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  1. HI ! This is for a P&S set up..with focus on minimalisem..meaning small and light(if possible)..no compromises regarding strenghts and flexebility..(Sea&sea YS30/ Iklite 50)..mostly for Macro stuff! I'm currently in the pre-face of a DIY..but I'm not really shure wich material to choose: 1. is marine grade stainless steel--expensive/heavy/stronger 2. is Alu. just ordenary stuff--------cheap/light/semi strong One of my concerns is IF I choose the Aloy..How saltwater & sun resistened is it? +shuld I go for solid rods ore the hollow one's??(heavy vs. light).. -The thing is I really don't whant to make one and then it breaks after the 2. dive- <_< Any help is greatly appriciated...
  2. HI again... If your Danish is "a little rusty" ore non-exsistend..you can always wright me
  3. Hi Every one! I found the ultimate DIY Otical Cables..the are standart HiFi Cables At app. 2£ for 0.5m plus you can buy up to 50m..witch must be enough for every one..he he! dobble Adabter(app.2£)...wich I belive can be split in to two single's(one for each end) Plus this little gem..a 90 degree Adabter(2,5£) Here is my favorit..a "splitter" enableing two strob's (app.3£) Here is the Danish homepage http://www.av-cables.dk But look around since everything is heaveily taxed here in little DK... -ENJOY- NB: I have tested this Cable and it work's just like the "Original"...
  4. Hi there..Are the strobs still up for grabs?? if so I'm interested.,,
  5. Hi Fellow UW Photografer's...Just coulden't risist sharing this Gret invention with all of you...I bet some of you will say:"FINALLY it's here"...others:"WTF"....he he ! ENJOY: www.liquidimageco.com -No bubbels No trubbels-
  6. Hi again Gills! First Woops...I ment my first reply for DesertEagle My Idear is to use the Magic Filter only with my INON 105AD wide angel lense..as it seems that the genneral use of MF is best with the wide angel lenses..acording to several posts and books. My old sea&sea 50 will only be in use for macro shoots..to allways have the same or simelar conditions.. I have not tried any of my new lenses ore the old flash UW yet..with my new kit..but can't wait to try it out Any advise or comments is allways greatly appriciated Thanks for your time and reply's !
  7. Hi Gills! Can't wait to hear about your expirence...since MY go at a "hands on exp." has been put on hold due to work...and the fact that you have the same kit as me...will make it direcktly usefull! In adition to my previous question I'd love to hear of any WB exp. since I'm still not shure about at wich distance a GOOD WB is don...!!??
  8. What can I say....! This Forum is just too cool..Thanks everybody for you input's..!! I will buy the origenal Magic Filter as well and give them both a test run with my Fuji f31 and INON 105 a.s.a.p. and wright a post about my exp. MF's is just perfect for me as I do all my UW-photografy Freediving..and no deeper than app. 30m Thanks for all your sound advice guy's
  9. Hi Gills..and thanks for the respons! So what your saying is that there is no or little diff. between the to types of Magic Filters(blue water model) !? Thanks again for your time and sound advise!
  10. Thanks Guys! As A Newbie there is lots to lerne...and I've been reading a lot of books, articels and other input..some of whom mentioned this HID light and when I discovered that Green Force made a UW-P&S photo kit..then I thought well why not ! It might be a 50W HID but I get the point..strobs are King ! for my part I saw the benefit of having constant light..what you see is what you get exp. wise..! (just a Newbie thourgth) Great Forum and super fast respons one even the dumbest Newbie questions....THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!!
  11. Hi another Newbie question?? from I have brourght the Magic Filter Auto for P&S.. will this work with custum WB adjusted at depth..or do I have to buy the other blue water Filter(since I want to use WB at depth)?? as the dicription for this Filter is "set on Auto"... Any coments is greatly appriciated
  12. What's the best source of UW light ?? I'm a Newbie thinking of buying UW-light..as I see it The UW-light system from "Geen Force" with a 25W HID constant light..focus light and instant exp. with the HID..but do's it scare the fish away!!?? seems a better option than a didecatede strobe like the INON 2000 etc. as it will function as a light for a night dive as well...where as a strobe is nothing but a strobe.. wich has the best light for fill in ans night dive photo's ???? con's and pro's ???? any one have any comments..I know it's slightly more expencive for the HID...I'm looking at buying a system that can grow with my canging cameras... Plus it seems like most of the Pro.'s stick to Strobe... Please help
  13. Hey there your self Mr. Z, Thanks for the sound advise and the COOL pic.'s both of yout nice set up..like the bungy cord conection simple practical..and the underwater shoots... can't wait to get my gear wet! Really apriciat the respons..great page and even cool'er forum... Only little thing..I have no idear where to buy the Henrich Weiskampf Digital AD...??? I live in Denmark and have not seen any here...(Denmark) so anyone please Help!! Jesper Aka.
  14. Hi Again... I found the perfekt part for a DIY lens AD..It's a 50mm plastic drain "plug"(I belive It's called in English) it fits tightly over the UW-house port, All you have to do is drill a hole and glue the AD in place..+ drilling out the back of the rear lens replacement cap and thereby turning it in to a Inon AD! And at a total cost of app. 7 £(2£ for the drain plug & 5 £ for a rear lens replacement cap) I finde it well worth the effort...esp. when the original cost's 50 £...takes up the Camera base mount where my strobe arm etc. is mounted. Have made a Hama Linse AD like this just to try out the concept..works like a charm! will try and use the Hama wide angle lense UW...app. a 28mm film eqv. Have any one else tried this ??
  15. Hi every one! I have this (I think) great Idear how to make a strobe arm & Inon bayonet mount(AD'er) and Camera mount all-in-one.. Since I'm mostly freediving while snapping away..I'd like a minimalistik kid.. My idear is to bend a 5mm stainles steel plate in to a 90 degee app. 6"(12-14cm) tall strobe arm..4.5 cm wide (like the Dome on my Fuji UW-house)And place it right in front of the Port hole(Dome)..strait up..here I plan to make the Bayonet mount hole.. To adjust the camera to the AD Correctly I plan to make a Oval(a long) mounting hole on the Base part..on less of course I can find the perfect setting strait away! Then by adding an "extra" arm...with a hole most of the way trug it's lenght's I'll get good adjustebillety from one side to the other..mounted with thum screw's of course(also Stainless steel)..and By angeling the top af this second arm at 45¤ inwood + maybe a 3 arm to angel the strobe mount in and out... How does all of this sound to you Pro DIY's ??? any adwise..?? every input is greatly appriciated... wish I had some drawing's to show the simple concept.. Thanks for any feed back Newbie UW'er with a P&S !
  16. As a Newbie UW-Fotogrefer I have had the luck af geting my hands on a YS 50 really cheap..and was hoping to use this to it's fullest but I have no exp. regarding exernal Strobe use.. I did have a Niknos V and a 102..but they used the same in-camera metering and had a cable. The new P&S Digital's have Otical cabels and slaves strobs..I might be wrong on that bit! but that's what they look like to me... My Question is how to use this set up the best(Fuji F31fd+UW-house)? since it's not one of the New digital Strobs..does this have any thing to say? Couldent I just fit a Otical cable and get the same results ?? plus is it possible to get rid of the cable ?? Read some post on Strobs..that it's better with lots of settings!? is it possible to ad a setting adjuster to the YS 50 ??? (a swich ore two::1/2, 1/4 power settings) Ore is a addet difuser/filter enough ?? What Is the range of this old strobe?? also regarding macro and wide angle shots?? I konw that I'm FULL af questions but this is the first and only real place I've ever seen to get them out there... Thanks up front for any advise..It's allways fun to try and get the most out of one's gear....
  17. I'm new to this forum...And a UW P&S'er with an old YS 50 that I'd like to get the most out of...I have try, arm etc... my real question to you Pro's is weather I should ad a Otical cable ore not!? And if it's possible to "plug" the old cable outlet...don't worry I didden't un screw it yet...but I'd LOVE to get rid of it some how....possible?? I allso just orderd the INON AD for my Fuji UW-houseing with macro and wide angel lenses..is it possible to ad filters to this set ?? hope some one takes pitty on the Noob (me) nice page bye the way..can't wait to have some real time to sit down a just read... -No bubbels No trubble-
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