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  1. Hi there! I'm trying to help a friend who is new to DSLRs underwater (she used to shoot film but has made the switch). She has a Nikon D200, and a Subal housing, and a tokina fish eye lens, but is looking to get a macro lens as well. I hear the 60mm is the way to go, but that there are 2 versions, an AF and an AF-S. Can anyone tell me which is better? I heard that you cannot use a teleconverter on the AF-S? And can anyone tell me if there is a Subal port compatibility chart for lenses? Or if they know what ports the 60mm lenses work with? Thanks in advance! Spencer
  2. of course the diving is worth it! There are several boat ops in SD, and everyone has their own preference. Marissa Dive Charters, the Loisann, Waterhorse charters, and others. http://www.waterhorsecharters.com/ http://marissadivetickets.com/ http://www.loisann.com/ There is also plenty of shore diving. Spencer
  3. i have ikelite housings, and I just use care when assembling and a tampon tucked into a corner of the housing incase there is a small leak. spencer
  4. i loved it! I thought it was very enjoyable and all the divers were inadvertently fantastically comical:) wish i had some clear water to do the same! spencer
  5. not my best (i can never choose), but very memorable as this was taken at 90fsw in Antarctica:) spencer
  6. i post all my images online with a small watermark and the protection built into my site. I love to dive and I love to take pictures, and I love to share with my friends and family. I don't have the patience to try to be a "pro", but i try to take nice photos:) For me, all the value of the photo is in the memories and the sharing, so withholding them would devalue them in my mind. What good is a photo that no one sees but me? Spencer
  7. I use all Atomic M1's. Between the wife's regs, and my single and double rigs, i have 4 first stages and 6 second stages. They work great no matter what - 90' in Antarctica or 160' in Bonaire, breathes great and requires very little service:)
  8. calling will get you a faster answer, but I agree with contacting Ikelite directly.
  9. Hey gang, i'm looking for a more recent solution to this travel storage problem. I am off to Antarctica in March, and am looking for a backup solution. I'm taking my macbookpro, and a 500GB WD passport drive, but I'm looking for a stand-alone gadget to take. I bought the Wolverine ESP (250GB), but i'm sending it back because the resolution on the picture viewing feature is incredibly low res - worse than reviewing the pic in my camera. and i can't get it to play movies (part of the appeal was the thought I could watch movies on it inflight). So, my plan right now is to get one of the Wolverines that doesn't have a "real" display and JUST backs up mem cards OR spend the same money i spent on the ESP on a netbook (ASUS EEPC)... I kind of like the idea of having the netbook, but I rebel against the thought of having 2 laptops on the trip;) (and I'm definitely taking the macbook) Anyone else facing this dilema? Thanks! Spencer
  10. FOR SSI: http://www.divessi.com/online_diver_check I would hope other agencies have something similar. I doubt there is a combined database. Spencer
  11. Good to hear! I was hoping to see a report before i sent mine in:)
  12. Ikelite Battery Pack Cleaning this may be helpful. spencer
  13. I had a crack in a housing that actually DID leak - i think it was due to some bouncing in a boat. Call Ikelite, they are more responsive over the phone. However, sometimes the polycarb has what looks like cracks that are normal (or so i've been led to believe). If it doesn't leak now, Ikelite techs are probably the only ones that can determine if the cracks are normal or potential leaks... ymmv spencer
  14. i use that setup, DS160 on the left, DS125 on the right:)
  15. I was that very satisfied buyer:) Buy from Bruce with confidence! Spencer blindfishz.com
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