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  1. Still available, price reduced housing only $950.00 plus postage
  2. The housing CAN control: All menu functions Power On/Off Shutter-release Button Main Dial Aperture/Exposure Compensation Button Drive Mode Selection Button AE-L/AF-L/Index/Reduce Button AF Point Selection/Enlarge Button ISO Speed Set Button White Balance Selection Button Metering Mode Selection Button AF Mode Selection Button Setting Button Camera Setting Display On/Off/Info/Trimming Orinentation Button Menu Button Jump Button Playback Button Erase Button Lens Release Button After a quick look I think the only ones unavailable are the print button, depth of field preview and viewfinder diopter adjustment
  3. Sorry I said this was an M6 housing, it is not it is the M5 housing (I don't know how to edit) Mark
  4. Hi Bruce, The macro port is for a 60mm macro the rings are 20mm and 40mm, I used it for 10-22w/a, plus 2 Tamron zooms and with extension rings up to 90mm macro. However none of the accessories will be sold until the housing goes. The arms and clamps will fit 2 flashes plus 2 torches for night dives. At the moment is a complete functioning system . Regards Mark
  5. For Sale Nexus N400D M6 Housing for Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi Camera. Excellent condition used on liveaboard for 2 weeks only Dual sync sockets optical fiber only Dual Strobe mount on handles Depth rating: 75m Controls most camera functions Located in Sydney Australia $1,000.00 US plus postage Paypal payment is OK Camera body, macro port and extension rings and inon z240 flashes with ultralight arms available if required. Can supply pics Mark
  6. Hi Jeremy. Any of these cameras would be fine. You would be best to look at what housings and ports are available for these cameras and buy the camera that fits the housing with the features you like. Having said that, there are heaps of used lenses and accessories for both Canon & Nikon. There are a lot of advantages in having a common camera if anything goes wrong! Hope this helps. Mark
  7. and another pic taken 2 minutes later. The top manta is the same one.
  8. I watched 2 of them for about 30minutes and 80 pics no sign of blood, damage or discharge This may be right, Here is another pic taken 2 minutes earlier. The top manta is the same one.
  9. I have looked at 1:1 in tiff and raw but it is not much clearer than the jpeg crop. I may have because I left the internal flash up java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_18')and it was taking ages to recycle, I was cursing and watching the camera for a lot of the time waiting for a ready signal. Two of them hung around for about 30min
  10. That's what it looks like to me. whereabouts of the blood and stuff I don't know. I only noticed this today while looking through what I had shot. I still have others to look through but this seems to be the only one like this, 4 other divers never mentioned seeing it either, maybe it's a photo illusion! Mark
  11. Hi there, Can someone please take a look and tell me what they think is happening. Shot taken in Komodo early this year. thanks Mark
  12. I tend to agree with Serge. You can achieve a similar effect by mounting a large (A4) piece of translucent plastic on your port and firing your existing flashes through this. You also get the option of varying the light levels so the lighting is not so flat if you want. Mark
  13. This is correct, if you warm the foreground then colour correct the foreground either in post process or with a colour correction filter, the background (less affected) by the flash will go colder. This works both in film and digital. ie: if the foreground looks the same in both pics, one with warm filter on flash and one without, the one with the warm filter on flash will have a cooler b/g. Cokin P series would be excellent and last a lot longer, they have lots of options. These are much tougher than acetate but cost more. I have even seen a filter holder advertised to hold these filters which permits stacking. You can also use them over the lens Good over the lens filters should not diffuse the light at all. Regards Mark
  14. If that was to me I did not get it, you could try mcraw3957atyahoo.com thanks
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