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  1. I'm looking for a used Seacam Housing for a Nikon D850. I only need the housing as I already have viewfinder, ports and accessories. Please feel free to contact me direct: Rod Klein rhkidver@gmail.com
  2. The Wp &* 30mm ext is for the 16-35. The dome is the 8" acrylic. right now there is someone interested in the complete system. I will let you know
  3. FOR SALE: COMPLETE SEACAM SILVER D800/D800E HOUSING & ACCESSORIES WILL SELL INDIVIDUAL ITEMS INCLUDES: 1) D800/D800E Housing / Nikonos Bulk Heads 2) 180 Straight Viewfinder 3) Fisheye Dome Port 4) 60/105 Macro Port 5) FMP Fisheye Macro Port 6) Wet Diopter #2 7) Port Extensions: 25, 30, 35 8) 16-35 Zoom Gear Original Price ( see attached original invoice ) $11615. Selling for: $5000.00 Firm Price / I am a pro photographer and this housing has been used only once in the ocean. It has been used for my pool photography. If you buy it and it doesn't live up to your expectations I'll take it back. Best to contact me directly rhkdiver@gmail.com Rod Klein www.rhkuw.com
  4. CLR, available at any hardware store, is probably your best solution. Start with a very diluted solution first and read the directions on the label. Cleaning glass with this product should be no problem.
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