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  1. Hi there, Just looking for one strobe to buy. I have an Inon Z220 already, so a matching pair would be good. But, will consider other INON models. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a new circuit board for a Subal C10? I tried contacting Subal directly, but they have not replied. Failing that, does anyone know if all 5 wires are suppose to be soldered to the circuit board, or just the middle three? The outside green and brown wires do not touch the circuit board. I think this is causing my strobe not to fire.
  3. Sea and sea connectors. I figured out the problem though... the poor housing, although in mint condition, is getting old like me. The shutter toggle tends to stick and was depressing the shutter release halfway, which disabled the strobe and messed up the menu buttons. The strobe couldn't figure out what I was asking from it, and the camera couldn't operate normally while I was inadvertently pressing the shutter halfway. All is working fine now. Phew!
  4. Okay, so I've decided to dust off my subal c10, Canon 10d and Inon Z220 single strobe and take it to Bonaire on a dive trip. It's been a while since I used it last, in Palau, back in 2006! Needless to say, I'm a little rusty with my rig. Individually all pieces work. It's getting them to work together that's giving me trouble. I can't get the strobe to fire when I click the shutter button to take a photo. It seems like there's too much power coming from the strobe, and it's causing certain functions of my canon to stop working - such as the menu, info, playback buttons. I can live with those not working. I just want my strobe to fire when I take a shot. What am I doing wrong? I'm currently in Bonaire (06 June). If you can help asap, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I will just keep using my GoPro Hero3. However, I would really like to take some amazing stills with my Canon setup.
  5. Hey, I took the circuit board for the bulkhead/hotshoe apart and lo and behold there was my problem - corrosion on the circuit board/pins!!! Hallelujah!! I cleaned them up and was back in business - sold photo cd's to our guests xmas week and everyone was happy! I'll post some photos up on the site, comments would be appreciated! Thanks for your help all! Happy New Year.
  6. not sure. i am on big blue, will say hi to rene and terry, will see rene tonight for new year's!
  7. thanks so much, i'll give that a shot this afternoon. i'm going to head to fish n' fins/neco marine and sam's tours and see if their photo pros can suggest anything. I'll let you know how i get on!
  8. I work for Scuba World (Expedition Fleet Liveaboards) as their fleet video/photo pro. Some pro with no working still camera!?!? thanks for the details. lisa
  9. I know Torben, he used to work with the company I currently work for. I don't have his email address though...do you have any contact details for him. I was just talking about him yesterday and sent an email to our Manila office for it, but they have yet to reply. Do you know anything about the hotshoe/bulkhead kit?
  10. Morning James, Ryan? Who's that? (Sorry) The bulkhead kit, is that the orange round hotshoe connector (inside the housing) and rainbow coloured wiring? How do I order? Where do I sign up?! Merry Ho Ho! Lisa
  11. "In your case it's most likely corrosion in the hot shoe connector, the connector board, the sync sockets or the cabling. The shoe and connector board are easily removed and disassembled for cleaning or inspection, so I'd start there." I have tried to clean the contacts on the lens, have alcoholed all visible contacts to eliminate any corrosion, etc. It is not the strobe, nor the camera - tried the strobe on another subal housing (worked fine on the ND70) and tried another strobe on mine (didn't work). I tried an external land strobe connected straight to the hotshoe on the camera and it worked fine. It's just the housing it doesn't work in (hotshoe). How do I remove all that? Do you mean in the housing?? Take it apart? Any other suggestions? I'm in Palau - will be too expensive to send to Austria (Subal) for repair!
  12. will try to clean the contacts with an eraser, etc. hmmm, wiring in the housing or camera? thing is, I'm not sure who to go to first: canon, subal or inon!? this truly is an expensive profession!
  13. Recently I had a leak in my Subal housing, nothing happened and all is back in working order - just a few droplets. Anyway, I took my camera under for the first time since the leak and was able to fire four shots until my camera went into Err 99 mode. I had this before the leak and had to switch it off then back on. Unfortunately, I can't take any shots at all now! I think it has something to do with the strobe, when it's slotted in the hotshoe on top of the camera it goes into Err 99 when I try to take a shot, otherwise with the strobe not attached, it works fine. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I know Eric was using the same set up - any probs or solutions?? I live on a boat in Palau where it is very difficult to have a Canon dealer look at it. Besides, this could be a strobe issue, in which case Canon wouldn't be able to help - or would they??? Please help! Lisa
  14. Does anyone know of a great way to watermark their shots? I use a mac, are there any programmes out there that do the work as a batch for you? Otherwise, can someone take me step by step through photoshop to create a watermark and how to add to my photos? - big request, i know. Cheers
  15. Hi there, Well, I have finally been able to get my camera wet and, as expected, had the usual first time troubles - mainly with the strobe. I am using my Canon 10D in a Subal C10 housing with Inon Z220 single strobe. A few shots were okay (maybe 1 or two), others were either way over exposed or had a streak of light across the top whilst the rest of the shot was without flash at all. I assume the reason for the streak is because the shutter and strobe weren't in sync, is that right? Does anyone know the best setting for macro and strobe angle? How about advice as to white balance? Obviously this is all manual and not TTL. Cheers, Bubble Girl
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