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  1. Here's a link to my review of the Canon dRebel, Ike housing, and some comments on my lens choices including the Sigma 14mm. It also has links to galleries of shots taken with each lens. http://www.jaytreat.com/Diving/Canon_300D/Review.htm Hope it helps. Happy shopping.
  2. You're not as confused as you think. You've pretty much figured out one of the main sources of confusion with strobe use. The meter will tell you how bright the overall scene will be, including those things not lit by the strobe. The strobe then lights up the close stuff, the subject in the case of macro. You might choose to meter for balanced (normal looking) background exposure or you might choose to have the background way underexposed, almost black. Black backgrounds make the strobe-lit subject really stand out. These are things the meter is good for when using a strobe. Click here for an example of black background.
  3. Click here for my review of the Rebel/300D. It has links to galleries of examples from each of the lenses I used. They've all been resized but feel free to send me an email (the address on the review) if I can offer more input.
  4. There should be no water coming in around the buttons or any other place. You might be seeing condensation on the metal buttons, or, if you're seeing it through the housing wall, it might actually still be outside the orings. Looking through that thick polycarbonate can be deceiving.
  5. Outstanding!! That's by far the best shark photo my old Inon lens/dome has taken (unless you have others of course). Good work.
  6. Hi Marjo. Whitey is right, I'm using the 5505. It is what Ike's site recommends and it is what works. Turns out that this lens is 2.5" out of the box but about 3.5" when...uh...fully aroused. Appears that the folks at Canon just don't kow how to measure their own lenses :wink: Click here for a bunch of samples from this lens/port combination.
  7. FWIW, I have had the dreaded "Catch-99" with my DRebel with no u/w or other external equipment attached. Seems to happen most with my Canon 50mm 1.8 attached but I can't determine consistent cause for the problem.
  8. The Sigma 14mm that I use underwater has Sigma's HSM, their answer to Canon's USM. I have absolutely no complaints about the autofocus with this lens.
  9. Click here for a review of the Rebel/300D in the Ikelite housing. It has comments on my choice of lenses and pages of examples from each. Feel free to email me (address is in the review) if I can help with other questions.
  10. As many here know, I picked up the first production Ikelite DR housing and used it in Truk a while back. Check here for the photos. And here for the writeup on the housing/system.
  11. You think the Sigma won't fit? Try puting that Nikon lens on the Rebel.
  12. Hi Alexis Sorry but Ryan is right, I have the Canon 14mm. I can't offer much on the 15mm though I'd love to try it out. Based on the fact that the 12-24 is almost exactly the same dimensions as my 14mm, the problem will be the zoom gear. The lens itself will fit but the ring that controls zoom will be too big to fit its mating piece in the housing. Of course Ikelite can give you the definitive answer on this.
  13. I think you're right that the difference between the 3040 and the 4040 is the amount of heat created. If anything you should be setting up in a warm environment, not a cold one. When you use the silica pack, put it in a while before you dive. These things take time to absorb water so I suggest you give it time to produce super-dry air inside the housing. That always worked for my 4040. Also, make sure you're using a fresh silica pack. If it has been exposed to outside air for a while, it's worthless until it's been "recharged".
  14. I should have pointed out that the Sigma 50mm macro lens goes from 1:1 to infinity focus without an extension tube (converter). This might be a good choice if you really think you want more magnification. I've only played with this lens in a store. It's about the same price as the Canon 50mm and I'll nearly always choose a Canon lens over another brand unless there's a decisive difference in price/features/performance to make me decide otherwise. Also, there are occasions when I'd like the extra working distance of a longer lens. I seriously doubt, however that you can take advantage of it's maximum magnification in most cases. Doesn't mean it can't be use a bit further from the subject (less magnification) though. I have a review of my system that includes comments about my lens choices. It also has a link to a gallery of shots from the Canon 50mm macro lens. Click here to take a look.
  15. Click to see it on the "other" classified list, this site.
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