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  1. Very nice work in difficult conditions. Some of my favourite subjects too. Cheers Todd
  2. I was not in the water at the same time as the bears but I would say yes as they are excellent swimmers.
  3. We were in Arctic Bay this time but you can also see them in Pond Inlet. We had Beluga and Walrus in addition to the Narwhal. You can get Bowhead whales but we did not see any in Arctic Bay. You can also see Polar bears in the water depending on the pack ice. Cheers Todd
  4. I was in the Arctic earlier this summer and was fortunate to be able to swim with Narwhal. The Arctic conditions make for tough shooting when the sun is not out and you are looking into 3000 feet of black water below. We discussed a few images I was looking at and it appears a few of the Narwhal are pregnant. There are a few other Narwhal images in the same gallery. Visit My Website Cheers Todd
  5. While I am not a film guy I do have the 7D housed in an Aquatica housing and am very happy with it. The design changes from earlier housings is very apparent in the engineering of a tighter housing. Great for travel as I can fit it into my carry-on. I also am confortable knowing that Aquatica provides prompt service and answers any questions I have. Cheers Todd
  6. One of my favourite places. Nice captures Todd
  7. Here are a few things I think may have helped the image "pop" more. I think getting closer to and feature the main subjects a little more prominently would assist in the composition. In doing that trying to feature the key aspects in the thirds of the frame can also create a more pleasing image to the viewers eye. I also feel the exposure of the foreground and background do not blend well. The background appears a little underexposed in relationship to the foreground subject matter. I think you have done a good job on balancing the strobe light across the foreground and have also properly placed the strobe light to avoid any backscatter issues. It is a nice image but maybe a few of these things would help it standout even more for your viewer. Cheers and thanks for posting Todd
  8. Awesome Alex! I second the bit about having to ignore the text that usually goes with the stories. Most likely not our first choices. Cheers Todd
  9. " As far as I know all winners have been notified by LAUPS as to their prize and how to redeem it. If you haven't heard from us please let me know at bill.van-antwerp@medtronic.com thanks Bill" Bill, I am not worried about it. I was only responding to your post stating that people were contacted and that you wanted to be contacted if that was not the case. (I had heard nothing) It is unfortunate that the competition was tainted by someone not following the rules and delaying the process for all the other entrants. Cheers Todd
  10. I have heard nothing on my prize either. Cheers Todd
  11. It is possible to make money from underwater photography, it depends how much you and your family like to eat. LOL Very difficult these days from what I hear lately. You need to supplement it with photo courses and leading trips etc. Cheers Todd
  12. His name is John. Either that or check with Fisheye that is associated with Sanddollar and Den Lamen at the traffic circle by Lovers Ice cream. I believe Sue that divemasters, I think at Plaza uses Aquatica but, I am not sure. I believe she wrote the shore diving book. Jean with Aquatica knows who this is. Good luck Todd
  13. I finally have a copy in my hands. Cool! (no pun intended ) The print appears a bit darker than the images should be. Todd
  14. Thanks for posting Laz. I have the 7D now and have been learning topside so far. Hard to shake the still mentality as I have come home with some great vertical video shots. LOL SHooting stills and switching to video just does not work for me yet. Need to commit a session to one or the other. Cheers Todd
  15. Nice supporting information on this dive site. It really adds to the story. Todd
  16. Congrats that is great news. I too am still waiting to see the print version also to see my work. Cheers Todd
  17. It was a cool experience all around Dean. Thank for the comments guys, it really was an interesting new challenge and a very humbling. But, I loved the whole experience from start to finish and look forward to the next opportunity. Cheers Todd
  18. Hello everyone, I am excited as my feature story from my expedition to the Canadian high Arctic in June is hitting mailboxes and shelves as we speak. I am honoured that they selected my images to accompany the story. A link to the feature story is posted up on my site if you wish to see it. March/April Scuba Diving Magazine story (The digital version of the entire magazine can be picked up on Scuba Diving Magazines website www.scubadiving.com.) (I don't have the print version yet ) Thanks Thomas, Graham and crew at Arctic Kingdom and to the crew at Scuba Diving Magazine! Cheers Todd
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