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  1. Selling my Aquatica housing for Nikon D90 with every possible accessory. This is a complete, ready to dive package as listed below, including TWO D90 bodies, two Ikelite strobes, 4 lenses, spare sync cords etc.. Prices shown are what each item cost new, totalling $14,488.00. Camera bodies and lenses are in excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Housing, strobes and arms show cosmetic dings and marks but are all in perfect working order. Ports are blemish free save one tiny ding on superdome which does not show in image.


    Asking price for the complete package is $6,500.00. Free ground shipping in the lower 48 states.


    Aquatica Housing Nikon D90 Nikonos and Ikelite Bulkheads $2,100.00
    9.25 inch Mineral Glass Dome Port $1,760.00
    4 inch Fisheye Dome Port $734.00
    Flat Macro Port for Nikon 60mm $368.00
    Compact Flat Macro Port for Tokina 35mm $368.00
    Extension Ring 18456 Tokina 10-17 $233.00
    Extension Ring 18457 Nikon 17-55 $300.00
    Port Lock $100.00
    Aquaview Viewfinder 180 $1,333.00
    Zoom Gear Tokina 10-17 $138.00
    Zoom Gear Nikon 17-55 $104.00
    Nikon D90 Body $600.00
    Nikon D90 Body $600.00
    Nikon 17-55 f2.8 lens $1,400.00
    Nikon 60mm Macro Lens $150.00
    Tokina 10-17 Fisheye Lens $550.00
    Tokina 35 f2.8 1:1 Macro Lens $350.00
    Macro Mate Close Up Wet Lens with Aquatica Adapter Ring $600.00
    Ikelite DS125 Strobe with NiMh Battery Pack & Charger $600.00
    Ikelite DS160 Strobe with NiMh Battery Pack & Charger $950.00
    Ikelite Spare NiMh Battery $250.00
    Ikelite - Ikelite Strobe Cable $100.00
    Ikelite - Ikelite Strobe Cable $100.00
    Ikelite - Nikonos Strobe Cable $100.00
    Ikelite - Nikonos Strobe Cable $100.00
    Ultralight Strobe Arm 8 inch 2 section 3 Clamp Dovetail Base $250.00
    TLC Strobe Arm 5 inch 2 section 3 Clamp Dovetail Base $250.00

  2. I think I will fly in to Miami and get a big car to transfer us.



    Just make sure you book the car/van ahead of time with a reliable livery company. The walk up taxis at MIA can be less than reliable, and many of the drivers don't speak much English. I lived there for 10 years, this is from personal experience.


    Bruce Dickson

  3. If you are using an Aquaview finder please let me know what your experience is with this - is it worth the cost?


    I used a Fuji S2Pro Aquatica housing for 8 years, and always struggled to see all of the viewfinder. I recently switched to a D90 housing and bought the Aquaview. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I can see the entire viewfinder image including the exposure info LCD with my mask up to an inch away from the viewfinder. Also, the image is much brighter. IMHO it is absolutely worth the cost.


    Bruce Dickson

  4. Bruce,Yes I would consider selling without the port.

    I am fairly certain it excepts the AQUA VIEW FINDER I was looking into getting one at one stage. Any idea how I can double check this for you?

    It has 1 bulkhead to suit Ikelite.

    Shipping to the States would be about US $55-65.


    Hi Craig,


    Here is a snip from the Aquatica price list which shows the interchangeable viewfinder.





  5. I have for sale,

    1 x Cannon 5D Aquatica housng and 8 in port. Some scratching on port but not noticable once undrwater. AU $2200

    Cheers Craig


    Hi Craig,


    I'm interested in the housing, but I already have Aquatica ports (upgrading from Fuji S2Pro). Would you consider selling just the housing?


    Is this the newer style with the interchangeable viewfinder or is it fixed?


    What would you charge for shipping to the United States?



    Bruce Dickson

  6. I normally shoot housed D-SLR (Fuji S2 in Aquatica) but I'm looking for a compact point& shoot system for ease of transport when I don't want to haul the Pelican cases. I was considering the Fuji F30 until I noticed that it does not support RAW file format. Does anyone know of a point&shoot that would meet the following criteria?

    1. Must support RAW format (NEF, CRW, RAF etc)
    2. Must have its own manufacturer's housing available (more compact than Ikelite)
    3. Must have zero (or close to) shutter lag
    4. Housing must be able to accept Inon 28AD bayonet lenses (with Inon adapter if required)

    Thanks for any advice the group can provide


    Bruce Dickson

    Raleigh NC USA

  7. I have been using an Epson R2400 for about 3 months, and am very happy with the results. One small annoyance: It goes through Light Magenta cartridges almost twice as fast as the others. Anyone else seeing this?


    On a (closely) related topic, I am thinking of moving to the InkRepublic Continuous Ink System. Anyone have any experience?


    Bruce Dickson

  8. I use the Inon Ringflash with my Aquatica S2 housing. I agree with the previous comments, its the most useful tool in my box. The port size is a problem though. I got around it by buying a custom made Sea&Sea port from Ocean Optics in London England, and grafting it to an Aquatica extension ring using marine grade epoxy. I believe there is also a US company who will make custom ports. Wetpixeler Lindai had one made I think. Are you following this thread, Linda?


    Another option is to use a conventional strobe arm and hang the ring directly in front of the port. With 1.5 crop ratio digitals this does not cause vignetting and has the added advantage that the strobe can be swung away and used as a conventional strobe. The ringflash has a mounting point for a standard Sea&Sea strobe adapter.



  9. I've been using an S2 in an Aquatica housing for just over a year. I'm thinking about buying a second S2 body as a backup. I was surprised to see that B&H have already dropped the S2 from their listing, and are now only showing the S3 "Coming Soon". Questions:


    1. Should I be concerned that there may be no more S2's available in the near future?


    2. Is the S3 body similar enough to the S2 that it would fit the same housing?


    I know that cameras become obsolete quickly, but I thought I had a little time at least!



  10. Hi Peter,


    When I was shooting 35mm film format, the 60 was my favorite lens. At 3 feet an angelfish filled the frame and it would go down to 1:1 macro as well. On digital with a 1.5 sensor ratio however, the 60 is a little too long for "fish portraits". That's why I'm experimenting with the 18-70. I lose out on the 1:1 macro (I'd guess it goes to about 1:4 or so with a +4 diopter) but at the wider end it gives me a lot more flexibility.


    Knowing the conditions and typical current on the Boynton reefs, I don't think you'd be happy with either the 60 or the 105 unless you were prepared to do a lot of stopping and tying off the flag. Neither lens would be good for "passing shots".


    I'm hoping to get down for a weekend on Splashdown before the winter, possibly early October. I'll keep you posted.


    Say Hi to Lynn for me



  11. I bought an 18-70 to use with my S2/Aquatica setup. I've used it once so far, and was impressed with the results. I used it with Tiffen Diopters, both the +2 and the +4 (not at the same time :( ) and the Aquatica 8 inch dome port.

    I have now ordered a 6 inch port in the hope of making a more compact setup for general purpose UW use. I'll be giving it a shakedown next month in Roatan. I'l post results here.

  12. Robert,


    Interesting. I recently bought the Nikon 18-70 DX and used it with my S2 behind the Aquatica 8 inch dome, with a +4 diopter. I got some really nice results, and both extremes of the zoom range. The 18-70 changes nodal point by at least 1 1/2 inches over the zoom range. I have ordered a 6 inch dome with the objective of making a more compact rig for general "fish portraits through close up" use. I'll post results when I get to try the setup next month in Roatan.

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