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  1. sorry for the slight thread drift on this one but would you know if any of these cameras have the ability to record sound from a "mic" in plug? go pro say that will on their site but i can't find anything in the documentation? sorry again for the slight drift /p
  2. well we are not really landlocked either that or the view from my balcony is a big painting of the med sea... france is following this as well, though we can be prepared for some interesting strikes because this, then again what`s new in france one of the key drivers for the current prince is indeed conservation, whatever else one can read about him in the rags, this has been one constant of his for the longest time. good to see the country`s name in the papers for something other than being a tax haven (not really) and other shindigs....
  3. thanks for the info:) i was hoping that nauticam would make an adapter - the housing looks really nice cheers
  4. So, I am thinking of getting a housing for my friend's Canon 7D but we would want to share ports, at least to some extent. I was wondering which housing brands, or other, provide adaptors for Seacam ports? Any other thoughts on how to share a set of Seacam ports between a Seacam 1D Mark XXX housing and a "brand X" housing for a Canon 7D? Thanks for your inputs Happy New Year and best wishes to all!
  5. i have one that i am willing to sell for a good price. it's in very good condition, just got back from a trip and it will be going for servicing at seacam this month. let me know by MP if you are interested. i have not put an ad up yet as I am currently traveling but will do so when I get back end January. edited for spelling mistakes
  6. thanks for the info !!!! i shall try Cy'an this evening
  7. i am in BKK for 3 days before flying back and need to find some ULCS clamps. Does anyone know of any stores offering these in Bangkok? thanks for your help....
  8. well having spent the end of last year and the beginning of this one figuring out a new job, i decided to take some time off and go back to indo for a while, lembeh and then scuba seraya. I went both to ksawari and lembeh resort in lembeh, and i have to say that i definitely prefer the latter. guess it helps to have been there umpteen times, but still, to my tastes it is way better than kasawari. more details off-line if you are interested. anyway here are some of the shots i took during the trip, let me know your thoughts: http://www.nitrogen-narcosis.com/videos/qt..._perception.mov the youtube video is below as well this second version has got music on it as well but it's much much larger file so load at your own risk http://www.nitrogen-narcosis.com/videos/qt..._perception.mov
  9. only available on the US App Store unfortunately, or at least it's not available on the french app store
  10. dont forget either that your day of arrival counts towards the number of days you can use you VOA. This can be especially troubling if you go for a 7 day visa, say for example you arrive on a saturday then your visa will only be valid till the friday not the saturday, even if you just arrive at 11pm on a saturday. just been through that, it's no hassle you just pay extra on the way out but still can be a bit surprising. /paul
  11. well i will be there mid-feb so i can give you a bit more info, hope the viz gets slightly better around the wreck, if not the missus will be p.....d off
  12. Here's my problem: Camera: Canon HV10 Tape: Used tape that i had entirely re-recorded with nothing to delete everything that was on it What did i do: i used this tape to record some images (about 20mn worth) - when i went to capture the footage using log and capture in FCS it works well until one point where it stops capturing. At that point on the camera's screen the date/time info that is displayed flickers then stops. I tried playing the footage without connecting to the computer and it does not work. However if i fast forward i can see all the images i recorded. After about 2 minutes elapsed on the tape, it plays again and can be captured in FCS. All i did to try and fix for now is to fast forward then rewind all the tape but that did not change anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or is my footage lost forever? thanks in advance, /paul
  13. hey peter, just looked at your video, superb is all i can say, what a great adventure
  14. ok to sweeten the deal i am adding the following lens as well: sorry the 70-300 has been sold 50mm F2,8 DG Macro EX - Not like new but excellent condition http://www.sigma-photo.fr/site/boutique/Fi...Produit=0000016 same price for the lot, camera and the 1 lens included
  15. For trade up reasons I am selling my Canon EOS 1Ds. It has approx 32,000 actuations (i can send a RAW file on request). I bought it second hand 1,5 years ago from: http://www.objectif-bastille.com/ which is a well known camera store in Paris (their website is being revamped right now) with 28,000 actuations. It comes with 3 batteries, one of which does not have much left in it and the original charger. I have the Canon software disks as well. Note that the E1 strap is not included. It's in good condition (see photos attached). Asking price 1,200 euros + shipping and insurance. I am located in the south of France so if you are around here it's easier to pick up (but then again not many of us wetpixelers around here) but i'll ship it wherever you are. Bank transfer would be easiest, but if need be i'll take a paypal payment. contact me via PM if you want anymore details.
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