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  1. Hello Drew, We dived with Bastianos Lembeh Resort. We where very happy with our main guide, but the one in training was a bit of a nuisance. On one of the rest breaks he even through his empty snack packet in the water, so much for them maintaining the environment that brings them a income. Happy diving!
  2. Dived Lembeh @ this New Year's, one of our dive guides (in training) used his stick so much that we nicknamed him 'POKEY'. The guides (at times) where over zealous in unearthing hiding critters.
  3. Hello, I stayed at Lissenung in Dec/Jan 2007. We where only new to diving so we thought the diving was spectacular - especially albatross passage. The accommodation was comfortable (bungalow style). The walk to the wc and showers was a mission at night time (dodging the coconuts). The food was good. Our diving guides where awesome, very helpful. I have some photos which I can e-mail of the accommodation if you are interested. If you have to stay in Port Moresby for any length of time, Loloata Resort is close buy and offers good diving and comfortable rooms. We absolutely adored PNG and its people
  4. Hi Stew, Thanks for your advice, I best get the new equipment suggested, up my swimming practice and hold the hand of the dive guide
  5. Hi Tim going to these two areas in Dec/Jan 08. Really enjoyed looking at all of your photos and getting a glimpse of what we might see during our dives.
  6. Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your reply. The information you have provided is very helpful. I have really only done one dive in a serious current and that was in PNG at a place called Albatross Passage. I will just stick close to the guides and try not to get sucked away. If you have any photos posted on that area I would love to take a peek. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. I have been doing quite a bit of reading up on the area on the internet and there is always a mention on the strong currents. I have started doing some swimming training to get my fitness up, was it a real struggle in the currents? In the write-ups they also mention large fish, size of small cars - Did you see any this size?
  8. My partner and I are going to Indonesia in Jan 08. We will be spending 1 week at Kri Eco Resort, Sorong and two weeks at Bastianos Resort, Bunaken. Would love to hear from anyone that's been there or planning to go there.
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