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  1. July 17 update. Some bigger sharks have arrived to the area. Lots of tuna eggs in the water now. Mantas are often seen as well.
  2. The past week has seen an increase in sharks. Starting to look good again for July 9.
  3. Still no mantas june 28. Seeing lots of dolphins in the area and even had sailfish cruising around the sharks.. The water has been flat calm for the past 6 days. Numbers are up and down with the sharks. They have been dropping below the surface daily now around 1230pm.
  4. The end of this week is picking up with sightings. Visibly more food in the water. We even had sailfish cruising around the whale sharks today. Numbers of sharks were around 14 in the area we were at today in blue water. Past few weeks has been mainly at or near the gulf green water. No mantas yet.
  5. It has been a slower start this year for all. The weather has not cooperated at beginning of June and very few sharks and mantas seen. Maybe 1 or 2 sharks are what all the boats are encountering right now. Doesn't appear to be a lot of food for them. Its strange, last month we went on May 15th and was full moon day, flat water and 15 sharks and a lot of tuna eggs in the water. We were only ones there. This past week is full moon week and only 1 or 2 sharks spotted daily with one day none. There are about 50 boats out a day. A biologist who is studying mantas has been pulling a net behind their boat to see what's in the water and is seeing very little food in it. Something going on underwater. Hopefully things get better and more sightings. Past years at this time were good.
  6. Perfect transaction and communication. Thanks
  7. Hello. I am interested in the housing. I sent you pm.
  8. You coming to Cozumel anytime soon?
  9. Im looking for a amphibico 3 1/2 monitor with 3 pin connector. Anyone have one they want to part with?
  10. I have one for $350 plus shipping.
  11. Hello. I have a broken pin in my bulkhead on my aquatica 7D housing. Does anybody have one that they want to get rid of? I think it is part # 18922.S
  12. I sent you PM. thanks
  13. Thats exactly what I need. Anyone closer like USA? I have USA address. Thanks
  14. I'm looking for this old style ikelite mount, anybody have one that I could buy. I checked with ike but not available. Thanks
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