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  1. Sorry, all those items sold already.
  2. Selling my Aquatica housing for Nikon D90 with every possible accessory. This is a complete, ready to dive package as listed below, including TWO D90 bodies, two Ikelite strobes, 4 lenses, spare sync cords etc.. Prices shown are what each item cost new, totalling $14,488.00. Camera bodies and lenses are in excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Housing, strobes and arms show cosmetic dings and marks but are all in perfect working order. Ports are blemish free save one tiny ding on superdome which does not show in image. Asking price for the complete package is $6,500.00. Free ground shipping in the lower 48 states. Aquatica Housing Nikon D90 Nikonos and Ikelite Bulkheads $2,100.00 9.25 inch Mineral Glass Dome Port $1,760.00 4 inch Fisheye Dome Port $734.00 Flat Macro Port for Nikon 60mm $368.00 Compact Flat Macro Port for Tokina 35mm $368.00 Extension Ring 18456 Tokina 10-17 $233.00 Extension Ring 18457 Nikon 17-55 $300.00 Port Lock $100.00 Aquaview Viewfinder 180 $1,333.00 Zoom Gear Tokina 10-17 $138.00 Zoom Gear Nikon 17-55 $104.00 Nikon D90 Body $600.00 Nikon D90 Body $600.00 Nikon 17-55 f2.8 lens $1,400.00 Nikon 60mm Macro Lens $150.00 Tokina 10-17 Fisheye Lens $550.00 Tokina 35 f2.8 1:1 Macro Lens $350.00 Macro Mate Close Up Wet Lens with Aquatica Adapter Ring $600.00 Ikelite DS125 Strobe with NiMh Battery Pack & Charger $600.00 Ikelite DS160 Strobe with NiMh Battery Pack & Charger $950.00 Ikelite Spare NiMh Battery $250.00 Ikelite - Ikelite Strobe Cable $100.00 Ikelite - Ikelite Strobe Cable $100.00 Ikelite - Nikonos Strobe Cable $100.00 Ikelite - Nikonos Strobe Cable $100.00 Ultralight Strobe Arm 8 inch 2 section 3 Clamp Dovetail Base $250.00 TLC Strobe Arm 5 inch 2 section 3 Clamp Dovetail Base $250.00 $14,488.00
  3. Another vote for Kona Honu. Very professional and they understand how to handle housings. Bruce Dickson
  4. Just make sure you book the car/van ahead of time with a reliable livery company. The walk up taxis at MIA can be less than reliable, and many of the drivers don't speak much English. I lived there for 10 years, this is from personal experience. Bruce Dickson
  5. Not sure I can photograph the viewfinder view, but as a comparison, the regular viewfinder is like looking at a scene through a keyhole. The Aquaview is like looking at the same scene though a window. Bruce Dickson
  6. I used a Fuji S2Pro Aquatica housing for 8 years, and always struggled to see all of the viewfinder. I recently switched to a D90 housing and bought the Aquaview. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I can see the entire viewfinder image including the exposure info LCD with my mask up to an inch away from the viewfinder. Also, the image is much brighter. IMHO it is absolutely worth the cost. Bruce Dickson
  7. Hi Craig, Here is a snip from the Aquatica price list which shows the interchangeable viewfinder. Thanks Bruce
  8. Hi Craig, I'm interested in the housing, but I already have Aquatica ports (upgrading from Fuji S2Pro). Would you consider selling just the housing? Is this the newer style with the interchangeable viewfinder or is it fixed? What would you charge for shipping to the United States? Thanks Bruce Dickson
  9. Is the Aquatica 5D Housing still available? Please respond here or e-mail me at bruce@dicksonimages.com Thanks Bruce Dickson
  10. I read the spec, which lists only JPEG under file formats, and does not mention RAW.
  11. I normally shoot housed D-SLR (Fuji S2 in Aquatica) but I'm looking for a compact point& shoot system for ease of transport when I don't want to haul the Pelican cases. I was considering the Fuji F30 until I noticed that it does not support RAW file format. Does anyone know of a point&shoot that would meet the following criteria? Must support RAW format (NEF, CRW, RAF etc) Must have its own manufacturer's housing available (more compact than Ikelite) Must have zero (or close to) shutter lag Housing must be able to accept Inon 28AD bayonet lenses (with Inon adapter if required) Thanks for any advice the group can provide Bruce Dickson Raleigh NC USA
  12. I have been using an Epson R2400 for about 3 months, and am very happy with the results. One small annoyance: It goes through Light Magenta cartridges almost twice as fast as the others. Anyone else seeing this? On a (closely) related topic, I am thinking of moving to the InkRepublic Continuous Ink System. Anyone have any experience? Bruce Dickson
  13. I would say absolutely Bonaire for easy, non scary diving, with lots of macro and fish portrait opportunities. My favorite resort is Biddy Dive. The "house reef" is fantastic. The entry and exit couldn't be easier, just a walk down a set of stairs into the water and a 3 minute swim to the reef. Bruce
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