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  1. We were there in November. I use Canon but used the combination of the 10-17fe and the 17-40 mainly. The odd time I used the 100-400L. All on Canon 50D. Loved Machu Pichu and it was great to stay over night at the hotel right at the gate. Cheers Todd
  2. Nice collection of images. Thanks for sharing them. Todd
  3. Neat to see these being made. Thanks for sharing. I use a lighting snoot from BH but want to fine tune it yet to a smaller point. Cheers Todd
  4. I agree that isolating the subject from the distracting negative space would help. I am unsure if the angle this was shot in would allow you to position the camera a little bit to the left to provide for the separation but, something to think of next opportunity. Cheers Todd
  5. I think that is a great start for your first foray into underwater shooting. You seem to be working to control and specifically focus the light, well done. Todd
  6. Hey thanks very much guys. I am certainly plotting the possibility of a return. Cheers Todd
  7. The Polar bear was about 40 feet away at it's closest point. No in water Narwhal shots but I came close. Reason to return ; ) lens was a 500 f4
  8. I just returned from an amazing trip to the Canadian Arctic. I found it surprisingly comfortable in and out of the water. We tented on the floe edge as conditions allowed and got to dive and snorkel the floe edge. Iceberg diving was a new highlight for me and of course the Narwhal and Polar bears. 24 hours of daylight. It will take awhile to process the images. The tail shot is only one of a complete series of the tail dive. The Polar bear was photographed at around 2 am. Cheers Todd
  9. Press release on their site and it says images to follow by the end of June. www.uwimages.org 2010 UWimages Photography Competition PRESS RELEASE: June 15, 2010 Underwater Images 2010 Photo/Video Competition-Final Results BEST OF SHOW Sponsored by The Walindi Plantation, and The MV FeBrina, PNG Gianni Pecchiar, Trieste, Italy- Star & Ray CONSERVATION CATEGORY First: Drew Wohl, Congers, NY- Have You Saved a Reef Today? (video) Second: Karel Bernard, Harjumaa, Estonia- Great Cormorant Third: Thomas Haider, Vienna, Austria- Shark Lining Honorable Mention: Jeffrey deGuzman, Manilla, Philippines- Octopus in Coke Alessio Viora, Fontaneto d’Agogna, Italy- Dying Sunfish VIDEO CATEGORY First: Tobias Meinken, Girona, Spain- Meet Rooky Second: Walter Marti, Mission Viejo, CA- Octopoda Third: Steve Cohen, Annandale, VA- Whale Trails II SHIPWRECKS CATEGORY First: Uwe Schmolke, Hessen, Germany- Inside Umbria Second: Jim Garland, Merseyside, UK- Emily Third: Csaba Tokolyi, Budapest, Hungary- Poseidonia Honorable Mention: Jim Garland, Merseyside, UK- Giannis D Frederik Ehrenstrom, Gunnilse, Sweden- Ghost Ship & Diver WIDE ANGLE NOVICE CATEGORY First Place: Alison Vitsky, San Diego, CA- Monterey Afternoon Second Place: Claudio Gazzaroli, Ascona, Switzerland- Shark Smile Third Place: Phil Sokol, San Diego, CA- Sailfish Attack Honorable Mention: George Vincent, Lewisville, TX- Brown Seasnake Claudio Gazzaroli, Ascona, Switzerland- Under Ice WIDE ANGLE OPEN CATEGORY First Place: Esteban Tore, Malaga, Spain- Light at the End of the Tunnel Second Place: Keri Wilk, Mississauga, Canada- Lily Third Place: Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez, Los Reaelejos, Spain- Tortuga-Turtle Ocean Honorable Mention: Michele Davino, Udine, Italy- Verzasca Alessio Viora, Fontaneto d’Agogna, Italy- On the Move MACRO/CLOSE-UP NOVICE CATEGORY First Place: William Goodwin, Birmingham, AL-Peppermint Shrimp & Cardinalfish Second Place: Debi Henshaw, Menorca, Spain- Cardinalfish Third Place: Claudio Gazzaroli, Ascona, Switzerland- Coleman Shrimps Honorable Mention: Paolo Isgro, Belluno, Italy- Shrimp on Snake Eel Luc Rooman, Kieldrecht, Belgium- Ghost Lobster MACRO/CLOSE-UP OPEN CATEGORY First Place: Michele Davino, Udine, Italy- Girino Second Place: Michele Davino, Udine, Italy- Pesce Volante Third Place: Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez, Los Reaelejos, Spain- Multitude Honorable Mention: Keri Wilk, Mississauga, Canada- Mantis Nicholas Samaras, Thessaloniki, Greece- Jellyfish MAJESTIC CATEGORY First Place: George Vincent, Lewisville, TX- Manta Trifecta Second: Phil Sokol, San Diego, CA- Celestial Jellies Third: Dany Weinberg, Eilat, Israel- Red Army Honorable Mention: Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez, Los Reaelejos, Spain- Sky Debi Henshaw, Menorca, Spain- Reef Squid TOGETHERNESS CATEGORY First: Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez, Los Reaelejos, Spain- Face to Face Second: Dany Weinberg, Eilat, Israel- Hitchhikers Third: Alessio Viora, Fontaneto d’Agnogna, Italy- First Flight Honorable Mention: Todd Mintz, Regina, Canada- Room with a View Joao Paulo Krajewski, Sao Paulo, Brazil- Fish Tripod DIVERS & MARINE LIFE First: Esteban Tore, Malaga, Spain-Fragile Realm Second: Rockford Draper, Plano, TX- Manta Workshop Third: Steffen Binke, Mooroobool, Australia- Weedy Sea Dragon & Diver Honorable Mention: Eduardo Acevedo Fernandez, Los Reaelejos, Spain- Model Bruce Yates, Medina, WA- Sharks Converging From the Director: Thanks to all entrants, judges, and sponsors! Your participation is an integral part of this competition, and is greatly appreciated. We received entries from 17 states in the United States and 25 different countries. Competitions of this type share divers’ own visions of the underwater world, and serve to promote good conservation practices. They also highlight some of the world’s best diving destinations. Prizes were set before the judging according to their values and the number of entries in the respective categories. Proceeds go to marine conservation, preservation, and scholarship purposes. This past year we again sponsored former sea turtle fishermen from Baja, Mexico to attend the National and International Sea Turtle Symposiums through ProPeninsula www.ProPeninsula.org where they learned about the conservation of this endangered animal and took that information home to spread the word with their neighbors. We are also continuing to support Mahonia Na Dari, a Nature Conservancy program for students in Papua New Guinea, where they learn true conservation and preservation principles with hands-on experiences. www.Mahonia.org Some former Mahonia students have since become scientists who are still diligently working to conserve the world’s natural resources. As we are all volunteers in these contests and they are just for fun, we hope everyone enjoyed our friendly competition this year. I’ll be looking forward to your entries next year. Safe Diving and Shooting. Sea Ya! Roger Roth, Founder/ Director
  10. Will it be traveling on a future trip? That composite is superb. Todd
  11. Hello We travel to Bonaire regularly. Your questions pretty much span the board. We have stayed in both the resort type and rented a house. We take the family so renting the house has proved to be much more enjoyable for us. WIthout the kids then one of the resorts may work well as it puts you right on a dive site where you come up and hang your gear to dry. (snorkel gear included) I won't comment on dive operators because you are snorkelling. You could look at Roomers for accommodations since you are not looking for diving. They are across the street from Belmar and have nice casual food at reasonable prices. We have also rented from Buddy Dive and Den Laman. Buddy dive is fairly basic and Den Laman a bit newer and modern. Both have restaurants attached. Other restaurants we always go to would be Wil's , Paradise Moon (mexican style), and Capriccio. You can look for tapas at La Guanica which is downtown. A cheap lunch is easy to find at City Cafe right by the town pier also. Topside photography, then head to the park at the north end but plan this as a day trip and snorkel sites within the park as the road does a circle out and back and hits the windward side of the island. Lots of the sites will work for snorkelling. Avoid locking your car or leaving much in the car when you are snorkelling. Go to Sorobon to try the windsurfing and hang out at the beach on the south windward side also. Lots of fun and the bay goes out a long way and is shallow. Great way to try it out. Lunch is also reasonable there. I hope this helps. Cheers Todd
  12. Nice work for the first efforts. Well done. Todd
  13. The Seal appears to have a smile on his face. Did you? LOL
  14. Awesome, congratulations on the selection. Cheers Todd
  15. Maybe the seal was not eating the Cheetos but ..... Todd
  16. It is the one with the seal somewhat vertical in the shot coming up from the bottom and has the orange mouth. Belly directly facing you. It is from Farne based on what you say about it. I would try to snap an image but it is at home and would not be till tonight. Cheers Todd
  17. Just received my copy and it is definitely a high quality magazine now. Great work Stephen and crew! Something to be proud of. Cheers Todd
  18. I like the image. Horizontal and vertical. Two different looks but I would leave the green water background in as I really think it adds to the image. Maybe the top of the head slightly higher in the frame but not much in my opinion. Cheers Todd
  19. Nice images. Thanks for sharing as Bonaire is one of my favourite places to go. Cheers Todd
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