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  1. Perfect transaction and communication. Thanks
  2. Hello. I am interested in the housing. I sent you pm.
  3. You coming to Cozumel anytime soon?
  4. Im looking for a amphibico 3 1/2 monitor with 3 pin connector. Anyone have one they want to part with?
  5. I have one for $350 plus shipping.
  6. Hello. I have a broken pin in my bulkhead on my aquatica 7D housing. Does anybody have one that they want to get rid of? I think it is part # 18922.S
  7. I sent you PM. thanks
  8. Thats exactly what I need. Anyone closer like USA? I have USA address. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for this old style ikelite mount, anybody have one that I could buy. I checked with ike but not available. Thanks
  10. You could also use this stuff from SUGRU. it is a rubber product and salt water resistant. https://sugru.com/buy?gclid=CJGYoqyR68sCFYU2aQodDB4E7A look on ebay or amazon, you can find there.
  11. I have had that same problem on my 7D. Its the flash contact stuck. Look at this video on youtube. easy fix.
  12. the old aquatica ports are great for making margaritas in.
  13. Looks good. Myself , I'm gonna wait till the Iphone 8 comes out. Apparently it will have a feature that will allow the shark to take a photo of me in the cage. I'll be able to get rid of my selfie stick soon.
  14. I just caught a guy on facebook ( Alan Alexandre) selling whale shark tours out of Cancun and blatently stealing Shawn Heinrichs photos. I asked the guy if the photos were his. Yes....and then after confronting him further, they were taking by a japanese guy? hahahahahaha Shawn doesn't look Japanese to me. he's definately taller! This is one of the photos that caught my attention right away.... http://www.bluespheremedia.com/photo-gallery/#!lightbox[2686]/0/. That photo was taken when Richard Branson was down here. The guy blocked me now on facebook.....
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