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  1. Yes, they owe me money (or a working housing) too. I actually did sue Mediasub, but when I learned that the business had moved to a new company Fradotec I gave up. /Anders
  2. Does anyone know if MediaSub is still in business? It seems they have changed names to Fradotec. What I'd like to know is if this is a name change, or if Fradotec is a new/separate company that has taken over MediaSub's business. When did the change occur? /Anders
  3. Just google for "patima pdch-g9".
  4. I handled the camera last weekend. It was slow... Also the largest aperture is f/4, and I believe the sensitivity is limited to ISO800.
  5. I want to buy a Ricoh GR Digital 2, but I have a problem with cameras without underwater housings. /Anders
  6. Patima makes a housing for the Sigma DP1.
  7. The aluminium housing is manufactured by a Japanese company called Kastesa and will be distributed by Epoque. /Anders
  8. Very Quickly put together photo gallery from the Saudi trip.
  9. As to whether it delivers on that promise depends on how - and what - you take pictures of. This is because the P5000, in common with most recent Coolpix models, has a serious issue with focus speed that makes it totally unsuitable for use in situations where quick reactions are essential. If you're taking landscapes you can live with waiting a second (or two if you're unlucky) for the camera to focus and take the picture, but snapping restless children (or in fact anything moving) is frustrating and ultimately a hit 'n' miss affair.
  10. There is now one place available. /Anders
  11. I use http://csoft.net/index.html.en Haven't read the small print...
  12. Ikelite has made hosings for compacts with (optional) domes and internal wide angle converters before. Ikelite dome port for Coolpix 8400 housing I do not think that Nikon will do a housing for this camera at all. FantaSea have speciallised in houisings for Nikon, but I doubt they'll make a dome solution for this camera (they'll settle for something cheaper).
  13. It seems higher quality compacts are fashionable again. link to dpreview It has a very compact wide angle converter. Should be able to use that inside the housing (with a dome).
  14. SP-550UZ PT-037 Funny looking underwater housing. Anyone know why (what it is at the front)? x18 zoom starting at 28mm f/2.8 ISO 5000 Optical image stabilization 1cm focus distance
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