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  1. Hi, For macro ports it's easy to know which one to use: take the (real) length of your teleconverter... it gives you the minimal length of your extension ring ! If your kenko 2x teleconverter is the MC7: you'll need the EXR-33 - with the Kenko PRO 300, it could be the EXR-40 but the EXR-50 will be fine if you want to add a filter in front of the lens. Claude
  2. I'm using it with this housing: they are working fine!
  3. I'm using the 6T with the 105: no problem. If you have an opportunity to buy this lens: take it > I agree with James: it's good to have it in the bag! Claude
  4. Jenny - there are some amazing shots: congrats! I definitely need to go there again... Claude
  5. I'm shooting sunballs at 200... but all the other pictures at '100'! I haven't done a real comparison yet, it is only based on the D300 dpreview test - see here : the dynamic range for the highlight is better at 200 then 100. To be noticed: the best range (including shadows and highlights) is obtained at ISO 400 & 800. depends on conditions (depth, available light, green/blue water, ...) Claude
  6. ooopss... sorry... confused: I'm speaking about the AFD!
  7. here's an other cool link : http://blog.nikonians.org/archives/Nikonia...ter%20Table.pdf ! Claude
  8. I've tried a lot of them... as soon there are no real distinct repairs (like for the sub), they are lost in their work! Stitching 3 pictures together is not the same as stitching 30...
  9. I still have both: for splitted pictures 10,5 is better!
  10. the only way I found to stitch the pictures together for these wrecks was manual mode with photoshop – by lighting problems, it allows to change luminosity for each picture which help a lot for a global homogeneity! Claude
  11. I'm using the Cressi Focus for 10 years now... and haven't found an other one as good yet (but I will maybe try the subframe now ) Claude
  12. that's it... no way to lock a port when using a ring ! btw, I've never used the locking option of my s&s housings: if you want to change your lens after a dive, you're obliged to open the back which brings more flooding opportunities then a locked port! Cheers Claude
  13. hi Sam - could you explain what the problem is with the S&S housing? Thanks Claude
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