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  1. Ola David, We will be there with Christina. Be ready for some mojitos ;-) ? See you there Regards Stéphane
  2. Hi, For me there is definitly a red cast on both the shark and the foreground on the bottom. To prove that the fan around the eel looks purple. I don't know its origine as you don't provide your PP recipe. For the difference with size and rendering, our brain does a fantastic job to neutralize color cast (everyone can experiment it when snorkeling). That is why when viewing full size in dark or grey environment without white reference the cast will vanish in a few second. However remember when after a first calibration you found your monitor too coold or too warm ... A few days later, it seems normal . Well I did a little processing on the shark and the FG without touching the blue. Compare the 2 on full screen with black between pictures. Regards Stéphane
  3. Hi, Please check your camera manual for accuracy, but from my past experience I can say that it is not possible to fire flash at second curtain on Canon DSLR if the flash is not a eTTL one (real or simulated). So if you aren't using Speedlight xxxEX unit or using onboard circuitry it won't work (flash will fire at first curtain). Regards
  4. Hello Mark, I have both lenses so I can tell you my findings. First the Nikon 10.5mm is a little wider than the Tokina at the 10mm end. The Nikon has a little more fisheye effect. This can be seen in the viewfinder. The sharpness is not comparable. It's like a Nikon 18-70 vs Nikon 17-55. For me the Nikon is more contrasty than the Tokina. But on this point it's hard to compare. For you exposure change, I suspect the Nikon to be better taken into account by the metering system. In aperture mode (Average Matrix measure) with the Tokina (plain water subject 1 or 2 meter deep sun at noon) I ended up with -2EV compensation whereas with the Nikon it was spot-on. Don't know for deeper subject. Regards Stéphane
  5. Hi, I had 4 DS-125 : now all are sold. From those I flooded (2 DS-125 each time fresh new) : - First one, first dive, the front part get water inside. Send it back to Ikelite and they told me that their was a small creak. This was their fault and they changed it for me freely. Analysis : Quality failure test. - The second one happend on the battery pack (the flash was fresh new also). Enter the water, all was fine. Did all the dive (30m 1h) the two strobe worked fine. And when doing safety stop in the 3m range I saw the black smoke coming out from the button. Analysis : I thought the O-Ring when fresh new has difficulties to strech in its grove. Ikelite said not to grease their O-Ring but on all my DS125 I have alway greased their O-Ring and never had problem with the 2 others (Even if it seems teflon like when new, I can't understand myself how a rubber can strech in a grove without grease !?! Seems not logical). What I noticed however is that every time after an initial dive new O-Ring shrink a little and strech is more easily after. Hope it will help someone. Regards Stéphane
  6. Hi, Today 1500€ ~ 2213$ Regards Stéphane
  7. The package includes : - Subal Housing for Canon 20D with G180 Viewfinder (x1.5 magnified). See picture. - Subal Macro port. - Camera Canon EOS20d in its original package with Sigma 50mm macro & Sandisk extreme III 2Go. What is not included : - Flash. - Arms. Regards Stéphane
  8. Hi, I'm selling the following item : Subal Housing for Canon 20D with G180 Viewfinder (x1.5 magnified). More information can be found here : http://sandon.site.voila.fr/20d/ Some pictures taken wih this housing : Price is 1500€. Thanks you. Regards Stéphane
  9. Hi, I red severals threads speaking about, converter, iTTL and many time it ends up with the word "compensation". My concern is to have a picture exposition spot on right out the box (no pp). I have used differents setup like single or dual DS-125 with Mathias eTTL converter on Canon system and I found it not reliable. Sometime it works and sometime you have to struggle to found the perfect exposure compensation and in many case it is not nearly perfect. I have then switched to Nikon and used my Subtronic and Inon on it both in manual. After a few dives I was able to guess the exposure and it was right what I wanted (both in macro or wide-angle). A few month ago due to problems with my subtronic I bought an SB800 and a Subal housing. Try to use it in iTTL. Found the exposure not consistant and have to go back to compensation or switch to manual. Now I use my SB800 in manual mode (both with Inon) and found the exposure more accurate and overall much more balanced than in automatic. If compensation is a must (to reach accuracy) when using TTL flash for me it meens no more 'automatic' : sound not so helpfull for me ? Now if you have to identify the situation for which the TTL will not work then is it far different than using manual ? Just some thought to share with you. Regard Stéphane
  10. That's what I experienced too James. The "problem" also is non existent for Ikelite owner because of the built'in converter. Not so long ago in the old days of film Canon's choice was also problematic with strobe because Canon film's TTL is not the same as Nikon. For that I purchased a Subtronic, compatible with both Nikon and Canon film TTL by now I use it in manual on my Nikon Regards Stéphane http://pagesperso-orange.fr/sandon/ Bobf, the problem of Matti is to use an underwater strobe : not a housed eTTL Strobe ! Regards Stéphane http://pagesperso-orange.fr/sandon/
  11. Hi, I owned a Subal C20 for my Canon 20D and I have never been able to fire underwater strobe on 2nd curtain without plugin a Mathias Heinrich converter (via cnf function). In books you'll hardly find between the line that only canon compatible strobe can be fired on 2nd curtains. The Canon flash system's compatibility is one of the point of my switch . With Nikon, wathever can be fire at first or second curtains. Regards Stéphane http://pagesperso-orange.fr/sandon/index.htm
  12. Thank you very much for your comments. I just received today the Mantis Shrimp printed in 30"x20" on Fujifilm paper it is just striking. Regards Stéphane
  13. Hello, Back from the Philippines last month, I would like to share some pictures taken there. Mostly macro, few wide-angle. All taken with D200/Subal housing + 105 or 60. For the lighting sb800 + Inon. For the complete series do not hesitate to have a look at my website. Regards Stéphane http://site.voila.fr/sandon/sm/philippines/philippines.html
  14. Hello, I have had the err 99 problem with the sigma 50mm macro when using it wide open (f2.8) on 20D when using it behind eTTL converter. (in manual or with no flash it works). What ever I do, this combo freeze the camera to err 99. The only way to clear it, is to remove the battery. However, the only time it occured was when testing the converter on land. So this is not a problem as I never use this aperture underwater for macro. But... What all this told us, is that digital camera are full of software and all devices you plug on it (flashs, lenses) the camera tries to communicate with these elements (at prime to guess what it is). Plenty of elements means plenty of test cases and behind that... potential bugs. Regards Stéphane http://perso.orange.fr/sandon/
  15. Hello Guys, A picture taken last week-end in the south of France near Marseille during a contest. All taken in JPG mode with white blance set in manual. Resized for web view no post processing applied (training or contest rules). All the rest is here : http://perso.orange.fr/sandon/sm/st-cyr/index.html Regards Stéphane Setup : Canon EOS 20D in Subal housing, 2xDS125, eTTL Converter for macro and manual for WA. Lenses are 100macro and 10-22 for wide angle. Subal housing for D200 coming next week. 10.5 and 60mm ready to dive :-)
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