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  1. Last wenesday - Marseille - Olympus em1mII - 60mm + Smc1
  2. hi I was in french polynesia last october, and in 2015 You don't go there for macro, but most of time for sharks (for example, i saw 5 kind of sharks on the same dive !! ) There's not soft coral there, then, if you usualy dive in other place like Indonesia, there's not of colors ! September and october, it's time for whales ! Dives located most of time in Tuamotu, Rangiroa ( a family of dolphins lives there, lot of sharks , school of barracudas/jackfish...) sometimes whale shark, mantas, eagle ray... Fakarava : for me, the must , the place to dive there. You can dive with o2Fakarava. They are on the north of the atoll, but they bring you to dive on the south. I saw lots of sharks, mantas ( you have to ask, because you can see them only in one way of tide), schools of diffrent kind of fish, lots of tunas, barracudas, napoleonfish... If you want to see some pictures, on my website : http://www.plongeuse.eu/PhotoFlo/Polyn%C3%A9sie%202018%2C%20le%20retour%20%21/index.htmlfor 2018 and http://www.plongeuse.eu/PhotoFlo/Polyn%C3%A9sie%20en%20plong%C3%A9e/index.html for 2015.
  3. Thank you ! some other pics...
  4. ... a little bit hard for pictures ?
  5. If you're here just one weekend and there's Mistral, , yes, very coold in water ! But, most of time, it's not that ! (now 27°C on surface, 18 at 40 meters)
  6. Thanks ! the only thing make dive hard here, it's the wind. When there's Mistral, water is cold ( 14°C), even in summer, and moove a lot ( strong current and bad visibility)
  7. Dives sites , " Parc National des calanques " ( Calanques National Park)
  8. ...gorgonians & coral ( red coral) Pictures from this year with Oly Em1 M2 / Nauticam / 2 Sea & sea ysd2 with oly 60mm for macro, oly 8mm for wide angle
  9. Wrecks too. for Exemple, Chaouen :
  10. I Just to share some pics about our dives in Marseille : There's a lot of beautifuls things to see Some nudibranches, for exemple :
  11. I use sea&sea ysd2 with optical fiber. I read lots of things about those strobes, no problem for mine
  12. I use 2 YSD2 : Strobes need very good optic fiber to work well ( I dived one month with a wrong fiber, it was very hard to have light ! ) I had this kind of trouble when I changed for new firmware : Camera changed set up !!
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