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  1. I'm used to waiting a few seconds while using .raw with my S60, so that's not a big problem for my part. Any new info regaring wide angel lenses for the Ikelite housing? Are there any other houses that i should considder for the G9? Are there any alternatives with the eTTL system wich works equally good as the Ikelite system and costs less?
  2. I have considderd the Nikon P5100, but its lack of .raw does put me off a bit. I have grown quite fond of that format over the years. What is the problem with G9 and wide lenses? Does it have the same problem with macro lenses?
  3. I have read up on the options for this camera, and I think I am getting closer to what I am going to end up with. What do you guys think of this configuration: - Canon G9 - Ikelite Housing #6147.09 ... Canon G9 and 3944.75 Deluxe Package ($ 1,100) includes: - 4103.51 Digital TTL Sync Cord - 4065 DS-125 SubStrobe with diffuser - 4086.61 Ball Socket Arm system - 4066.1 Smart Charger And just to check if I have understood how this package works. I connect the strobe to the camera using TTL so that I won't have to set the strobe manually, right? And the arm can be brought down directly over the house for macro shots?
  4. I have been using my beloved Canon S60 with the original Canon underwater housing for about four years now, and I have decided to upgrade to something a bit more, well, modern. On paper the Canon G9 seems wonderful, and by the looks of it the camera has done quite good in reviews as well. I have read a bit in here and it seems like many are recomending the ikelite housings, and since I do want to buy an external strobe I guess thet would be the way to go? What I am actually wondering is what my options are with the ikelite housing. What kind of strobes can I use? How do the strobes work? Do they for instance react to the built in camera flash or is it possible to connect a cable to the camera and controll the flash that way? Is it possible to fit macro lenses to this housing? Basically, what sort of goodies can I get if i choose this solution. Just to ask: Are there any other cameras I should consider? I love the ability to use my camera in full manual mode and to shoot in .raw format, so the camera I am going to upgrade to must have these possibilities.
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