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  1. Dear Members, I'm relaying a message from Shark-L since we are many to enjoy shark photography. Diving with sharks in French Polynesia is an unvaluable experience but a recent threat on polynesian reef sharks is taking place: finning. Remember the Bikini Atoll case this year... I will not let cupidity to kill my favorite photo models. This threat has been observed by local people and is related in local press (La Dépêche de Tahiti), this is a very urgent issue. We are trying as individuals to make pressure on the French Polynesian government. The idea is to say that a shark alive is a better value thant a dead one. Divers (and UW photographers) are a very important income revenue for French Polynesia and the beauty of the marine reef life is (was?) almost unique. Please if you can write a polite mail to the addresses below (french polynesian government people) explaining that the presence of reef sharks in French Polynesia is an argument in choosing this destination and that you are very concerned with the current finning threat. miri.tatarata@environnement.gov.pf direction.env@environnement.gov.pf dircab.mtt@tourisme.gov.pf For the sharks - a big part of our photo models -, thank you very much. PS: This message has been posted to many individuals and to some lists, BTW forgive my bad English. François Battail
  2. It's a very creative photo, original angle of view and it is not so evident to approach that kind of fish. It's just missing a little bit of sharpness (as far as I can see on the jpeg posted) but anyway good job!
  3. Hi all, I'm a newbie on this forum. I still use argentic gear underwater but at this time I'm not ready to switch. I've found a housing for the CoolPix 5000 made by Hugyfot, a small german company. So having a fast autofocus, agentic's shutter time lag, a 5MP resolution and a wide lens adapter 19mm (35mm equivalent) underwater sound great. The price of the camera + housing will be near 3000 Euros (approx.: 2700 USD) so for now I'm waiting for some reviews before going to digital (wet). PS: The new look is great :cool:, very clean and efficient. Congratulations it's a lot of work (I know) and forgive my bad English!
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