rust ore salty res.) Any suggestions ??? (since I don't really know this model..there might be a common prob. whit it!?) Thanks up front...
  21. HI every one! I'd like to bye a EV-controler used in working condition..
  22. HI There.. Well...NO I have no clue where to get that stuff!!?? and would it be tough enough ? -But sounds fun..
  23. HI Ken B! First of all..Thanks for the quick response... Well I don't have a remote sensor..but a Otical Cable.. There is NO pre-Flash..as fare as I know & can see(Fuji F31fd)..set on forced flash..??
  24. Hi Light Guru's! I just brought a otical cable for my old YS 50..and I seem to have a timing problem.. Just tested it a home..and the flash fires..But there is no light on the pic. The test was made so that there were light from one side so that the Strobe had to fill in the other...and so far I haven't achived this... What am I doing wrong is the Opical Cable not perfectly in place oer is the old Flash just too slow??? Any help is greatly appriciated..
  25. Hi Guy's and thanks for the quick respons... I'm from Denmark and the Aluminium is from a local Hardwearshop...so I have no clue what grade it is..but it's realatively cheap(app. 10 US$ for 0.50 meter, 8mm diameter) ...would love to use plastic but I'm lazy and the Alu. comes in roundbar's in all sorts of diameter...so no milling just a bit of cutting & bending etc. Plus plastic isen't that easy to come buy.. I'll post my design when I'm finnished as I haven't seen my idear anywhere(it's probertly been don before byt hey !)...light/compact and flexible...for a P&S set up with one strobe(so far..he he) -Happy shooting to ALL-
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