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  1. Yes, they owe me money (or a working housing) too. I actually did sue Mediasub, but when I learned that the business had moved to a new company Fradotec I gave up. /Anders
  2. Does anyone know if MediaSub is still in business? It seems they have changed names to Fradotec. What I'd like to know is if this is a name change, or if Fradotec is a new/separate company that has taken over MediaSub's business. When did the change occur? /Anders
  3. Just google for "patima pdch-g9".
  4. I handled the camera last weekend. It was slow... Also the largest aperture is f/4, and I believe the sensitivity is limited to ISO800.
  5. I want to buy a Ricoh GR Digital 2, but I have a problem with cameras without underwater housings. /Anders
  6. Patima makes a housing for the Sigma DP1.
  7. The aluminium housing is manufactured by a Japanese company called Kastesa and will be distributed by Epoque. /Anders
  8. Very Quickly put together photo gallery from the Saudi trip.
  9. As to whether it delivers on that promise depends on how - and what - you take pictures of. This is because the P5000, in common with most recent Coolpix models, has a serious issue with focus speed that makes it totally unsuitable for use in situations where quick reactions are essential. If you're taking landscapes you can live with waiting a second (or two if you're unlucky) for the camera to focus and take the picture, but snapping restless children (or in fact anything moving) is frustrating and ultimately a hit 'n' miss affair.
  10. There is now one place available. /Anders
  11. I use http://csoft.net/index.html.en Haven't read the small print...
  12. Ikelite has made hosings for compacts with (optional) domes and internal wide angle converters before. Ikelite dome port for Coolpix 8400 housing I do not think that Nikon will do a housing for this camera at all. FantaSea have speciallised in houisings for Nikon, but I doubt they'll make a dome solution for this camera (they'll settle for something cheaper).
  13. It seems higher quality compacts are fashionable again. link to dpreview It has a very compact wide angle converter. Should be able to use that inside the housing (with a dome).
  14. SP-550UZ PT-037 Funny looking underwater housing. Anyone know why (what it is at the front)? x18 zoom starting at 28mm f/2.8 ISO 5000 Optical image stabilization 1cm focus distance
  15. Hi, I'm involved in arranging a trip to Saudi Arabia this summer. There is only one dive operator in Saudi - Dream Divers. Anyone know how many there are ion Egypt? We'll be diving on the Farasan Banks. The "tour" normally takes one week, but we'll be doing it in 1,5 weeks. That'll allow us to move slower and revisit the best sites. I'm trying to make this a photographer's trip. That's why I advertise it here. If you're interested and would like to know more you can contact me or the travel agency. It's a Swedish agency, but communicatiing with them in English is no problem. /Anders
  16. I think the rear display should come on whenever I press any button. (I'd like that option.) When I press "menu" the rear display is used. Many of the other buttons are short cuts or alternatives to menu items, but the rear display is not used. Instead I have to use the top display or the view finder. I'm not in any way against getting information through the viewfinder, but everything doesn't fit there. The top display is just silly. /Anders
  17. I miss my Olympus 7070, and I feel maybe I should have bought that EOS-400D after all. Trying to imagine how I will operate the camera under water (don't have the housing yet); I just don't get it.
  18. Hi, I'm a Nikon SLR beginner (D80). I think the little control panel at the top of the camera is "stupid". It's in the wrong place , and the text/symbols are too small. Actually the main problem is that some information is only avialable there. What's wrong with the much larger and brighter screen at the back of the camera? I'm still hoping there is some setting I haven't found yet that will allow me use the rear screen. Is there? Haven't got my housing yet. I imagine the housing will make that control panel even harder to use. (Actually I don't know if I'll be able to see it at all.) If I want to change the shooting mode I have to press and hold the shooting mode button while turning the control dial. The only way to see which setting I end up with is by looking at the control panel at the top of the camera. Please tell me there is another way. /Anders
  19. Ok, everyone recommends the Nikon 60mm. Is the reason you like it anything other than the fact that it has a shorter focal legth? AF systems generally have problems with longer focal legths (and low light). I'm, also, looking at some Sigma lenses (no zoom lenses). Sigma MACRO 50mm F2.8 EX DG Sigma MACRO 70mm F2.8 EX DG All Sigma macro lenses reach 1:1. /Anders
  20. I've done something similar with my Olympus 7070 - Athena dome and camera locked in super macro mode (55mm eqv.) and not using any converters. That worked very well! Camera focused very quickly/accurately and corners were sharp. It was great for taking portraits of crabs and things like that.
  21. I read on a page about macro photography that there are no low quality macro lenses (no market for them)... 1.1 seems to be a magic limit; why? I'll stay in the 50-70 range, and perhaps get an extension tube / tele converter / diopter to go with it. Thanks everyone! /Anders
  22. I did read some earlier threads on macro lenses, but didn't feel they answered my question. 60 or 105 is a pretty big difference! Most macro lenses I read about can not focus closer than 20/30cm. That seems a lot for a macro lens. (Where is it measured from?) My Oly 7070 can focus down to 2cm in front of the lens. Sigma has a new MACRO 70mm F2.8 EX DG
  23. Hi, I'm about to switch from using an Olympus 7070 to a Nikon D80. I had ordered a Canon 400D, but it's in short supply (I've waited for weeks) so today I ordered a Nikon D80 instead. Have the idea I should get by with two lenses, one wide angle and one macro. (Plus perhaps some standard zoom lens to use on land.) I have my mind set on getting the Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG DIAGONAL Fisheye lens, but I have no idea about which macro lens would be a good alternative. What focal length should I aim for if I only want one macro lens? /Anders
  24. apete


    Thanks everyone, I contacted all three (that I could find) dive centers on Saba. Lynn from Sea Saba replied almost instantly and was very informative and helpful. Currently I think the problem is getting a flight on a date that suits us at a reasonable price. Also.. as I understand it. The divecenters do not have house reefs. That would be great to have (on this particular trip). /Anders
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