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  1. Apparently the images will appear in both Natures Best Photography Magazine and the Alert Diver. When and if I hear more on seeing the winning images on-line I will post it up. Cheers Todd
  2. OCEAN VIEWS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS First Place Franco Banfi (Beluga Whale) Second Place Toshio Minami (Spinner Dolphins) Third Place Kaido Haagen (Grey Seal) Fourth Place Mark van Coller (Cape Gannet & Sardines) Fifth Place Christian Loader (Leafy Seadragon) Sixth Place Quincy Dein (Inside the Wave) Seventh Place Todd Mintz (Sockeye Salmon) Highly Honored Photographers featured in Nature’s Best Photography magazine (listed in alphabetical order) Peter G. Allinson (Sperm Whale) Vincenzo Apuzzo (Harlequin Shrimp) Franco Banfi (Longnose Hawkfish) Donna Carr (Western Rockhopper Penguins) Pedro Carrillo-Montero (Green Turtle) Matt Curnock (Humpback Whale) Steve De Neef (Bigeye Jacks & Diver) Isabel Diez (Lichen & Rocks at Sunset) Steven Kovacs (Yellow Mouth Moray Eel) Clark Little (“Bulldozer” Wave) Michael Patrick O’Neill (Arrow Crab) Annika Persson (Manta Ray) Thomas Pfeifer (Common Tern) Nuno Sá (Devil Rays & Divers) Allison Vitsky (California Kelp Forest) Keri Wilk (Saltwater Crocodile and Cave with Diver)
  3. Alex sent me this to see. It is the draft of the story that is in the issue. Congrats Alex Todd
  4. Shooting on frozen water. Cheers Todd
  5. I have the Sigma 50mm and found the focus slow and you needed to use an extension if the lens was fully extended. I have the Canon 60mm (lens does not extend so no extension needed) now and really like the flexibility it offers. The 100mm Canon is great and has a fast focus but can be challenging to shoot at first. It does allow images of those more shy subjects that would require you to approach closer with the 60mm. My vote would be the 60mm Canon to start. Cheers Todd
  6. Outstanding! That cracked me up. Reminds me of the Pepsi and Coke commercial they are showing right now. The Pepsi guy takes a picture of the Coke guy drinking out of a Pepsi can. Cheers Todd
  7. A single word "Passion" I think, just like my images, you should be able to title each image you create in very few words to convey your message in creating the image. If you can't then you probably are not conveying enough in the image you created and did not get it right. IMHO Todd
  8. Which housing mounting accessory have you guys gotten? (I don't mean the new viewer) I am pondering the helmet one but assume it still mounts to a housing. Cheers Todd
  9. Have a great one. Wish I was there to share a pint with you. Happy Birthday Todd
  10. Hi Steve, I can't comment on the overheating issue as I have not run into that. I have not shot a bunch of video yet either. I too was like Steve and came down to the Aquatica and Nauticam. I went with the Aquatica. I have dove with friends running a Nauticam and they have been happy with their choice. I have not shot a Nauticam so I cannot provide a direct comparison of the two housings as Steve also mentions. The Aquatica is North American manufactured (Canadian). I have one of their housings for my Canon 20D and I find the new housing much improved. They are now manufacturing with CNC instead of cast so the housing is more compact and well designed. All controls are easily manipulated. Something I looked for because I do cold water diving with dry gloves. I already had a set of ports so no need for new ports or adapters. They have been around for a long time. I was also able to get a Aquatica housing in my hands in a short period of time to see. I left my decision to the last minute. (I do not have a local store to drop into unfortunately). What would be great is to get housing comparisons going just like dpreview does for cameras. It would provide a nice resource. The only problem is getting those done and out very early in the housings intro stage when people may be making their selections could be a logistical nightmare. Getting someone that is heading out to take the housings and run them through their paces etc. I also believe new housings tend to go out to the folks who have been waiting patiently for them. I should mention I am Canadian so...LOL I just shot the housing for 2 weeks in Bonaire and was very happy with my choice. Cheers and good luck with your decision. Todd
  11. Jimmy recover quickly and continue your efforts and cause for the sharks! Cheers Todd
  12. Well done my fellow Canadian. I like the scorpionfish eye (did something similar in Bonaire ; ) ) Great stuff my friend. Cheers Todd
  13. Great to see. Hope it translates to the same in northern Vancouver Island. Cheers Todd
  14. On a side note, I was cruising Aquatica's website and noticed that Keri Wilk has posted up some images of this housing and images he took with this set-up. I did not know he was running this set-up. Come to the Canon side Keri... ps I also am not on the Aquatica payroll and purchase my housings. Cheers Todd
  15. It may help to know which program you are using to resize and how you are doing it in that program. Cheers Todd
  16. My favourite places. I don't know Sealion rocks. Which area of the pass is that? I know some of the guys call some sites by different names. (Wondering if it is the rocks by the themis (Crocker rocks) Looks like a great trip with lots of variety found. Cheers Todd
  17. I don't disagree with the comments suggested above. I have many times run into the right subject and setting but the surroundings or the subject them self did not allow me to get the exact image I had visualized. It is a nice image and, as I always say, the right combination will present itself sometime. I just hope to be in the water when it happens. Cheers Todd
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