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  1. Very cool. I will be there late next week Todd
  2. Very sad to hear both of the sinking of the vessel and, the killing of the shark. Two losses. Todd
  3. I like the lighting as you have captured the sort of silky look of the kelp. I find the hot spot on the sun a little distracting in the image. Maybe a hair less of it with the light radiating might eliminate that. IMHO. Cheers Todd
  4. A dive on a ice locked iceberg. Loved the texture of the iceberg, it was unexpected as I had never dove on one before. Cheers Todd
  5. Cool, and great find whatever it turns out to be confirmed as. Cheers Todd
  6. Too funny. In this day and age of warnings I am amazed housing don't have a warning plastered on them not to open underwater. LOL I never travel with it in the housing for reasons Jean has stated. I put sync cords and softer things like that in the housing in ziplocks to protect them. Cheers Todd
  7. I still have not received my copy? I think it was a Mike Anable that confirmed by email I should be getting it but that was a long time ago. Todd
  8. Very nice Bruce, congrats on your feature. Cheers Todd
  9. Awesome, congrats to all involved in the transformation and success! Kudos Todd
  10. My approach is similar to Giles. Wrist mount facing me while hands are on the camera but my second computer is mounted to my BCD. I do tether my housing as I have had to grab people getting pulled down in current running down walls thus needing both hands quickly. Cheers Todd
  11. Port Hardy has more of everything in my opinion to answer your questions. Accommodations will not be like Victoria as Victoria is a city as you note. Port Hardy is remote and very rustic in terms of your accommodations. Wetpixel Quarterly had a story on one of our recent trips to Port Hardy that you may wish to look-up. Alex Mustard wrote the story and it encompasses a number of our images from our last trip. Cheers Todd
  12. Ok one more for Mr. Veitch my Canadian expat. Sorry nice weather here means no editing time. (aka golfing) Cheers Todd
  13. I concur with the comments by John and Alex. Todd
  14. I have been on numerous Shearwater trips and consider Jim a friend. I have seen him verbally correct a diver after a dive and I thank him for it. One of the last trips I was on had a diver that was less attentive and as a result put me at risk a number of times. The Tigers, without a doubt can sneak up on you, and thus the requirement to constantly be aware. In many cases, as Alex noted, all you need to do is make eye contact and they abort their inquisitive approach. That said if someone is not working with the team in the water it can become a less enjoyable experience. You then start to loose focus on your shooting and start to worry more about the guy not pointing and, the sharks he is not pointing out to you. I would chalk it up to Jimmy cares about his guests safety and demands the same from all that join him, and I thank him for that. Cheers Todd
  15. Iceberg locked in floe edge ice Cheers Todd
  16. Awesome! Great compliment to your work. Todd
  17. Great insight Alex. Interesting comments on the almost not seeing the obvious great setting for the frogfish. How many times have we done a dive and come back only to then think of ideas as to how we could have shot the subject presented to us. One of the nice things of a place like BHB and a place like Bonaire is you can go back in a try the composition missed in most cases. Also nice to see you bugger up settings like the iso too. Brings you down to a real level with all of us. LOL Cheers and have a great one. Hello to Jimmy! Todd
  18. Also as Moderator... I find these comments disrespectful and not appropriate to the post original content. Please refrain from comments of a personal nature. Should you have issue with someone I think it is best addressed through messaging or carry on to a new subject matter. Thank you Todd
  19. In terms of the tea, I believe he meant Coca tea. : ) I think the altitude affects everyone differently and possibly can change day to day. I had no issues and was able to climb about the ruins without any issues in terms of shortness of breath or head aches. I did take medication ahead as a precaution but that should only help with headaches I believe. They are right about the train, the left side is best and, if possible the very front seat as it is all windows. Reverse on the way back of course. Cheers Todd
  20. Knights Inlet, British Columbia. There are 3 different operators that utilize the Glendale spawning channel. Cheers Todd
  21. Some nice images. I have done a trip in British Columbia that is somewhat similar and agree it is a special encounter. Cheers Todd
  22. None here yet but I am in Canada so it most likely takes longer. Looking forward to seeing it as always. Todd
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