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  1. If you want to see people do everything they can to make your trip the best they are the ones. Jimmy loves diving as much as anyone I know. A good friend now. I did a shark expedition in January also and we did the rodeo and the Bull sharks then. Good trip as Jim Watt, Brandon Cole, Walt Stearns and Chris and Monique Fallows were on board Great group of people! The spot we seemed to have our luck in July was Jew fish Mountain right next to El Dorado. For the big sharks that is. The Sugar Wreck was a great little night dive also.
  2. I was on the trip with Eric. Just wondering what sites you dove on your trip? Was it the trip the week after ours with Andy?
  3. I had the protype A5000 housing and shot in auto focus. The lag took a like bit to gauge but once gauged was not a problem. We were shooting mainly sharks and dolphins so I had lots of practice to get it right. Was tough watching Eric, Jim and Dave firing those D60's for multiple frames but I was happy with my results. Not that the manual focus is not a good option, I preferred being closer if possible than four feet so you could just adjust to a closer manual setting . I may give it a try next time also. I have a photo on digideep.com that is photo of the week for week 35 if you want to see one.
  4. A rep with Sea and Sea had said the reason for no NiMH was that the heat produced potentially caused damage to the internal workings, and it is not the gas that is the reason that NiMH are not recommended.
  5. I had and still have great results with it but am very impressed by the 5 meg work of the 5000. I have one pic on the potw in digideep.com if you want to see one and will post some more soon here maybe with a review of what I thought of the housing. Nothing like being able to shoot 400 frames if you want vs 36. I too would have loved a DSLR but the price is a killer. Maybe some day as I have seen beautiful results from Eric Jim and Dave and their D60's
  6. Aquatica service is tops. They overnighted 3 days in a row to make sure I had what I needed for my trip. You will always get offered help when you call. Great group of people.
  7. taking into consideration the comments by others above
  8. Aquatica is coming out with a cp5700 housing and if it is anything like the A5000 you will be very happy.
  9. That is my Greyhounds racing name. Unique and he is great. He does also have some striping like a bengal cat. I have finally done some editting and will try to send in some pics from the trip to the appropriate category. I assume it is easy to do.
  10. The housing is beautifully manufactured. A finish that most all on the trip envied. Including D60 shooting Dave Fleetham. The camera functions were easy to use and the housing was very nice and compact in current. As for service, as I have mentioned before I believe the service issue with Aquatica was a past owner issue. Blake with Aquatica has had the comapany for the last 1 1/2 and far exceeded my service expectations. I had what I believe to be a minor hotshoe problem on the trip. Part my fault as I rushed Aquatica to get me a housing on time. They worked to the last minute to get it to me in time for the trip and specially made the hotshoe just to make it happen. I too recommend the housing and Aquatica.
  11. I will have it in the water for the fist time this week. Leaving tomorrow!
  12. I just got the Aquatica housing and it seems to match all your characteristics. For $1049 for the housing I don't think you can argue the price. It it a quality housing and the service has exceeded my expectations. All features are available for use and it has dual strobe capabilities. Rated to 300 feet.
  13. They do not recommend it. They say that there have been problems with their use in the strobes.
  14. Heading out to the Bahamas on a shark and dolphin expedition.
  15. I have been talking with Blake for the last 2 months and following the progress of the 5000 housing. He has been nothing but completely accommodating, sending update pictures and answering any questions I had. (Some probably annoying but, I had to have that housing for the trip and he has done everything possible to make that happen) A excellent company to deal with and the housing looks great! ps I should have the housing on Tuesday and I leave Friday to get it wet.
  16. I was just going to ask this question as I just got my 90dx's. Has anyone actually called Sea and Sea to see if you get the same CYA answer on this? I am still not convinced one way or the other and have both nimh and nicads ready:)
  17. I note that when I want to transfer my pictures from the camera to the computer, the Nikon View 4 will ask for the size for the transfer prior to the transfer. I shoot in fine and full so that I can potentially later go to print. If I select a smaller setting on the transfer of the files will that affect my ability to later print a quality enlarged print? I do note that if I transfer in a larger format it will be too large for the screen to view thus, this is why I tried the reduced file size to make viewing easier. Sorry, I'm new to this so help...
  18. A smaller second camera later....That's an excellent point. I was going to do that with my Motormarine set up right now. Just to keep a film camera. But, that makes a lot of sense for a couple of years from now with the 5000 I also agree with the opinion to get into it and comfortable now with the lower priced alternative and then upgrade when the technology settles out a bit. And, I have more money. Great points I appreciate the input.
  19. I was looking at the Kona post and saw the big smile on Jim's face. It was Jim that got me going in the digital way. After him showing me what his D30 could do in January I knew I had to go this way. I'll see what he has to say on the subject.
  20. I agree, we don't need to add in strobes etc. Is there a substantial difference in the quality? I believe you are saying for the price difference stay with the 5000?
  21. I am looking and trying to decide between these three cameras. The Photo shop said I should consider the 5000 as I probably would not notice a large difference. My question is what do you think? Certainly the price difference between them is substantial. Is the price difference worth getting the D100 or D60? My wife certainly would vote for the 5000. Please give me a hand with this decision. ps I have not shot SLR
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