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  1. Hi, For macro ports it's easy to know which one to use: take the (real) length of your teleconverter... it gives you the minimal length of your extension ring ! If your kenko 2x teleconverter is the MC7: you'll need the EXR-33 - with the Kenko PRO 300, it could be the EXR-40 but the EXR-50 will be fine if you want to add a filter in front of the lens. Claude
  2. I'm using it with this housing: they are working fine!
  3. I'm using the 6T with the 105: no problem. If you have an opportunity to buy this lens: take it > I agree with James: it's good to have it in the bag! Claude
  4. Jenny - there are some amazing shots: congrats! I definitely need to go there again... Claude
  5. I'm shooting sunballs at 200... but all the other pictures at '100'! I haven't done a real comparison yet, it is only based on the D300 dpreview test - see here : the dynamic range for the highlight is better at 200 then 100. To be noticed: the best range (including shadows and highlights) is obtained at ISO 400 & 800. depends on conditions (depth, available light, green/blue water, ...) Claude
  6. ooopss... sorry... confused: I'm speaking about the AFD!
  7. here's an other cool link : http://blog.nikonians.org/archives/Nikonia...ter%20Table.pdf ! Claude
  8. I've tried a lot of them... as soon there are no real distinct repairs (like for the sub), they are lost in their work! Stitching 3 pictures together is not the same as stitching 30...
  9. I still have both: for splitted pictures 10,5 is better!
  10. the only way I found to stitch the pictures together for these wrecks was manual mode with photoshop – by lighting problems, it allows to change luminosity for each picture which help a lot for a global homogeneity! Claude
  11. I'm using the Cressi Focus for 10 years now... and haven't found an other one as good yet (but I will maybe try the subframe now ) Claude
  12. that's it... no way to lock a port when using a ring ! btw, I've never used the locking option of my s&s housings: if you want to change your lens after a dive, you're obliged to open the back which brings more flooding opportunities then a locked port! Cheers Claude
  13. hi Sam - could you explain what the problem is with the S&S housing? Thanks Claude
  14. before the tokina, for a question of quality I had no zoom lenses for uw pictures - but this is now my favorite lens as much for it's versatility as for the pictures quality! attach, 2 of my last pictures in fresh water taken at 17mm:
  15. I've asked the same question on a french forum today! For me, the FX sensor is an option to the DX sensor as the DX sensor is an option to the FX sensor ! You can do different pictures with both of them... but underwater it won't be easy to be sure to have the good one (means as difficult as to have the good lens)! Meanwhile, for me, a DX camera is much more interesting for macro... and as interesting for wide angle as we have great lens available now (such the Nikon 10,5 and the Tokina 10-17)! In the future, what I'm expecting for a long time is some 'interchangeable sensors' I can put in my camera as I did with film depending on what I'm going to shoot! So... if I can put the D700 in my housing and use it as backup camera in case of flooding: I'll consider that option....
  16. I think there's place enough in the sea & sea housing... but based on DPReview side by side comparison, not really sure about the housing viewfinder placement! with a mobile viewfinder?
  17. I did some shots in Lembeh with the D300 recently - here's one at 30 feet. Claude
  18. some very nice shots... congrats
  19. I'm using a Subal housing... and it works fine with iTTL (and you can use some Inon strobes as slave with it) – for some user, it is not very interesting for WA... but I think it depends on the way you're taking picture!
  20. hello Carol, In a first time, I thought the D300 had only some 'technical' enhancements which are not really useful for better pictures - the real reason for me to change was the Sea & Sea housing is much more ergonomic as the old one… Now, I realized there is much more possibilities in image improvement as with the D200: great - but I don't think yet there's really a need to upgrade unless you’re interested buy using high ISO! hope it helps
  21. For most of pictures, the strobes are the Nikon SB800 & Inon Z240 - at Lembeh strait, most of time, water is green... and, this time, it was a little greener as on my pictures! Claude
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